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Hi Guys!

It was a very busy summer because whilst I was not grooming your dog, I was working with the Wildwash team to present some videos for you! Here are the first crop.  We'll be shooting the internal shots (bathing and drying)  between Christmas and New Year and of course I'll be sharing those with you as soon as they are released. 
  1. How to brush a long-haired dog
  2. How to brush a long-haired dog's face
  3. How to clean a dog's ears
  4. How to clean a dog's eyes
  5. How to brush a short-haired cat
  6. How to clean a cat's ears
  7. How to clean a cat's eyes
  8. How to use Wildwash Magic Paw Balm
Links to all of the products used can be found here. Remember, you can buy your Wildwash shampoo here when you pick up your dog - £14.95 per bottle, which, when its empty, will be refilled with the shampoo of your choice for just £10.00.
Christmas might be a fantastic time of year for kids but it is always a fanatical time of year for groomers.  The OAY customers crawl out from under their rocks (OAY = Once A Year) and expect a groomer to work miracles with their grossly neglected dogs at a time when we don't even have time to stop and pee, never mind have a cuppa!  

So here are some things you can do that will really help me (or your groomer, if you're a dog owner following this blog from the internet) so that you get the desired outcome (a sweet-smelling beautifully coiffured dog) just before Christmas...
  1. Arrive ON TIME - neither late nor early.  Punctuality is crucial at this time of year.  If you're not doing the dropping off or picking up, make sure that whoever is, knows this.  You CANNOT go and do your Christmas Shopping in the next town and expect your groomer to provide free daycare, not only will they not have the space, you will interrupt the next groom when you pick up your dog.  
  2. Brush your dog thoroughly a couple of days before the groom, then lightly go over it again on the morning of the groom.  
  3. Arrive dry, if at all possible, definitely NOT muddy.
  4. Allow your dog adequate time to relieve itself before your appointment.  If you're going to walk your dog in the area adjacent to the salon, bring poo bags and use them!!  It really isn't fair on the dog to expect it to be able to stand still to be scissored if it's desperate to go to the loo.  Neither is it fair on the groomer, if they have to re-bathe your dog and/or clean the table / bath / cabinet dryer in between grooms because your dog couldn't hold it.
  5. Your groomer will have many more requests for grooms than they can fit into their diary.  No-showing your Christmas appointment may well result in you never getting another one with that groomer again!  If you can't make your appointment let your groomer know as soon as you find out, she's bound to have a waiting list and will be able to fill your slot.  If you simply fail to show up, you will have effectively deducted your groom fee from her daily takings. 
And here are some things for Groomers following this blog from the internet that will make life a bit easier for you at this time of year.
  1. Set achievable expectations with your customers when they make their Christmas appointment about their timekeeping and the condition they'll present their dog in. 
  2. Remind them that pickup is a concrete time, not a suggestion and that they must not disappear off the radar Christmas Shopping! 
  3. Make sure all your sharpening has been done and that your equipment is well maintained, clean and ready to go.
  4. Make several cups of tea, coffee or juice and have them ready in thermal travel mugs at the beginning of the day, together with several bottles of water.  You won't have time to stop and make yourself anything. Pack some sandwiches and snacks into a hair proof container to dip into in between dogs. Do not allow yourself to become dehydrated! Don't try to live off chocolate. The sugar crash simply isn't worth it.
  5. Get a good night's sleep if at all possible. If you're also in charge of family dinner at night, use the next two weekends to batch cook every evening meal you'll need to make for the two weeks running up to Christmas or stock up on readymades.  (You'll thank me for that one later).
  6. Make or buy all your Christmas Bling NOW.  Bows, bandanas etc can all be purchased online or made at home but you'll not have time to make them on the fly. 
  7. If you've got dogs that still have two grooms between now and the big day, go one blade shorter with this groom so that the next one is just a few minutes shorter to bath and dry.  All those extra saved minutes add up.
  8. Don't accept new clients if you can possibly avoid it.  You don't know what you're taking in, whether the dog is an easy groom or not or whether it will be stressed in a new (and busy) environment. It could be a biter or a matted shavedown. 
  9. Bath and Dry appointments are charged at 2/3 of the normal groom price.  You can tidy bums, faces and feet, but that's it, make sure your customers realise this is not a full groom and that you cannot dematt their dog or do its teeth!
  10. Set yourself realistic targets.  Do not attempt to groom every dog on your books in the final week.  Limping up to Christmas so exhausted you can't enjoy the festivities is a poor choice in my humble opinion. 

This is the Grooming List right up to Christmas

Monday, Nov 22nd
9.00 Closed (I'm examining all day today (Sunday) so need Monday AM off to make the Christmas Bling 😉)
2.00 Daisy Cochrane & Bonnie Rizou

Tuesday, Nov 23rd
9.00 Socks Taylor-Evans & Scarlet Ghedia
2.00 Koda and Elsa Castle

Wednesday, Nov 24th
9.00 Scrappy and Willow Bambury
2.00 Macey Player and FREE

Thursday, Nov 25th
9.00 Darcy Gill and Lily Durose
2.00 Lilly Rolls and Betsy Holloway 

Friday, Nov 26th - Sunday Nov 28th
The World Grooming Conference - Coventry 

Monday, Nov 29th

Tuesday, Nov 30th
9.00 Maggie Blundell and Truffle Myers
2.00 Teddy Studer 
3.30 Pasha Festing

Wednesday, 1st December
9.00 Lexi and Katie Noui
2.00 Enzo Lee and Coco Buxton

Thursday, 2nd December 
9.00 FREE & FREE
2.00 Florence Jonas and Edwin Abbott

Monday, 6th December
9.00 Reggie Braccetti and Oscar Kirby
2.00 Max Thompson and FREE

Tuesday, 7th December
9.00 FREE and FREE
2.00 Hamish Bonfield and FREE

Wednesday, 8th December
9.00 Lilly and Rollo Durose
2.00 Poppy Bull and Wolfie Buxton

Thursday, 9th December
9.00 Scarlet Ghedia and FREE
2.00 Snoop and Teddy Dye

Monday, 13th December
9.00 Toto Pidgely, Scruffy and Lucy Daines
2.00 Mungo and Poppy, Mia and Fonzie McMahon

Tuesday, 14th December
9.00 Cloggy Pelly and Maggie Blundell
2.00 Frankie Weaver and FREE

Wednesday, 15th December
2.00 Martha and Mable Medlock

Thursday, 16th December
8.45 Buster Brown
9.00 Striker Reid
2.00 Hattie Morris and Lucy Wilkie

Friday, 17th December
9.00 Zavi Hamilton Andrews and Leia Cook
1.00 Domino, Dixie and Frankie Amabile

Monday, 20th December
9.00 Moo Wylie and Rudy Hinder
2.00 Bullet Taee and Barney Chapman

Tuesday, 21st December
9.00 Looby Jackson and Betsy Holloway
2.00 Oakley Knight 

Wednesday 22nd December
9.00 Patch and Freddy Day
2.00 Lily and Rollo Durose 

Thursday 24th December to Sunday 2nd Jan 

* BATH ONLY *  only open to dogs that have been groomed here within the last 6 weeks; ie last groom was not before 10th November). I won't have time to do any dematting, but will scissor-tidy feet, eyes and bums, apply scent and Christmas bow. Cost is 2/3 of normal full groom price. 

If you have big dogs that need grooming as well as the dog you have groomed here, or I don't have space for your dog at a time that suits you, do give Emma Perry a call at Dandy Dogz in Old Windsor, who has recently opened and still has spaces on her books: 01753 233221.  Remember to tell her I sent you!
SavvyCustomers is available in both the App Store (iPhones) or Play Store (Android).  Just remember to use the same email address as you get your appointment notifications from! 

Looking forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

Many thanks and kind regards
Katie Rourke Dowding
International Certified Master Groomer
T: 01344 291465  M: 07767 341424 E:
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