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Hi de Hi Campers!

There is so much I want to talk to you about this week, I don't really know where to start!

I guess the title of this blog is as good as any - I'm fleeing to a desert island (with my dogs of course) so what grooming tools would I take with me?

I've persuaded some of my good friends in the industry to give you a special discount, so please do click on the links and use the codes where provided. 
I'm going to start here with a blaster.  If you've got a dog, you must own one of these.  A stepless 2800w version with a FAN nozzle will save you hours of grooming, replace much brushing and combing and is kinder to your dog.  I'm always DELIGHTED to show you how to use one properly. 

This one has been discounted on Amazon - they only have 6 left in stock
Next, I'd take A BIG stack of these. They do exactly what they say they'll do - absorb water and dry your dog - but if you're thinking they're just another towel, jog on! These are utterly brilliant and not to be confused with cheap eBay imitations! For small dogs cut them in half for easy wringing. Yes, you use them wet...

Use the code CSAP22 for a 10% discount on their website.
For Jess (my fleece coated dog) I'd take Colin Taylor's Half Moon Comb.  I can't live without this one and use it on practically every dog.

Remember, the comb is only for finding the knots and tangles, not yanking them out

Use the code CTP22 for a 10% discount on their website.
With regards to brushes - ALL of the Colin Taylor brushes are great.  Just remember, the longer your dog's coat is, the longer the pins need to be. 

Use the code CTP22 for a 10% discount on their website.
Finally, you'll be needing to trim those matts out.  I'm always happy to educate owners on this one. I'd far rather have a neatly removed matt than a giant hole in the coat.  I use these - my trusty Roseline thinners. They're the same pair I've used since I started grooming over 17 years ago and are therefore ANCIENT but really stout, brilliant scissors. Amazon currently has 14 pairs of these left. 
ProDog Raw
Raw dog food used to be a right royal pain in the ass.  We used to be adding a teaspoon of this supplement and a tablespoon of that - always concerned that we hadn't got the mix quite right.  Now all that headache has been removed and all you have to do is defrost and feed.  I like raw because my dog's teeth are brilliant and they have fabulous coats, which cuts down on the amount of home grooming I have to do.  You can learn more here.  If you want to order, you can do so via their website and have it delivered to your door or you can let me know what you'd like and pick it up when you next have your dog groomed (or before that if you need it sooner).  I stock all of the core 500g tub range except the puppy food, which I get in to order. 
You may remember I joined the Bonny Snowdon Academy last month to try and perfect my artwork.  This is my first finished pencil portrait which I'm incredibly proud of.  She took 25 hours to complete so don't worry, I'm not going to be replacing my grooming career any time soon! 

This is what the next couple of weeks look like currently. 
Free appointments are in yellow text
and the complete list is at the bottom of this section

Monday, 16th May

9.00 Scruffy Lindley French and Oscar Kirby
1.00 Max Thompson and Flash Scott

Tuesday, 17th May
9.00 Lily Durose and Enzo Lee

Wednesday, 18th May
9.00 Moo Wylie and Dave Abrahams
1.00 Yashi Bull and Wolfie Buxton

Thursday, 19th May
9.00 Hopper Hujan and Daisy Cochrane 
1.00 Florance Jonas and Teddy Martinez

Friday, 20th May 
CLOSED - CPD Scissoring with Melanie Winters-Holmes and Charlotte Howard

Monday, 23rd May
CLOSED - CPD Canine First Aid with Sophie Bell at 2 Left Paws, Crowthorne

There are still some spaces on this invaluable course.  If you don't know what you'd do if your dog injured itself on a walk, swallowed something totally inappropriate or had a seizure in front of you - get booked on this invaluable course Kayla tells me there are a couple of tickets left.  This isn't just for canine professionals - everyone who owns a dog will benefit from it. The course is run by vet (we won't hold that against her) Sophie Bell who is utterly delightful and will make the day extremely enjoyable as well as educational. 

Tuesday, 21st May 
9.00 Maggie Blundell and Bobby Ross
1.00 Teddy and Snoop Dye

Wednesday, 22nd May 
9.00 Reggie Braccette and FREE
1.00 FREE and FREE

Thursday, 23rd May
9.00 Lily and Rollo Durose
1.00 Red Thomas (Double Appointment)

Monday, 30th May
9.00 Leia Cook and Toto Pidgely
1.00 Frankie, Dixie and Domino Amabile

Tuesday, 31st May
9.00 Buster Brown and Cloggy Pelly
1.00 Amber Morris and Frankie Weaver

Wednesday, 1st June
9.00 Martha and Mabel Medlock
1.00 Koda and Elsa Castle

Thursday & Friday, 2nd & 3rd June

Monday 6th June
9.00 FREE and FREE
1.00 Katie and Lexi Noui

Tuesday, 7th June 
9.00 Freddy and Patch Day
1.00 Boris and Reg Perry

Wednesday, 8th June
9.00 Looby Jackson and Socks Taylor Evans
1.00 Barney Chapman and FREE

Thursday, 9th June 
9.00 Lily Durose and FREE
1.00 Lucy Wilkie and Bullet Taee

Monday, 13th June
9.00 Wolfie, Cookie and Bear Kerr
1.00 Maya Hopkins and Betsy Holloway

Tuesday - Friday 14th-17th June
Closed for Royal Ascot


Free Appointments 
Wednesday, 22nd May @ 9 and 1
Monday, 6th June @ 9 
Tuesday, 7th June @ 1
Wednesday, 8th June @ 9
Thursday, 9th June @ 9

It's available in both the App Store (iPhones) or Play Store (Android).  Just remember to use the same email address as you get your appointment notifications from! 

Looking forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

Many thanks and kind regards
Katie Rourke Dowding
International Certified Master Groomer
T: 01344 291465  M: 07767 341424 E:
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