Hey there, how you doin’?

Last weekend we went cycling around Ubud. Well, ‘around’ is an understatement; we cycled LOADS (=36km). The thing is, the first 13km were all uphill and we're not exactly 'in shape'. Up up up we went until we got to the Tegallalang rice terraces, by which point we could barely breathe. Still, after lunch (and after drying up all the sweat) I felt like we were fully recovered and had the great idea of going to a 'nearby' temple ‘after all, it’s all downhill from here' *wink*.
Yeah, it wasn’t. The first 14km were AMAZING, basically it was downhill, and it was just us in a small road, surrounded by rice fields. I felt like I was flying through the rice fields, it was magical. By km 15 the magic stopped. We were in the city, and there was loads of traffic, and also a few steep slopes, which neither my legs nor glutes were happy about. Somehow, we managed to survive the trucks and buses (and slopes) and got to the temple. By the time we were ready to go home and rest (reads 'collapse from exhaustion'), what do you know, the rain starts! We got absolutely soaked. We had to stop a few times because it was proper pouring down. But after a while we were like ‘oh, it’s just tropical rain, I mean, it’s warm, what harm can it do?
Yeah, I’ve got a cold. A cold. Did you know we could get colds from tropical rain? (I didn’t).
Anyway, here's what a I learned from cycling 36km: it hurts your buttocks. I don't know how cyclists do it! Le Tour de France? I wouldn't be able to walk again, like ever! (I mean let's face it: I'd probably die). Cyclist friends out there, will you please let me know the secret? Meanwhile, I’ve ordered this bad boy on eBay. Later suckers!
What da dream?
On the night I ‘collapsed from cycling’ I dreamt that Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lopez were us. I mean they were married and they were here in Ubud, so I’m guessing they were us. Jenny from the block was super upset at Leo from Titanic ‘cause he didn’t want to kill the cockroaches. I mean, I guess it makes sense with him being an environmental activist and all, but still, I’m with J.Lo. 
(I swear I am not making this up. But I might need to stop following celebrities on Instagram and Twitter). 
Reading, watching, listening to...
I am listening to Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast and I LOVE it. This is not a ‘you get a house, you get a car’ sort of thing. Nah. It’s really interesting conversations about things like purpose, the universe, meaning, love, and life stories, but with really interesting people (like Arianna Huffington, Paulo Coelho, Joe Biden, Shonda Rhimes, Elizabeth Gilbert and many others). It’s food for the soul, I’m telling ya!
I’m still, I’m still Ines from the blog 
If you’d like to know our first thoughts on Ubud head to the blog. It’s all there. The good, the bad, and the… good again. Sort of.
And now for something completely… random
Flying-ants (possibly). We had another bug-related adventure the other night. We were working from our bedroom and we hear this wing-clapping. It’s a weird flying-ant entering from under the door (it could also have been a moth or a flying termite). Suddenly its twin brothers, like a gazilion of them, follow! We are under attack! It’s the attack of the clones and just like a Jedi, except instead of a lightsaber he was holding a flip-flop, Gonçalo starts hitting the things left, right and centre. Meanwhile I run for the anti-bug spray can (gosh I love that thing), we fog them and run downstairs. We come back up and OK, maybe not gazilions, but there are at least 30 corpses. This is our life here. We have become serial killers. Our karma is gonna be shit, isn’t it?

This week I am grateful for…

My health. This is honestly something I am thankful for all year round, but the cold this week was a little reminder of just how lucky I am. 

How about you? Any weird dreams lately? Please do tell! I love weird dreams! Have any advice for our buttocks and, you know, for the next time we cycle? 
Also, any suggestions about the newsletter?
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