Friday, August 24th 2018 - Issue #304

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Anons, good for society

We had some DRAMA on Twitter yesterday surrounding the concept of pseudonymous twitter accounts and whether or not they should be tolerated. Specifically, troll anon accounts that muddy conversations and attempt to devalue someone's point of view with ad hominems that have no recourse in the real world. To some, these type of accounts are a danger to the idea of free speech and civil discourse since they have the ability to destroy someone's reputation without any consequences.

Personally, I think this is an incredibly lazy line of thinking that could actually be extremely dangerous if it begins to persist because it is a fatally flawed premise. The notion that anon accounts aren't held accountable or are able to say things without recourse is absolutely asinine. I can name 30 anon accounts off the top of my head that I don't trust or take seriously because of things they've tweeted in the past. Just because someone is an anon doesn't mean they don't carry around a mental social "credit score" with the people who interact with them. If a particular anon says something that is not based in reality, ignore them. The fact that they can lie on the Internet doesn't make them dangerous. People have been lying on the Internet since its inception. In the Information Age, it is imperative that individuals develop critical thinking skills so they can discern between what is true and what is not.

I am writing this issue to curb the notion that we should silence anons who act in this way. We should simply ignore them. In my honest opinion, anons are a net positive on the world, especially in Bitcoin. Ever heard of Satoshi or Shaolinfry? Being able to speak without fear of repercussions due to the fact that you live under a despotic dictatorship or England is a powerful right of the Internet and it should be protected vigorously. 

Learn how to critically think and discern the true from the false or fall behind.  
Final thought...

Nothing like a nice Wu Tang instrumental to start your Friday morning. 

Enjoy your weekend, freaks. 
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