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New WGC-2017 video selections, Express Abstract Review at WGC-2019 and the 11th Consensus Meeting in this months newsletter of the World Glaucoma Association. Welcome!

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Free JOG Exfoliation Supplement

Through our cooperation with The Journal of Glaucoma, we are happy to inform you that the JOG exfoliation supplement is now online and freely available to all individual members of the affiliated member glaucoma societies. Please enjoy this fantastic content by clicking this link.
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WGC-2017 videos: Education Committee Selections

Throughout the year we are releasing WGC-2017 content on the Educational Portal. Click here to access the portal and get free access to all WGC-2013 & WGC-2015 recordings. WGC-2017 participants have free access to all recorded sessions of WGC-2017!
The Education Committee carefully selects presentations from the World Glaucoma Congress 2017 in Helsinki for your benefit. This edition Monisha Nongpiur gives the introductions for the sessions Normal tension glaucoma: pathogenesis, progression and treatment and OCT angiography in glaucoma. 

Normal tension glaucoma

Ocular blood flow: How does ocular blood flow influence the course of glaucoma?
Professor Alon Harris
Prof Harris spoke about the role of vascular risk factors in glaucoma. He highlighted the associations of disc haemorrhage (DH) and ocular blood flow with disease progression in NTG, and described the presumed vascular and mechanical theories for the pathogenesis of DH.  He also talked about the non-ocular vascular abnormalities in subjects with glaucoma. Prof Harris then presented a physically-based mathematical model that incorporated biomechanics and blood flow parameters, to better explain the vascular role in glaucoma and predict blood flow changes.
The Low-Pressure Glaucoma Treatment Study (LOGTS) Revisited.
Professor Robert Ritch
Prof Robert Ritch provided an update on the LOGTS trial, which was conducted 18 years ago comparing 0.2% brimonidine with 0.5% timolol. The primary goals of the study was to identify risk factors associated with progression in NTG. One of the significant outcomes from the study was the possibility of a neuroprotective action of brimonidine; and the prospects for IOP-independent treatment ... Keep reading

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OCT angiography in glaucoma

Evidence for a vascular component and the impact of ocular perfusion pressure on glaucoma
Professor Vital P. Costa
Prof Costa discussed the challenges and limitations of different studies (experimental, cross-sectional, and longitudinal) and current techniques employed in the evaluation of ocular blood flow. Whilst OPP is considered a surrogate for ocular blood flow; its estimation is however influenced by several factors that affect the measurements of IOP, blood pressure, blood viscosity and vessel diameter. He reckons that OCTA imaging modality may better demonstrate the associations between ocular blood flow and glaucoma.
Principles and scanning protocols of OCT angiography
Dr Kaweh Mansouri
Dr Kaweh Mansouri reiterated the poorly understood vascular theory of glaucoma that is mainly due to the limitations of the available tools and techniques to evaluate ocular blood flow. Dr Mansouri then discussed the principles and advantages of the OCTA including an ability to visualize the different layers of vasculature from the superficial retinal layers to the choroid, and to perform quantitative estimations of the areas occupied by vessels. He ended the talk by illustrating potential ... Keep reading

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Express Abstract Review

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Deadline for Express Abstract Review is September 1, 2018.

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