Your WGA Update for December

Just right before we say goodbye to 2019, we present you the first videos from the World Glaucoma Congress in Melbourne that are no longer password protected. So if you didn't attend the meeting, be sure to read the introductions and watch the videos. We also have the latest Journal of Glaucoma Paper of the Month video and are looking for a JoG Editor-in-Chief.

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WGC-2019 videos: Education Committee Selections

Throughout the year we will be releasing content from the World Glaucoma Congress in Melbourne (WGC-2019) on the Educational Portal. Click here to access the portal and get free access to all the WGC-2013, WGC-2015 and WGC-2017 recordings. WGC-2019 participants have free access to all the Melbourne recorded sessions as well!
The Education Committee carefully selects presentations from the WGC-2019 for your benefit. This month Pradeep Ramulu kicks off the 2019 videos and introduces the following sessions: A holistic view on glaucoma: A case based approach and Fuelling the power house. 

A holistic view on glaucoma: A case based approach

Randy Craven discussed the reasons for, and approach to, pigmentary glaucomas occurring for reasons other than pigment dispersion syndrome. Any cause of pigment release can obstruct conventional outflow through the TM, leading to IOP elevation. Secondary pigment dispersion syndromes can occur for reasons such as trauma, herpetic infections and chronic atropine use, but are most often found with IOL-related issues, including ... Keep reading

Watch the presentations

Fuelling the power house

This session focused on the importance of the mitochondria in glaucoma, and how this information relates to the pathophysiology of glaucoma and possibility of treatment.  Ian Trounce discussed the possibility of mitochondrial therapeutics for optic nerve dysfunction. Dr. Trounce first described the mitochondrial life cycle and where therapies might be helpful (i.e. mitophagy, the process by which cells remove damaged mitochondria). The potential importance ... Keep reading

Watch the presentations

Watch the JoG Paper of the Month video!

The Journal of Glaucoma (JoG) is an official publication of the WGA. Every month the WGA Associate Advisory Board selects the Paper of the Month. 

Our guest for the fourth episode is Eugene Shildkrot from the University of Virginia, USA. His paper reports the effect of multiple Anti-VEGF injections on glaucoma progression in susceptible eyes.

For all the videos, go to

Call for JoG Editor-in-Chief Candidates

JoG is a monthly peer-reviewed journal addressing the spectrum of issues affecting definition, diagnosis, and management of glaucoma and providing a forum for lively and stimulating discussion of clinical, scientific, and socioeconomic factors affecting care of glaucoma patients. 

The Editor-in-Chief’s responsibilities include developing the journal’s content on an ongoing basis; soliciting, processing and editing submissions in a timely manner; working with and further developing the Editorial Board; and collaborating with the Publisher to increase the journal’s visibility, author submissions, and readership.

For the full job description and how to show your interest, click here.

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