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Welcome to the June newsletter of the World Glaucoma Association, your monthly peek into the world of glaucoma. In this edition we focus on new WGC-2017 video selections, the latest International Glaucoma Review and abstract submission & registration for WGC-2019.

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WGC-2017 videos: Education Committee Selections

Throughout the year we are releasing WGC-2017 content on the Educational Portal. Click here to access the portal and get free access to all WGC-2013 & WGC-2015 recordings. WGC-2017 participants have free access to all recorded sessions of WGC-2017!
The Education Committee carefully selects presentations from the World Glaucoma Congress 2017 in Helsinki for your benefit. This edition Maria Carassco gives the introductions for the sessions Angle closure and angle closure glaucoma, Big data and glaucoma and CSF pressure and glaucoma.

Angle closure and angle closure glaucoma
(APGS symposium)

Over the last few years, the classification of angle-closure glaucoma has undergone revisions. One common classification is based on the presence of symptoms but fails to identify a large number of asymptomatic patients and people at risk. In addition, it does not help the ophthalmologist who wants to plan an appropriate treatment and predict prognosis. The term “glaucoma” is currently used indiscriminately, regardless of the presence or absence of optic neuropathy and ... Keep reading

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Big data and glaucoma

Big data is extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations that relate especially to human behavior and interactions. Do we have the big data about glaucoma?
Detecting glaucoma requires a thorough analysis along with a relevant examination of risk factors and changes in structure and function. Dr. Tatham lectures about the specificity and sensitivity as well as the strengths and limitations of these tests.  Access to modern technology in low ... Keep reading

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CSF pressure and glaucoma

A message to take home: The Imbalance between IOP and cerebrospinal fluid pressure may influence the risk of normal-tension glaucoma or the susceptibility of the optic nerve to ocular hypertension.  Dr. Wang discusses the possible mechanisms at play from optic nerve damage based on the results from animal models with lower Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure (CSFP).  A comprehensive review of the existing clinical data that supports the role of CSFP in normal tension glaucoma, open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension is discussed in .... Keep reading

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Abstract submission & registration for WGC-2019 is open!

A globally diverse faculty of experts in glaucoma research and clinical practice will come together to share their knowledge and insight in Melbourne, from March 27 to 30, 2019. We welcome you to be a part of the principal congress focused on the education of glaucoma.
Scientific sessions will include 21 symposiums, 24 courses, grand rounds, rapid fire presentations, and the largest surgical wetlabs in the field of glaucoma. The dedicated sessions focusing on Paediatric Glaucoma, Angle Closure Glaucoma and Normal Tension Glaucoma will include discussion and debate of controversies in these subjects. There will be courses ranging from the practical approach to managing surgical complications and understanding glaucoma genetics, to the scientific exploration of topics such as biomechanics, new therapies and artificial intelligence. The challenges faced in delivering a glaucoma service in different global settings will also be discussed.
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