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I haven't covered the subject of nails for quite some time, so I thought a brief recap might well be in order. 
These are the nails your puppy is likely to have.  They are long enough to touch the floor and extremely sharp at the ends.  You can hear him or her coming on a hard surface as the nails "click" on the floor.  Note the nerve in the nail is nearly as long as the nail itself. 

This is a problem, if you cut the nail to the desired length you will cut through the nerve and that hurts like hell and blood gushes everywhere. Neither you nor the puppy is likely to ever forget that experience and this is why so many dogs are completely phobic when it comes to having their nails cut. 

This is how much you can safely take off in one go.  You can see how easy it would be to cut it too short, especially if the puppy or dog is wriggly or fighting the groomer.  It's extremely difficult even if the dog is completely still if it has black nails!  

And that's why I grind nails instead of cutting them.  Most dogs have no prior experience of grinding and therefore are not nearly so terrified of having it done.  Grinding back to the nerve will cause it to retract over a period of several days to a week.  Then we can take a bit more off the nail and get it to retract again. 

This may take a period of several months with repeat visits from you until we get to the point where you can no longer hear your dog coming on a hard floor.  

This is the "Holy Grail" that we're looking for, where the tip of the nail doesn't touch the floor and the nerve is nice and short naturally.  Just like people, some dogs grow nails faster than others.  
My advice, therefore, is this: 
  1. Book your dog in for grooming regularly (every 6 weeks or less).  
  2. If the nails grow faster than that 6 weekly cycle, book them in for interim nail appointments.
  3. If the nails are already overgrown, be prepared for weekly visits to your groomer until they are the right length. 
Overgrown nails are not just unsightly.  They are painful for the dog and will, in time, cause compensatory injuries to the toes, pasterns, legs, shoulders/hips and eventually your dog's back.  As you now know, is not the groomer's fault if they are still long after a visit to the parlour, but it is an indication that you need to take a serious look at your dog's nail care. 
This is what the next couple of weeks look like currently. 
Free appointments are in yellow text
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Monday 10 May

9:00 Toto Pidgely and Oscar Kirby
1.00 Max Thompson and Marti Dhuna (can anyone swap their appointment with this one?  Nishi can't make Monday but could do any other day this week)

Tuesday 11 May
9:00 Socks Taylor Evans and Truffle Myers
1:00 Freddy Day and Fifi McFadden

Wednesday 12 May
9.00: Muffin and Toffee Carroll
1:00 Poppy Bul and Coco Buxton

Thursday 13 May
9:00 Dusty Organ and Lily Durose
1:00 Florence Jonas and Enzo Lee

Monday 17 May
9:00 Milo Sershall and Ollie Watson
1:00 Snoop and Teddy Dye

Tuesday 18 May
9:00 Rudy Hinder and Cloggy Pelly
1:00 Teddy Studer and Moo Wylie

Wednesday 19 May
9:00 Zuzu and Elsa Boecker
1:00 Mandy Elliott Training Session

Thursday 20 May
9:00 Leia Cook and Evie Attwater
1:00 Mungo and Poppy McMahan FG, (Mia & Fonzie Teeth and Nails)

The next free appointments are:
Wed 2nd June
Tue 22nd June 1 pm
Wed 30th June 9 am

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Looking forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

Many thanks and kind regards
Katie Rourke Dowding
International Certified Master Groomer
T: 01344 291465  M: 07767 341424 E:
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