Monday, December 28th 2020 - Issue #895

Zebedee Announces Infuse

Yesterday afternoon Christian Moss from Zebedee announced the launch of Infuse during the 10th MintGox Lightning eSports tournament. Infuse is a product that allows game developers to infuse Lightning Network into existing popular games. The first game Zebedee is testing this out with is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO); a series that has been around since 1999 and has 20 million players around the world. Due to the ability to run personal CS:GO servers and a design that allows developers to easily modify and personalize CS:GO experiences across different servers, Zebedee was easily able to apply their Infuse product to this game.

In its current form Infuse allows CS:GO players to set up games that require buy-ins via sats and players can win or lose sats while playing depending on how many kills/deaths they have during gameplay. The team plans to add more games and more complex incentive schemes in the future. We've been covering the development of Lightning Network enabled gaming since Issue #404 in this rag. The announcement of the Infuse product and the fact that it is being tested out on a very popular game already are the biggest things to happen in this particular niche of the Bitcoin world since we started covering it.

As I said back in January of last year, getting bitcoin integrated with the gaming industry will be massive. Now that the Lightning Network can be form fitted into already existing popular games I believe we are very close to a tipping point that takes "stacking sats" and the Lightning Network mainstream. Just wait until all the top gamers start bragging about how many sats the stacked on Twitch. We're talking about Bitcoin ingraining itself into Culture. Bigly.

No other tokens needed either. Just pure sats baby. It's not long before we see large eSports tournaments replace cuck buck grand prize winnings with fat stacks of sats. 
Final thought...

Michael Buble was made for Christmas music. 
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