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Virtual meetings have become the new normal in how we connect these days and we look forward to meeting you at our symposium 'Simplifying Glaucoma Management' or booth during WOC2020 Virtual®

Now is the time to not only learn from the present but to reimagine the future. Doing so will unleash creativity, open new windows of opportunity, and accelerate change. Explore this month´s highlighted resources to continue your learning from home. 

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Columbia University Medical Center
Department of Ophthalmology 

COVID-19 Town Hall 5/28/20
The Columbia Department of Ophthalmology was fortunate to host David D. Ho, MD, founding Scientific Director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center (CEO & Professor), Director of the Wu Family China Center, Clyde and Helen Wu Professor of Medicine and Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 1996 at a recent Town Hall. Dr. Ho has been at the forefront of research since the beginning of the COVID epidemic and presented on Virology, Antibodies and Future Therapeutics.

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Ophthalmology in a Pandemic: Managing Data, Uncertainty & Expectations
The guest lecturer is Dr. Jack Cioffi, MD, Edward S. Harkness Professor and Chair Jean and Richard Deems Professorship Department of Ophthalmology, Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

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2019 Fellows: where are they now?

We are very proud to learn about the incredible achievements made by 2019 ICO-WGA Fellow, Dr. Lemlem Tamrat. After kick-starting her global learning experience from Australia, through to Nepal and Ethiopia, she is back home doing SLT treatment for her patients with the laser machine donated by Dr. Geoff and his colleagues from Australia.

‘Just finished one-year glaucoma fellowship at Flinders University, SA, Tilganga institute of Ophthalmology, Nepal and Saint Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College (SPHMMC), Ethiopia (March 2019 to March 2020). Thank you ICO, WGA and all sponsoring bodies for making my fellowship in South Australia so fruitful. I want to thank my host prof. Jamie Craig and his colleague Dr. John L. at Flinders University. Many thanks to Dr. Amma Galanopolous, Prof. Robert C. and Dr. James M., at Royal Adelaide Hospital, where I did part of my fellowship in SA. 

Part of my fellowship training was in Nepal and Ethiopia. I want to extend my extreme gratitude to Prof. Suman T. and Dr. Indira P. Dr. Scott L., Dr. Girum W. for contributing for this fellowship.

My appreciation also goes to Australian and New Zealand Glaucoma Society, Sight for All, Himalayan Cataract Project (HCP) for supporting this training. After all, now I am back home doing my practice at SPHMMC. I also started doing SLT treatment for my patients with the later machine donated by Dr. Geoff and his colleagues from Australia. My learning experience at each site was so wonderful.

God bless all and stay safe.’

WGC-2019 videos: Education Committee Selections

Throughout the year we will be releasing content from the World Glaucoma Congress in Melbourne (WGC-2019) on the Educational Portal. Click here to access the portal and get free access to all the WGC-2013, WGC-2015 and WGC-2017 recordings. WGC-2019 participants have free access to all the Melbourne recorded sessions as well!
The Education Committee carefully selects presentations from the WGC-2019 for your benefit. This month Carolina Gracitelli introduces the sessions: Convince your government and payors that what you do is useful & cost-effective, Managing the Glaucoma Suspect and Update on Imaging: Seeing is Believing.

Convince your government and payors that what you do is useful & cost-effective

This section is a great discussion about how to manage the useful and cost of some treatments. The presenters are Dr. Jennifer Burr, Dr. Simon Skalicky, Dr Randy au Craven, and Dr Anja Tuulonen.

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Managing the Glaucoma Suspect

This section is a great discussion about how to deal with glaucoma suspects and how to approach and follow these patients. The presenters are Dr. Bill Morgan, Dr Lucy Shen, Dr. Syril Dorairaj, and Dr Albert Khouri.

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Update on Imaging: Seeing is Believing

This section is about the role of imaging in glaucoma disease presented in the 8th World Glaucoma Congress. The presenters are Dr. Lisandro Sakata, Dr. Eun Ji Lee, Dr Harsha Rao, Dr Alex Huang, and Dr. Kouros Nouri-Mahdavi.

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Tip: when watching the videos, don't forget to access the slides of the lecture at the Resources Tab and open them in a different window. This will allow you to appreciate both the slides and the lecturer at the same time.
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