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Dear <<First Name>>

Happy Black Friday!  

I only have one Black Friday Discount recommendation for you and that is Pure Pate from JR Pet Products.

I absolutely love the stuff for training treats. It looks and feels like liver sausage, not really pate at all. 

Moving swiftly on...  I'm putting out the list from Monday to Christmas here.  As you can see its BUSY, please can I ask everyone to be especially mindful of timing and of course social distancing if you do happen to meet another client on the doorstep. 

There are, of course, NO free appointments in the run up to Christmas at present. However, as soon as I publish this list someone will always realise they have a conflict, or this year, someone may find themselves having to self isolate.  If this happens, I will email the waiting list from within the Savvy Software.  If you haven't got an appointment but you want one, being on the waiting list is paramount.  

The fastest method of contacting me, regardless of how I contacted you, is via WhatsApp on 07767341424 which pops up on my Apple Watch, Phone, iPad and Macbook simultaneously.  There is an app for iPhone and Android and desktop versions for Mac OS and Windows.  (And it's free!) Failing that, text me.  I check the emails at least once a day but the chances of getting an appointment that way are slim to none.
The new prices come into effect on Tuesday, 1 December.
This is the list I have running right up to Christmas (currently):

Monday, 30 Nov
9.00 Leia Cook and Oscar Kirby
2.00 Poppy and Mungo McMahon (plus other two for teeth only)

9.00 Cloggy Pelly and Alfie Starkey
12:15 Oliver Chapman (Teeth Only)
2.00 Pasha Festing

Wednesday, 2 Dec
9.00 Piper Ambrose and Lucy Wilkie
2.00 Cookie Guest-Gornall and Buster Brown (Welcome back)

Thursday, 3 Dec
9.00 Maxie Sole and Tokio Rodrigues
2.00 Snoop and Teddy Dye

Friday, 4 Dec
10.30 Benji Newey Dog Training


Monday, 7 Dec
9.00 Toto Pidgely and Benny Dight
2.00 Teddy Struder and Evie Attwater

Tuesday, 8 Dec
9.00 Maggie Blundell and Enzo Lee
2.00 Pickle Staunton and Nyla Tosh

Wednesday, 9 Dec
9.00 Macey Player and Frankie Weaver
2.00 Bullet Taee and Reggie Braccetti

Thursday, 10 Dec
9.00 Lily and Rolo Durose
2.00 Zavi Hamilton Andrews and Sasha Jones

Friday, 11 Dec
9.00 Tilly and Basil Farr
2.00 Looby Jackson and Mabel Medlock

Saturday, 12 Dec
10:30 Benji Newey Dog Training
3:30 Kiwi Henriksen Dog Training

Sunday, 13 Dec
9.00 Kiwi Henriksen Dog Training

Monday, 14 Dec
9.00 Tilly Clune and Bobby Ross
12.00 Pie and Conchi Pizarro
2.00 Harold Cole and Bonnie Rizou

Tuesday, 15 Dec
9.00 Socks Taylor Evans and Martha Medlock
2.00 Freddy and Patch Day

Wednesday, 16 Dec
9.00 Oscar Butcher and Eric Keeble
2.00 Willow and Oakley Knight

Thursday, 17 Dec
9.00 Lily Durose and Striker Reid
2.00 Maya Hopkins and Betsy Holloway

Friday, 18 Dec
9.00 Bullet Taee and Truffle Myers
2.00 George Davies Dixon and Ned Maunder


Monday, 21 Dec
9.00 Bella Ewart, Muffin and Toffee Carroll
12:15 Scarlet Ghedia
2.00 Elsa and Koda Castle

Tuesday, 22 Dec
9.00 Darcy Gill and Hamish Bonfield
12:15 Scrappy and Willow Bambury (Bath Only)
2.00 Barney Chapman and Lily Rolls
Katie Rourke Dowding
International Certified Master Groomer
T: 01344 291465  M: 07767 341424 E:
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