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How to fix and prevent a short tube

Daniela Alvarez Ascencio, Jesus Jimenez-Roman, Mauricio Turati-Acosta
Glaucoma, Asociacion Para Evitar la Ceguera en Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

Third Prize Film Festival WGC-2019
This surgical video describes the management of an intra-operative problem encountered while implanting a glaucoma drainage device when the tube has accidentally been cut too short. The authors use an innovative approach of extending the tube using a portion of a  24G venous catheter. After a detailed description of the technique, the authors show several scenarios and surgical pearls of how to measure, insert, and cut the tube in an appropriate manner in order to get the desired surgical outcome with an adequate length and direction.

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WGC-2019 Videos: Education Committee Selections

Throughout the year we will be releasing content from the World Glaucoma Congress in Melbourne (WGC-2019) on the Educational Portal. Click here to access the portal and get free access to all the WGC-2013, WGC-2015 and WGC-2017 recordings. WGC-2019 participants have free access to all the Melbourne recorded sessions as well!
The Education Committee carefully selects presentations from the WGC-2019 for your benefit. This month Monisha Nongpiur introduces the sessions: How glaucoma affects our patients, Normal Tension Glaucoma Symposium and The Future of Glaucoma Assessment.

How glaucoma affects our patients

This session explores the various ways glaucoma impact patients; and highlights the need for their assessment and for clinicians to consider them during clinical decision making processes.

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Normal Tension Glaucoma Symposium

An excellent session covering the different aspects of Normal Tension Glaucoma from terminology, genetic aetiology, management approaches to challenging case scenarios. The session started with a very interesting debate on whether the term ‘Normal Tension’ should be discarded.

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The Future of Glaucoma Assessment

Another interesting session with points-counterpoints for two different assessment modalities for glaucoma. The first was on the macula versus optic nerve, and the second on fundus photos versus OCT. They were followed by talks on electrophysiology, and, the future options for glaucoma assessment.

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Tip: when watching the videos, don't forget to access the slides of the lecture at the Resources Tab and open them in a different window. This will allow you to appreciate both the slides and the lecturer at the same time.

From the WGC-2019 Photo Exhibition

Eun Ji Lee - Enlargement of choroidal microvasculature dropout with progressive glaucomatous change of the optic nerve head

Color disc photographs (Left) and en-face choroidal optical coherence tomography angiography images (Right) obtained at baseline (Top) and 2 years later (Bottom) in an eye with primary open-angle glaucoma shows progressive excavation of the neuroretinal rim with enlargement of choroidal microvasculature dropout (arrowheads).

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