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First, may I apologise for the late arrival of this week's Weakly Rant into your email box. Its been a BUSY week and I fear I need to clear something up before going onto the subject of ears and ear infections which are the subject of this week's topic.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you expect to be able to watch Amazon Prime Video for free.  Of course, it's not really free because you wouldn't get it if you stopped paying your Amazon Prime membership fees.  The same goes for our VIP Club.  If something is advertised as "free" for the VIPs it's because they are already paying for it via their monthly subscription fee.  Video lessons given to the VIPs during the first lockdown were "free" in that no further charge was made, but they were given in lieu of any missed physical dog grooming appointments that the VIP may have had pre-booked in the diary prior to lockdown and that point should have been, but was not, made 100% crystal clear.  I'm very sorry for any upset that this has caused.
Christmas Photo Gallery
I've been unable to take nearly as many photos as I would like to this week, but here are four that I did manage to capture!
Ears and Ear Infections

A number of dogs have come in recently with ear infections.  This is not a huge surprise as it is known that there are specific seasons where you will see more of one specific disease than others and the Autumn is the season where I see a lot of ear infections.  This predominately happens to dogs with drop ears, where the fold prevents good airflow and creates a lovely damp, warm environment just perfect for cultivating bacteria or yeast. 

A clean ear has no odour and no discharge. The skin should be pale pink to white if that is the colour of the rest of the dog's skin.  It should be smooth and "satiny" without bumps or any resemblance to a cauliflower. 

A diseased ear may have a foul odour or it may simply smell abnormally "sweet".  The discharge can vary from a pussy creamy yellow watery substance to hard blocks of black wax.  The skin becomes at first inflamed, red and sore and progresses to a cauliflower-like appearance, further blocking any air supply to the inner ear.

All ear infections are painful.  If I say "see a vet", please do so, because, by the time I've noticed it, it will already be hurting your dog.  (I'm taking a good 6/10 on the pain scale here.). 

If I spot a mild infection you can expect the vet to give you a preparation like "Otamax" that you gently squirt into the ear and massage once or twice a day as directed.  These medications generally contain a steroid to reduce the inflammation and something to kill the specific bacteria.  This will probably set you back between £80 and £100 including the vets appointment fee.

If you leave it, it will get worse.  I've never encountered an ear infection that cleared up by itself.   I've just been introduced to Zymox, which have a range of products for keeping ears healthy and treating them if the infection is mild.  It has come highly recommended from a trusted fellow professional, so I've bought some to try next time Jess starts suffering and will let you know how I get on. 

A mild infection can quickly turn into a deep-seated infection.  A veterinary flush will generally be the next option and you're into a couple of hundred pounds here because it requires a general anaesthetic.  If this fails, an Oral Resection operation may be offered which will set you back £1500ish but generally has a good outcome.  In the worst case, a complete ablution of the inner ear is required.  This is a specialist operation which can take hours to complete.  My vet's current rate for soft tissue surgery is between £6-700 per hour - so it gets very expensive very quickly.  The dog is of course permanently deaf in that ear after this operation but it isn't in pain any longer.  My Standard Poodle's ears cost over £4500 over a two year period.  Animal Friends insurance were anything but friendly over that claim and I won't be recommending them to anyone ever again. 

In conclusion, the cheapest option is always to attend to your dog's ears every day, cleaning them out using one of these amazing flannels dampened in plain warm water and to jump on any potential infection at the very earliest opportunity you have. 
Look what I found at Tally Ho Farm yesterday!!
Remember I posted a link to Dogs and Horses leads and collars?  Rolled leather is so much kinder to fleece coats than any other type of collar.  This is the first (and only) place I've found them locally where you can actually go in and see them.  I thought they were quite reasonably priced too, £15ish for a collar and £25ish for the matching leads.  They had a really good supply in yesterday (5th December) of all the colours for smaller dogs and would make your dog an excellent Christmas present.

Click here for map and directions to Tally Ho Farm, Crouch Lane, Winkfield. 
And so, finally (😉), this is the list running up to Christmas

Monday, 7 Dec

9.00 Toto Pidgely, Benny and Bjorn Dight (12:30 pick up please)
2.00 Teddy Struder and Evie Attwater

Tuesday, 8 Dec
9.00 Maggie Blundell and Enzo Lee
12:15 Oliver Chapman, Teeth Cleaning Only
2.00 Pickle Staunton and Nyla Tosh

Wednesday, 9 Dec
9.00 Macey Player and Frankie Weaver
2.00 Bullet Taee and Reggie Braccetti

Thursday, 10 Dec
9.00 Lily and Rolo Durose
2.00 Zavi Hamilton Andrews and Sasha Jones

Friday, 11 Dec
9.00 Tilly and Basil Farr (with Hugo Cox Puppy intro)
2.00 Looby Jackson and Mabel Medlock

Saturday, 12 Dec
10:30 Benji Newey Dog Training
3:30 Kiwi Henriksen Dog Training

Sunday, 13 Dec
9.00 Kiwi Henriksen Dog Training

Monday, 14 Dec
9.00 Tilly Clune and Bobby Ross
12.00 Pie and Conchi Pizarro
2.00 Harold Cole and Bonnie Rizou

Tuesday, 15 Dec
9.00 Socks Taylor Evans and Martha Medlock
2.00 Freddy and Patch Day

Wednesday, 16 Dec
9.00 Oscar Butcher and Eric Keeble
2.00 Willow and Oakley Knight

Thursday, 17 Dec
9.00 Lily Durose and Striker Reid
2.00 Maya Hopkins and Betsy Holloway

Friday, 18 Dec
9.00 Bullet Taee and Truffle Myers
2.00 George Davies Dixon and Ned Maunder


Monday, 21 Dec
9.00 Bella Ewart, Muffin and Toffee Carroll
12:15 Scarlet Ghedia
2.00 Elsa and Koda Castle

Tuesday, 22 Dec
9.00 Darcy Gill and Hamish Bonfield
12:15 Scrappy and Willow Bambury (Bath Only)
2.00 Barney Chapman and Lily Rolls

Wednesday, 23 Dec ~ Sunday 27 Dec
closed for Christmas

Your personal recommendation on Google, Facebook or The Groomers Spotlight would make a lovely Christmas present. 

Looking forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

Many thanks and kind regards
Katie Rourke Dowding
International Certified Master Groomer
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