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Well, it's a wet and dreary Sunday, I'm at a Seminar on Coats in Aldershot and they're doing "prep" so I'm using the time wisely 😉.   


And so, on to this week's missive.  Summer brings with it a host of nasties for our dogs. Fleas are the first I'd like to deal with.  They breed prolifically in the hot weather.  A female flea can lay more than 30 eggs a day which drop off the dog into your home.  The eggs hatch into larva which munch their way through debris and crud found in any cracks and crevices they can - including your carpets and soft furnishings, that includes of course, your bed if your dog sleeps there.  

If I tell you your dog has fleas, you can be pretty sure that there are eggs and larvae in your house AND YOUR CAR. So be sure to treat everything before you return to pick up your dog - otherwise, your freshly groomed dog (now flea-free) will simply become reinfested as soon as you put it in the car for the journey home. 

How you choose to clean your property is your own affair.  You can use Diatomaceous Earth in the crevices to kill larvae and hatching eggs or you can use a flea spray full of noxious chemicals - your choice.  But you HAVE to do something, you can't expect them to just disappear. Severe infestations require specialists.  

I have to deep clean the salon after a dog has been here with fleas.  That means EVERYTHING has to be pulled out, thoroughly vacuumed behind, then treated. It takes nearly 3 hours.  This is because the blaster could easily blow eggs or larvae or live fleas anywhere in the salon.  So please forgive me if I don't look particularly amused when I impart that news.  

Please remove any Seresto type collars before you bring your dog to the salon (they'll be cut off and disposed of if you leave them on).  Do not apply spot-on treatments for two weeks before you bring your dog to the salon and definitely leave it at least 48 hours before you put any more back on if you must.

There are some chewable alternatives.  You might want to read about them here

Most of my clients have children. They'd be horrified if their children's schools suddenly suggested using Hedrin every month just "in case" their kids got headlice... so why do they believe it's essential if the vet tells them they should do this (and they're naughty or irresponsible pet parents if they don't).

If you find fleas on your dog:  bathe the dog in an anti-flea shampoo.  Boil wash the bedding, treat your house and vehicles.  And any other pets that could also be carriers.  


Ticks are active now.  We're taking ticks off the dogs and cats on a daily basis and have been doing so since FEBRUARY.  Ticks carry a myriad of diseases some of which will be carried by the victim of the bite for life.  I have Lyme Disease and am very happy to talk to anyone who is worried about a bite they may have sustained.  This is the best website to learn more.  Please don't have a cavalier attitude to these pests. They can kill.

Grass seeds

Please check your dog for grass seeds after every walk.  They have a barb on the pointy bit at the top.  If it penetrates a mat it can only move forwards until it hits the skin.  Then it penetrates the skin and moves through the dermis, epidermis and into the dog's body.  It can enter the paw and exit through the shoulder - or become lodged in the heart or lungs.  These are not to be trifled with and can cause ENORMOUS vets bills.  A quick check at the end of the walk is all that's required.  If you find a hole but no seed, seek veterinary attention ASAP.

Over Heating

This shouldn't even need mentioning.  PLEASE, NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG IN A CAR. 
This is, of course, Jess, my Toy Poodle.  Costin Stoica is on Groom Team England (he's very very very good) and was suddenly short of a dog for today's seminar ... so Jess got a free groom from a world expert! Woohoo!
The next two weeks look like this:

Monday 5th July

9.00 Zuzu and Elsa Butcher
1.00 Muffin and Toffee Carroll

Tuesday 6th July
9.00 Martha and Mabel Medlock
1.00 Freddy and Patch Day

Wednesday 7th July
9.00 Looby Jackson and Toto Pidgely
1.00 Tilly and Walt Farr

Thursday 8th July
9.00 Lily Durose and Reggie Braccetti
1.00 Bullet Taee and Macey Player

Monday 12th July
9.00 Bobby Ross and Evie Attwater
1.00 Teddy and Snoop Dye

Tuesday 13th July
9.00 Pickle Staunton and Moo Wylie
1.00 (*early) *Tilly Roche and Daisy Cochrane

Wednesday 14th July
9.00 Oakley Knight and Rudy Hinder
1.00 Betsy Holloway and Barney Chapman

Thursday 15th July
9.00 Scarlett Ghedia and
1.00 Maya Hopkins and Hattie Morris

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Many thanks and kind regards
Katie Rourke Dowding
International Certified Master Groomer
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