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Dear <<First Name>>

It feels like a very long time since I last sat down to write to you. 

If you're happy with the status quo of the country, scroll-on-by.  The appointments come after the purple line at the bottom of this article.

If you're not, read on. 

Lockdown has had a different effect on all of us.  Some have come out relatively unscathed, whilst others have become browbeaten and traumatised by the relentless ordeal of loneliness.  They have beome both confused and disoriented by multiple conflicting reports and promises from the government on the current state of the pandemic.  It has certainly tested the metal of us all, especially those who have been locked in almost solitary confinement with their husbands for almost a complete year.  Combine all of this with suddenly having to learn news skills of  "home teaching" and "the art of socialising via zoom" during the pandemic and you will find all of us have been changed irrevocably and forever.   

There are, however, a refreshing number of people who have opposing views to those of the endless propaganda spread by the national press, radio and TV stations.  A year ago I wouldn't have had a clue who Drs Mike Yeadon, Delores Cayhill or Vernon Colman were - or known that Neil Fergusen, the man largely responsible for the lockdown via his dubious projections using computer modelling doesn't actually hold any qualifications in Biological Sciences (nope, not even an A'Level).  Neither does he hold any formal training in Computer Modelling, Medicine or Epidemiology.  

Talk Radio breaths a largely invigorating sense of outrage at the curtailment of our "freedom" and, listening to their interviews has been more enlightening and a better anti-depressant than any pill the doctors are currently prescribing by the bucketful to any patient lucky enough to be able to secure an appropriately socially-distanced or virtual appointment with them.  

Trisha Longworth BSc hons,  LCH  MCH   RSHom (retired) sends out a weekly(ish) email which I am attaching below - you may wish to subscribe to her list if you share her frame of mind.  

If the pubs were open, this kind of discussion would be unnecessary as it would have already occurred across multiple bars in multiple counties across the land ... and lots of people who currently think "I'm the only one who doesn't believe what I'm being force-fed by every media outlet", would have by now realised that in fact, there are rather a lot of us who feel that way. 

The links I've included may enrage some, but comfort others.  I'm sure I'll most likely lose some clients for daring to post them.  But I'm rather tired of being lectured to that a disease that 99% of people survive is a good enough excuse to shut down the country I love.  
Dear Friends,

We are living in a progressively Covid 1984 state. There is a lot of information in today's email. Please stay with it. At the end is another chance to  have your say about the Vaccine Passports. If you have doubts, please read today's article about Israel. This is a human rights issue, whether or not you choose to accept the vaccines yourself. 

At the Universities of Sheffield, Manchester and Leeds police have been given keys to access student flats and bedrooms and carry out checks, unannounced, in the middle of the night. In Scotish Universities, students have been banned from reading, borrowing or even touching books.

There is a ban on leaving the country without a reasonable excuse from March 29th until at least early May. A reasonable excuse comprises: for work, to receive medical treatment abroad, but not much else.

The ONS have admitted that they are recording PCR tests as positive when only a single coronavirus gene has been detected, despite this being contrary to the instructions of the manufacturer that two or more target genes must be found before a +ve result can be declared. An average of 38% of these PCR positives are actually single-gene-positives, although this rises to 69% in different areas. This is one reason why the ONS consistently reports higher Covid infections than the ZOE Covid Symptom Study. To put this in perspective, in the week ending March 12th, the ONS estimates 192,300 people had Covid, whereas Zoe estimates 109,400 had symptoms of Covid- almost half that number. This also has the effect of inflating the death statistics. 

Covid Certificates for large events are being considered. The documents would show whether individuals have had a vaccine or tested negative in the last few days. This is interesting, because in the government leaflet COV-19 Vaccination- A Guide for Older Adults, it says 'We do not yet know whether the vaccine will stop you from catching and passing the virus'. This wording undermines the whole case for vaccine passports.

France has limited the roll-out of the AZ jab to over 55s. Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland are still checking the evidence.

Israel: Jews Complain to International Court for Violation of the Nuremberg Code.
'This is what the holocaust looks like in 2021. We are being used as guinea pigs by Pfizer. They are not letting 16 year olds take their matriculation exams unless they are vaccinated. They're making these green passports where you cannot go to theatres or shopping malls unless you are vaccinated.. This is medical apartheid. If you do not submit to this wicked, demonic tyrannical agenda you are considered a second class citizen in Israel'.

The UK government borrowed £19.1 billion in February, the highest amount since records began in 1993. Net debt has risen by £333 billion and the debt mountain is now £2,131 trillion.

Joel Smalley finds the smoking gun that links excess deaths to vaccinations.
In the HART document which I included in the last email and include again here, Joel Smalley goes through his analysis of the Covid deaths. As well as detailing the 48,821 excess deaths which are being called Covid deaths, but did not fit the pattern of Covid, he goes on to say that 'There is no associated rise in SARS-Cov-2 antibodies after the winter surge that could indicate the presence of the natural virus. Instead the only seropositivity rise is witnessed in the assay that detects antibodies produced by the vaccine.' In other words, this is a smoking gun that very strongly indicates that there are 48,000 deaths, particularly in the over 80s but also in younger people that are directly attributable to the vaccine. This is on p36 of the HART document.

Middlesex University is cutting its ties with the Centre for Homeopathic Education, based in Bloomsbury, for what it calls its 'actively anti-scientific teaching'. NHS England warns that homeopathic remedies for Covid are 'ineffective and leave patients at risk'. Robbie Turner, a director at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society said the medicines were 'not just irresponsible, it's downright dangerous'. Lecturer Robin Murphy, from the College of Homeopathic Education, CHE, based at Neals Yard, said that the idea that vaccines were effective at eradicating disease was 'delusional', and was telling students how to buy or make the homeopathic nosodes using the saliva of an infected Covid patient. Until last week the CHE offered a BSc degree validated by Middlesex University, which has now terminated the accreditation. Neal's Yard's Annabel Kindersley says she 'fully supports vaccinations'. The webinar which Robin Logan was giving, was not actually part of the degree, and was aimed at professional homeopaths and healthcare professions. 
The horror here seems to be orchestrated deliberately to discredit homeopathy in the latest of a long media smear campaign. Homeopathy uses the principle that what something can cause, it can also cure, and with many pathogens, that enables us to create nosode remedies from the disease material, much as the AZ vaccine does from chimpanzee poo. In this case saliva/ mucous was the source material, which is then potentized and diluted in our normal way to make it safe and efficacious. The remedy under discussion here is JPV (the initials of the sample donor) which I have been talking about since April, and which many of you have been taking with excellent results as a prophylactic, and as a medicine, should you catch it. These are life saving medicines, and Homeopathy is a life saving medical philosophy. Yes, homeopathy works in an opposite way to the mainstream conventional medical narrative which, by suppressing all other health advice has given us the highest per capita death toll in the world T.L. This article was from the Sunday Times 21/3/21, written by Shanti Das, and then gloated over by Nigel Lawson in his column.

Professor Dolores Cahill Deadly mRNA Vaccines video 25 mins + transcript as a download.
Dolores Cahill is a world renowned immunologist, and here reviews the risk and treatments for Covid and flu, and asks why these safe treatments have been censored. She argues that lockdowns weaken our immune systems by isolating us from normal viruses and bacteria acquired from social interactions, and that masks deplete our oxygen and cause a buildup of carbon dioxide. She talks about the risks of mRNA vaccines, and how they have never been licensed before as the trial animals died when exposed to the natural virus after vaccination in a process called immune/ pathogenic priming or antibody dependent enhancement. She says she would never take an mRNA vaccine, she would rather go to prison. If anyone forcibly injected her she would charge them with attempted murder. The first link is what she is saying, and the second is what has happened to her for saying it.

Accomplished pharma professor thrown into a psychiatric hospital after questioning the official Covid narrative.
Jean-Barnard Fourtillan, a retired university professor and expert pharmacologist and toxicologist was visited by four gendarmes who took his computers without a search warrant. His bank account, credit cards and pension were blocked then six days later on Dec 10th he was taken to the Uzès psychiatric hospital, where he was treated as if he was dangerous and insane. His crime? His strong opposition to the Covid vaccines and questioning the official Covid narrative. After several weeks he has now been released.

Italian doctors' association is successfully treating 6,000 Covid patients with hydroxychloroquine and Vitamin D.
They say, as does Dr Zelenko, that Covid is not the black death it is made out to be. With early treatment the death rate falls to almost zero, and the only deaths were in patients who started treatment too late. They have demolished the rationale for a protocol that says that to treat Covid one must limit oneself to the use of paracetamol, remain in watchful waiting, and then send the patient to A&E.

Mass Civil Disobedience has Begun by retired Lord Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Lord Sumption. video 51 mins Sorry no transcript! Maybe next week!
Sometimes the most public spirited thing you can do with  despotic laws like this is to ignore them.If the Government persists long enough with  this, civil disobedience is likely to be the result.

There is another chance to voice your objections to Vaccine Passports. The link is here, which contains the email address to send your letter to:   I have written a letter which you may wish to individualize/ add to, and that is as a download below.

The piece of news which has bothered me the most, is the closing down of this relatively new homeopathic college, for- practicing and teaching homeopathy! This is coming at a time when conventional medicine thinking has made puppets of politicians, crashed the economy for our children, and given us the highest per capita death toll in the world. And anyone who speaks that truth is ruthlessly cut down. We may not burn people at the stake any more, but this is a witch hunt nonetheless. I have practiced as a professional homeopath and teacher for 30 years, treating all things from coughs and colds to Aids and cancers. And in all that time my amazement and awe for what our simple remedies can do has grown and grown. I would say that Homeopathy is the single most sophisticated, safe and effective system of medicine that we have in the world today. To treat the whole world for Covid with prophylactic and medicinal JPV would be completely safe. and cost peanuts. We lose it at our peril.

With my love to you all,
Remain blessed,

Trisha Longworth, BSc hons,  LCH  MCH   RSHom (retired)
Ascot Homeopathic Clinic, Little Wood, 45 Kings Road, Sunninghill, Berks SL5 0AD     01344 291484
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