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With roughly 200 days before the World Glaucoma Congress in Melbourne, Australia kicks off, be sure to book your flight now. There is a special discount for air travel via oneworld, find out more in this newsletter. Also this month: the latest WGC-2017 video selections, how to update your WGA#One profile and where to meet the WGA in September.

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WGC-2017 videos: Education Committee Selections

Throughout the year we are releasing WGC-2017 content on the Educational Portal. Click here to access the portal and get free access to all WGC-2013 & WGC-2015 recordings. WGC-2017 participants have free access to all recorded sessions of WGC-2017!
The Education Committee carefully selects presentations from the World Glaucoma Congress 2017 in Helsinki for your benefit. This edition Ingrida Januleviciene gives the introductions for the sessions My worst nightmare as a glaucoma surgeon, Neuroprotection: the future of glaucoma treatment and New discoveries in exfoliation.

My worst nightmare as a glaucoma surgeon

Phaco / Small eyes
Prof Dr Eugenio J. Maul
Prof Dr E.J. Maul introduced that phaco surgery in small eyes today is considered no more a nightmare – using topical anesthesia, pre-op Mannitol if necessary, proper IOL calculation formula, etc.However, postoperatively even several years after surgery, angle closure glaucoma might develop. Clinical cases were discussed describing various problems and possible solutions.
Soft eyes
Prof Tony Wells
Prof Wells talked about hypotony as low pressure with secondary effects attributable to low IOP as choroidal detachment, disc swelling, macular changes, corneal folds, breakdown of blood-aqueous barrier.  Clinical cases were presented describing glaucoma surgery as one of the common causes of hypotony, importance of scleral flap in early postoperative period, adjustable sutures, management of aqueous hyposecretion and best wish of having nightmares before the ... Keep reading

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Neuroprotection: the future of glaucoma treatment

Mitochondrial dysfunction in glaucoma
Dr Pete Williams
Dr P. Williams in his talk highlighted the important issue that at the current stage there are no neuroprotective strategies in glaucoma. Speaking about glaucoma as a metabolic optic neuropathy he emphasized that RGCs are particularly vulnerable to metabolic and physical stress. Metabolism and mitochondrial health decline with age and is also exacerbated by periods of elevated IOP. Targeting neuronal metabolic decline and mitochondria may offer safe, neuroprotective treatments for glaucoma and also other age-related neurodegenerative diseases.

Regulation of lactate transport
Prof Dr Miriam Kolko
Prof Dr Kolko described the new treatment strategy for glaucoma. Though currently we are only treating IOP - the future perspective might lead to various neuroprotective strategies. Lactate is a metabolic waste product from anaerobic ... Keep reading

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New discoveries in exfoliation

Fibrillinopathy in the eye
Prof Dieter Reinhardt
Prof Reinhardt made an introduction on extracellular matrix fibers in particular microfibrils that constitute to ciliary zonules, trabecular meshwork and other structures in the eye. He talked about exfoliation syndrome as a form of fibrillinopathy. He also explained how human mutations in fibrillin 1 may cause various syndromes as Marfan’s, Weill-Marchesani, acromicric and geleophysic dysplasias and stiff skin syndrome followed by clinical interpretations.

Cell biology, autophagy and mitochondrial dysfunction in exfoliation syndrome
Dr Audrey Bernstein
Dr Bernstein covered a viewpoint on neurodegenerative diseases that typically starts with gene mutation leading to protein aggregation and with age we see declining proteostasis capacity and oxidative stress that is evaluated as pathology or the disease. Several hypothesis were raised and studies evaluating LOXL1, misfolded proteins, dysfunctional ... Keep reading

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