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Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world.”            Nelson Mandela

We are proud to present you with our first newsletter. Through this way, we would like to upkeep you with the latest developments of our projects and show you the direct results of your support.

The year 2017 marked just the beginning of the work of LivingStones Association. We have been successful in achieving the goal of completing the first fencing of a Jewish cemetery in Moldova since WWII in August, and parallel to it, we started in October the education of the first generation of Likrat Moldova students Our Likratinos are getting used to meet once a month to learn different topics and are excited and motivated to know more. Their formal education will be completed on February 11, 2018 and then they will be ready to begin the school encounters. We are looking forward to the journey ahead of them.

All of these incredible work would have never happen without your support and the one of our partners, the ICTPD (International Center for Training and Development), the SIG (Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities), and ESJF (European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative).

We are really thankful to all of you for supporting our programs and for contributing to make a big change in this world. At this moment, it is more important than ever to protect and preserve our Jewish heritage and to educate our next generation in the fight against Antisemitism and anti-Israel bias.

Enjoy our first number - Happy reading!


Beyond the Fence - Cemetery Project

Jewish Cemetery Briceva, August 10, 2017

Our first cemetery fencing project took place at Briceva, in northern Moldova. This is an incredible achievement; a first for this country. This Jewish cemetery had lay abandoned and overgrown when first visited by ESJF inspectors. Fencing at the site started on July 19, 2017 and was completed on August 10, 2017.  All Jewish cemeteries in Moldova face the same imminent threats.

This Jewish agricultural settlement of Briceva was founded in1848. It is located near the Ukrainian boarder, close to the Dniester River. In 1930, Jews numbered almost 2,500 in Briceva, some 89 percent of the village population. Because of the proximity to the USSR, many Briceva Jews escaped over the border during WWII. Those who remained, were deported to Transnistria. Today, its Jewish population is non existent.

LivingStones Association is immensely thankful to Phil Carmel, Yana Yanover and the whole team of the ESJF European Cemeteries Initiatives for making this incredible work come true. Without this collaborative work, this honorable achievement would have never became a reality.

"Swiss Premiere of "Absent

LivingStones Association Board Members Yvette Merzbacher, Lorraine Sirtes and Yonat Floersheim with Matthew Mishory
On September 12, 2017 more than 100 people came to the ICZ for the first event of LivingStones Association in cooperation with ICZ Kultur. The introduction of Likrat Moldova was made possible within the frame of the Swiss premiere of the screening of the film "Absent", by Hollywood director Matthew Mishory.

The story of this fascinating documentary tells about the shades of denial and ultimately the beginnings of acceptance. It discusses the shocking truth about the lack of information and Holocaust education in the village of Marculest, in Moldova, and captures brilliantly the beliefs of its Moldovan citizens about the reasons for the absence of the Jews and the physical remains of their Jewish presence. This story reflectes the reality of a microcosmos repeated in villages around Ukraine, Romania and all over Eastern Europe.

Today, Moldova's Jewish community is one of the poorest worldwide and its survival depends heavily on the contribution of Jewish organizations. Even though this event was not meant to be a fundraising, we are really happy to say that we have been able to raise your awareness and are very thankful for your support and contribution to educate the next generation in the fight against Antisemitism and Anti-Israel bias. It was a great pleasure to see so many of you come to support the important and valuable cause of Likrat Moldova.

We especially thank Susi Scheiner and ICZ Kultur for making this event happen.

First Workshop of Likrat Moldova

Understanding the Past of our Ancestors
After a preparation of more than a year, the very first training workshop day for our Likratinos was launched on October 29, 2017 under the theme of Jewish life in Kishinev. Our students had the opportunity to learn all about Jewish history, its Yiddish culture, their community today, and feel under their shoe soles the places and footprints left where their ancestors worked and lived.

This first training day could not have been possible without your contribution and support and the collaborative work between Yvette Merzbacher and our partner ICTPD. Thanks to Galina Cargher, Irina Shihova, Olga Sivac, Roman Odesschii, and Efim Chorny this day remains unforgettable for our Likratinos.

Second Workshop of Likrat Moldova

Experience Bessarabia
In their second workshop day the Likratinos experienced the history of Bessarabia from many sides.

It started on the way to Edinets, in northern Moldova, with the screening of the film "Absent". It followed up with a lecture by Irina Belfer about the Jewish history of Bessarabia. The most impressive part of this day continued with a guided tour by the famous local historian Iuri Zagorcea, where he recalled the horrific events that occurred during the Holocaust in Bessarabia. During lunch time, our students had the opportunity to listen to the personal family story of Yefim Akkerman, one of the ten remaining Jews living today in Edinets.

Now, our likratinos have gained some tools to strenghten their Jewish identity, to understand where they come from, and to be proud of who they are.

Read the impressions of our student Arina
Read the impressions of our student Zhanna

Third Workshop of Likrat Moldova

Jewish Identity and Traditions

Our likratinos learned on December 17, 2017 all about the basics of Judaism, had the chance to discover how they feel about their Jewish identity, felt free to ask the Rabbi all the questions they never dare to ask for, and celebrated the miracle of Hanukkah. What a fulfilling day it was for them.

To know more about us, our projects and programs, to sponsor our work, or make a donation to LivingStones Association, please send us an email at or go to Thank you so much in advance.
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