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This week's article is all about home maintenance.  Just what should you be doing to your dog at home?

In short, your dog should be bathed no less frequently than you wash your sheets, especially if your dog is sleeping on the bed with you or allowed on the beds during the daytime ... yup, that's me too, somehow over the last 35 years my dogs have migrated from crates and living very definitely downstairs to having full run of the house and squishing me out of my own bed at night!

There is an old school of thought that your dog shouldn't be washed at all as this removes all the oils from their coats. In olden times this was probably a good thing because dogs lived the majority of their lives outside and needed that waterproofing AND shampoos were made of products such as coal-tar and incredibly harsh on both skin and coat.  Your vet may not have yet caught up on what we're using these days (and why should they, it's not their field of expertise). 

I fully confess to being a shampoo-whore.  When the new shampoos are released on the market in their shiny new packaging promising near-miracle results from "organic" materials I either get offered them to try as I'm seen as an influencer in the dog grooming world, or my natural curiosity will force me to buy the products to see for myself what they're like.  

I always return to the same product that I have been using now for the last 12 years.  I'm a Wildwash girl through and through. Not only do their products clean well, but they also smell divine and they're planet-friendly in a number of ways that simply delight me.    NB: Groomers need to email so  they can set up a login and password for you as you have access via a different website 😉.

I now carry their full range.  You buy a 300ml bottle for £14.95 and when you've finished it, you bring it back to me to refill for a tenner.  Its a win-win for everyone and it keeps plastic out of landfill.  

If your dog has ANYTHING wrong with its skin, or it has allergies, or its a puppy and we're just playing it safe, then the Sensitive shampoo is the one to go for.  Its active ingredients are only Aloe Vera and Evening Primrose oil, so don't expect that heavenly scent that goes with the rest of the range, but it will get your dog sparkly clean and its safe to use even up to TWICE A WEEK - which is great news for those mudaholic pupsters out there. 

I'll be doing some videos with Wildwash this summer to show how to use their products correctly.  In the meantime, please watch these that I did last summer for Bella and Duke. 
How well does Wildwash clean?
Clearly, neither dog nor owner wish to be named... 🤣
Those up for scrub-a-dubs, twinkly teeth and toes this week and next are:

Monday, May 17
9.00 Milo Shershall and Hamish Brady
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9.00 Rudy Hinder and Cloggy Pelly
1.00 Teddy Studer and Moo Wylie

Wednesday, May 19
9.00 Zuzu and Elsa Boecker
1.00 Mandy Elliott Double Appt

Thursday, May 20
9.00 Leia Cook and Evie Attwater
1.00 Mungo and Poppy McMahon FG
1.00 Mia and Fonzie Teeth

Monday, May 24
9.00 Reggie Braccetti and Nyla Tosh
1.00 Frankie Weaver and Wolfie Buxton

Tuesday, May 25

Wednesday May 26 

Thursday, May 27
9.00 Lily and Rolo Durose
1.00 Bullet Taee and Macey Player

Friday, May 28
9.00 Lucy Wilkie and Tilly Scott
1.00 Mabel and Martha Medlock

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