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It has been an "interesting week".  I have joined the ranks of parents with a child learning to drive and am putting Jenson through his driving paces as frequently as possible.  

I've noticed several things - when I'm driving without the L plates on my spectacularly boring car I'm largely ignored on the road.  No one drives so close behind that they're almost touching the bumper, nor do they overtake on dangerous bends or at stupid speeds.  

However, if I forget to take the damn things off and am driving around with them still magnetically attached fore and aft, I get carved up, overtaken and tailgated no matter what speed I'm doing.  

I would like to find and thank the lovely man in the blue car that followed us down the Buckhurst Road, over the Peanut Roundabout, down Mounts Hill, into North Street then into the Drift Road, remaining a respectful two to three car lengths behind and preventing the said idiots from scaring the bejesus out of Jenson early on Saturday morning.  People like that are saints.  As is Nick Wright from Wright Turn, Jenson's driving instructor.  He is just brilliant at teaching. (And obviously is terribly brave).

So please, if you see an "L" plate on a car coming at you, pulling out in front of you or pootling down the road... try to remember what it was like when you were learning to drive and give them just a little space, thank you. 
I want to get back to doing a bit more of this at the weekends.  I LOVE to paint, it's so therapeutic (and by god, I need it after taking Jenson out!!) I have, however, spent the last two weekends fighting gremlins within the Savvy VIP system, which, I'm delighted to report have been thoroughly defeated and all is now working perfectly. I have just a few more VIPs who need to activate their links then I can offer the VIP Scheme to the rest of you.  If the VIP link has expired, just ping me a text and I'll send an new link over to you. 

So - what IS a Centre Stage VIP and how does it work?

VIP - Your Benefits

  • Spreads the cost of grooming into 12 monthly payments to help you budget
  • VIP dogs are rarely packed or matted and so always have a pleasant visit here
  • Discounted grooming prices
  • Guaranteed Grooming Appointments
  • Your dog always looks great
  • And anyone can drop your dog off or pick it up for you!

To join the Centre Stage VIP Club, both you and your dog have to meet certain criteria:

  • The dog must be a fully grown adult
  • You must have been charged about the same amount (within £5) for your last three grooms
  • You keep your dog to an agreed grooming schedule which is appropriate for the amount of maintenance you do at home and the dog's coat type.
  • VIP fees are paid via a Savvy Pay Subscription on the 1st of every month.

  • We work out how much your monthly payments will be
  • You pay this amount on the first of every month automatically via Savvy Pay. You don't have to worry about a thing after that.
  • If you sign up before 31st October, your prices will be based on the price you are paying right now, and will be frozen for 12 months after you join the VIP Scheme, protecting you from the annual price rise on December 1st.  VIPs are always therefore one year behind the current price list. 

How it works

  • We will schedule your appointments 12 months ahead and ensure that your dog gets the very best attention while visiting us.
  • If you cannot make an appointment (holiday, etc) just let us know and we'll move that appointment for you - all the others will stay the same.
  • If you cancel an appointment without giving 48 hours notice or you fail to show up for an appointment (known as a no-show) then you forfeit that month's VIP subscription and will have to pay the current adhoc price for a replacement.

Our Benefits

  • We know when you're due so we can reserve a space in the diary for you
  • We can schedule Maintenance &/or Training Days knowing that it won't be an inconvenience to you
  • Clipped dogs are still "in trim" which is far easier for dog and groomer than one which has grown out
  • VIP dogs learn their specific grooming routine extremely quickly and are a joy to handle
If you would like a VIP quote just drop me a WhatsApp or Text and I'll let you know how much your plan would be.  Of course, I'm still happy to schedule dogs who are not on this scheme, however, it should be noted that the VIPs will be having their 2022 appointments scheduled over the next two weeks leaving little wriggle room if you've got a specific day or time in mind for your appointments but want to remain an ad hoc client.

There are just 9 appointments left before the end of the year.

This is what the next couple of weeks look like currently. 
Free appointments are in yellow text
and the complete list is at the bottom of this section


Monday 25th October

9.00 Wolfie and Cookie Kerr

2.00 Closed


Tuesday 26th October

9.00 Edwin Abbott and Striker Reid

2.00 Hattie Morris and Teddy Studer


Wednesday 27th October

9.00 Oscar Kirby and Hopper Hujan

2.00 Max Thompson and Poppy Bull


Thursday 28th October

9.00 Lily Durose and Wolfie Buxton

2.00 Piccolo and Mabel Neilson


Friday Oct 29th October



Monday 1st November

9.00 Scarlett Ghedia and Moo Wylie

2.00 Mungo, Mia, Fonzie and Poppy McMahon


Tuesday 2nd November

9.00 Cloggy Pelly and FREE

2.00 Domino, Frankie and Dixie Amabile


Wednesday - Friday 3rd to 5th Nov

Closed (HALF TERM)

Free Appointments: Tuesday, Nov 2nd, 9 am
Thursday, Nov 18th, 9 am
Wednesday, Nov 24th, 2 pm
Tuesday, Nov 30th, 2 pm
Thursday, Dec 2nd, 9 am and 2 pm
Monday, Dec 6th, 2 pm
Tuesday, Dec 7th, 9 am and 2 pm
Thursday, Dec 9th, 9 am  <--- Last free appointment of the year

To compare your diary against mine, please click the button above.

Looking forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

Many thanks and kind regards
Katie Rourke Dowding
International Certified Master Groomer
T: 01344 291465  M: 07767 341424 E:
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