The Lede
C smiles and looks directly at the camera. They have wavy blonde hair with dark roots showing and are wearing a red tank top with a cartoon bee on it, along with blue jeans. C's parents stand behind, each with a hand on C's shoulder.
Digital Editor Kit O’Connell introduces Jesse Freidin’s photo project “Are You OK,” which features the strength and bravery of trans youth and their families. Freidin says, “I want to make a portrait that’s solely about strength and power and joy and, you know, the authenticity and self-knowledge of these kids—because they know who they are,”

A version of this story ran in the November / December 2022 issue.
The home that once belonged to the Robinson family in Palestine.
On October 14, 1976, Frank J. Robinson was found dead in his garage. Although the evidence showed that he was murdered, it was ruled a suicide 46 years after all evidence of the crime has disappeared. Contributor David Martin Davies explores Robinson’s story and legacy.

A version of this story ran in the November / December 2022 issue. This piece was produced in partnership with Texas Public Radio. Listen to the Texas Public Radio podcast series, “The Ghost of Frank J. Robinson.
Workers defense presser, downtown austin, 11/15.
A Texas workers' rights advocacy organization is filing complaints with the U.S. Department of Labor against Tesla, complaints that include allegations of wage theft and falsified safety training. Senior Writer Gus Bova reports.
The group alleging election fraud in Dallas County, and the man who runs it, have no credibility. Contributor Stephen Monacelli reports from Dallas.

This piece is published in partnership with Daily Dot.
A tanker loads crude oil from Texas shales at Enbridge Ingleside Energy Center, North America's largest petroleum export terminal, built in 2018 on Corpus Christi Bay.
The U.S. Department of Transportation plans to allow four offshore oil terminals to expan, but environmentalists agree it goes against Biden’s climate goals. Contributor Dylan Baddour reports on activists who were arrested staging a sit-in, and the environmental consequences of these expansions.

This article originally appeared on Inside Climate News, a nonprofit, independent news organization that covers climate, energy and the environment.
Welcome to Texas sign
"Partisan polarization may still reign in American politics, but the red and blue demarcations are not so clear-cut anymore,” writes constitutional scholar John Simpkins.
A tall prison wall with barbed wire at the top, lights at regular intervals and a guard tower.
Evidence suggests excessive heat killed hundreds of incarcerated Texans over the past two decades. Contributor Alleen Brown reports on the lack of air-conditioning in Texas prisons, and the reform bills that keep dying in the legislature.

This story was originally published by Grist.
Prison Chaplain Larry Hart leads guards and inmate trusties in prayer during a burial at TDCJ’s Captain Joe Byrd Cemetery in Huntsville.
Contributor Robyn Ross wrote about inmates who were laid to rest at Captain Joe Byrd Cemetery in Huntsville in this piece from March 2014.
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