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Hi <<First Name>>

I'd like to start by welcoming the new clients who have joined Centre Stage in the last month.  

There are always clients who move out of the area and sadly dogs aren't with us forever so there although the books are full technically, there are a couple of spaces in the diary.  

The VIP clients have now all booked through the rest of this year and some of the ad-hoc clients have done so too.  If you have not yet got your appointments for the rest of 2022, please drop me a line (WhatsApp preferred), and I will sort you out.

If you have an appointment that you need to move or change, it is much more likely that someone else will swap with you, but highly unlikely that they will give up their scheduled appointment if there is nowhere for them to move to. 😉

For the newbies - I can highly recommend that you read the article "Notes For The Newbies", a guide to salon etiquette and familiarise yourself with the article "Don't Kill Your Groomer" from the same site. 

If you're booking through the year anyway, you may well wish to become a VIP Club member.  You'll be sent a link that you activate with your credit or debit card and you pay monthly from that point on.  Your grooms will be scheduled as they are already, but anyone will be able to pick up or drop off your dog for you as payment is already sorted out. 
Some interesting facts you may not be aware of:
  • Dog hair grows back (my entire business model depends on it) UNLESS it is suffering from certain conditions or it has a double coat.  Double coated breeds are generally ruined if they're clipped (not scissored) and can suffer from PGA.
  • Dogs that have Poodle or Bichon in them are very high maintenance
  • Cocker Spaniels are also high maintenance
  • Cocker Spaniels X Poodles are therefore also going to be High Maintenace. 
  • High Maintenance = brush every day, then comb through or have a SHORT haircut that you can ignore for a couple of days (not weeks) at a time.
  • High Maintenance = an appointment every 6 weeks or less or a Full Groom appt followed by a bath and brush out appt on a three weekly basis.
  • Asian Fusion is hugely popular as a style right now. Among its benefits are a super short body (no matted collar or harness area) with flared legs and a cute head and tail.  The cute head and tail and those legs still need brushing daily, but without the neck or trunk to worry about at all, it sharply decreases the maintenance time.
If you need help with any of the above, please watch these short videos or ask me to show you at your next appointment. 

Remember a successful groom depends on a Perfect Partnership between you, the client and me, your groomer. 
We are stockists of Nutriment frozen raw dog food.  We normally carry plenty of stock of the 500g tub range.  Please let me know the night before your appointment if you want to pick up an order and I'll have it ready for you when you pick your dog up.

See how your current food compares to Nutriment here.

This is what the next couple of months look like currently. 
Free appointments are in yellow text.
Booking 12 months ahead is highly recommended.

Monday 17th Jan
9.00 Oscar Kirby and Sasha Jones 
2.00 Max Thompson and Teddy Studer

Tuesday 18th Jan
9.00 Freddy and Patch Day
2.00 Hattie Morris and Rory Gardiner

Wednesday 19th Jan
9.00 Scrappy and Willow Bambury
2.00 Poppy Bull and Wolfie Buxton

Thursday 20th Jan
9.00 Lily Durose and Hopper Hujan
2.00 Lucy Wilkie and Daisy Cochrane

Saturday 22 / Sunday 23rd Jan
TRADE SHOW The Grooming Show - Coventry

Monday 24th Jan

9.00 Closed
1.00 Mia, Fonzie and Mungo McMahon (3 dogs so 1pm start)

Tuesday 25th Jan
9.00 Cloggy Pelly & Tinker Gonzalez
1.00 Domino, Dixie and Frankie Amabile (3 dogs so 1pm start)

Wednesday 26th Jan
9.00 Mable and Martha Medlock
2.00 Groomer Training

Thursday 27th Jan
9.00 Scruffy and Lucy Daines
2.00 Leia Cook and Betsy Holloway

Monday 31st Jan
9.00 Reggie Braccetti and Edwin Abbott 
2.00 Bullet Taee and FREE

Tuesday 1st Feb
9.00 Maggie Blundell and FREE
2.00 Snoop and Teddy Dye

Wednesday 2nd Feb
9.00 Looby Jackson and FREE
2.00 Barney Chapman and FREE

Thursday 3rd Feb
9.00 Lily and Rolo Durose
2.00 CLOSED 

Monday 7 Feb
9.00 Toto Pidgely and Frankie Weaver
2.00 Ivy and Poppy Higgs

Tuesday 8th Feb
9.00 Red Thomas and CLOSED
2.00 FREE and FREE

Wednesday 9 Feb 
9.00 Oakley Knight and FREE
2.00 Macey Player and FREE

Thursday 10th Feb
8.45 Buster Brown and FREE
2.00 Maya Hopkins and FREE

Monday 14th Feb
9,00 FREE and FREE
2.00 FREE and FREE

Tuesday 15th Feb
9.00 Tallulah Hodge and FREE
2.00 Minty Wales and FREE

Wednesday 16th Feb
9.00 Coco Buxton & FREE
2.00 Bonnie Rizou and FREE

Thursday 17th Feb
9.00 Darcy Gill and Lily Durose
2.00 Basil Everett and FREE

SEMINAR - Friday Saturday Sunday - Devon

Monday 21st Feb

Tuesday 22nd Feb
9.00 Freddy and Patch Day
2.00 FREE and FREE

Wednesday 23rd Feb
9.00 FREE and FREE
2.00 FREE and FREE

Thursday 24th Feb
9.00 Lilly Rolls and FREE 
2.00 Lucy Wilkie and Florence Jonas

Sunday 27th Feb
Exam Day for Trainees

Monday 28th Feb
9.00 Frankie Weaver and Reggie Braccetti
2.00 Max Thompson and Hopper Hujan
It's available in both the App Store (iPhones) or Play Store (Android).  Just remember to use the same email address as you get your appointment notifications from! 

Looking forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

Many thanks and kind regards
Katie Rourke Dowding
International Certified Master Groomer
T: 01344 291465  M: 07767 341424 E:
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