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The Sat Standard
This week in bitcoin. Straight to the point. No bullshit. Every Saturday.
Thought of the week from Marty Bent:
Individualism is under attack. 

Thought of the week from Matt Odell:
~7.6 billion bitcoiners living in a world that will eventually be priced in sats.
  • Liquid UTXO rotation issue
  • Sci-Hub accepts bitcoin donations because paypal blocked them
  • Paypal/Venmo may start offering bitcoin purchases
  • Bitmain power struggle continues
  • NY Bitlicense gets a little less shitty
  • Oracle BlueKai corporate surveillance data leaks
  • The US Senate has a new anti-encryption bill
  • FBI used social media to arrest protesters/looters
  • Facebook and the FBI hacked Tails OS
  • IRS bought location data to try to find suspects

  • Gary Leland
    • Surfing
    • Early days of cable TV
    • Moving to Texas
    • Early days of podcasting
    • @bitblockboom
  • Mike Peterson
    • BTC circular economy
    • Custodial v. non-custodial
    • Developing world leading the way?
    • Educating users
    • Gen Z + BTC
Wringing Of The Rag
  • Monday - Issue #764: The Communists are confident right now
  • Tuesday - Issue #765: We are still so early
  • Wednesday - Issue #766: AltNet proposal
  • Thursday - Issue #767: All governments destroy their currencies at some point
  • Friday - Issue #768: Some thoughts on UX
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