Thursday, June 14th 2018 - Issue #253

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I worry about our current world and the way we view/use money because it is so different than the relationship humans have had with money for millennia. It seems like we've gotten so far away from any semblance of reality when it comes to our current fiat system and the financial system that uses it as fuel. Central Banks around the world coordinated dovish monetary policy for a decade, printing money that flowed directly into financial assets, massively inflating equities and real estate markets. This isn't the norm and I believe that Bitcoin is a reversion to the mean of monetary soundness.

As we can see from the thread above, sound money was paramount for civilizations of centuries past and as our boy, The Crypto Observer, points out; the people of antiquity may have a better understanding of Bitcoin than we do today because we were born into a fiat system that we were taught to assume is the way the world is supposed to work. Very few people question the paradigm they operate within, but I believe that the world is getting so chaotic that people are becoming more and more open to exploring new ideas. Post-2008, the world's central banks pleaded with the world to bail out the banks or else the world would devolve into Mad Max-like chaos. However, since then it has become glaringly obvious that the bailouts only benefited a select few, already filthy rich elite. Everyone else has struggled as prices have risen, wages have stayed stagnant, and savings have completely disappeared. Your average American is over-leveraged with debt and cannot afford a $400 emergency expense.

I believe it is due time to adopt a sound money to level out the playing field and bring back some sanity to the current world. Unfettered fiat currencies have led to waste and suffering as the people closest to the money creation spigot benefit vastly more than the rest of us plebs. However, I think we have a long way to go in terms of educating people and helping them realize that things haven't always been this way. The world has experienced centuries of relative peace and prosperity in the past when operating on a sound money system. People do not realize this and I think it is imperative that they do. Spread the word, freaks. Tell all your friends and family to read up on the history of money. Once you understand how money has evolved throughout history Bitcoin becomes a no-brainer. 
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Vegas doesn't appeal to me at all. 
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