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Do you know its Christmas time because everything starts to break?  Steve dropped his tablet and shattered the screen (ditto Daisy with her phone) and now the Dishwasher has stopped heating so it's not cleaning at all well.  Grrrrr! I'm sincerely hoping that that's all 3 things done and dusted!

So, this week I'm talking about dog food.  I would like you to go to this website and see how the food you're feeding compares with the rest of the market.

All About Dog Food

The reason I ask is that I've been conducting a survey since I started including teeth cleaning with my full grooms. The dogs on significantly better diets have better teeth with less plaque and tartar in-between visits.  Those on raw diets require the least work of all, most requiring only a thorough bacterial cleanse with an ultrasound brush and virtually no scaling at all.  

This is what I feed.  As Steve works there we know what actually goes into it.  Believe me, you don't want to know what goes into the low-end of the market.  

Dog food is a convenient way for large manufacturing corporations to make substantial profits from their waste products.  Just look at who owns what:
Great food produces a great coat, with each hair cuticle laying flat against the medula, creating a superb shine.  Wendy Volhard once said that a good coat, "should look like each hair has been plucked out, polished and put back in again."  As your groomer, there is only so much I can do with shampoo and conditioner to make a coarse, dull coat look brilliant.  These coats, caused by poor nutrition and/or parasites or disease, are also more prone to matting, so although you cannot feed anything that will prevent the dreaded matts from occurring, you can help your dog produce the very best coat it can grow which is less prone to knots and tangles than its poorer fed counterpart.
Last Week's Christmas "Rogues Gallery"
This year I've written a little educational piece about each breed or type of dog

You can read that here.

Just 34 more dogs to go!
Monday, 14 Dec
9.00 Tilly Clune and Bobby Ross
12.00 Pie and Conchi Pizarro
2.30 Bonnie Rizou

Tuesday, 15 Dec
9.00 Socks Taylor Evans and Martha Medlock
12:15 Looby Jackson
2.00 Freddy and Patch Day

Wednesday, 16 Dec
9.00 Oscar Butcher and Eric Keeble
2.00 Willow and Oakley Knight

Thursday, 17 Dec
9.00 Lily Durose and Striker Reid
2.00 Maya Hopkins and Betsy Holloway

Friday, 18 Dec
9.00 Bullet Taee and Truffle Myers
2.00 George Davies Dixon and Ned Maunder


Monday, 21 Dec
9.00 Bella Ewart, Muffin and Toffee Carroll
12:15 Scarlet Ghedia
3.00 Elsa and Koda Castle (PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE)

Tuesday, 22 Dec
9.00 Darcy Gill and Hamish Bonfield
12:15 Scrappy and Willow Bambury (Bath Only)
2.00 Barney Chapman and Lily Rolls

Wednesday, 23 Dec ~ Sunday 27 Dec
closed for Christmas

Thank you to everyone who has left a tip - either in the jar or as a review, I'm very grateful!

Many thanks and kind regards
Katie Rourke Dowding
International Certified Master Groomer
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