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Don't miss the abstract deadline of October 1 for the 8th World Glaucoma Congress and submit your abstract now. Details on how to are in this newsletter, along with exciting news about the Journal of Glaucoma, new WGC-2017 video selections by the Education Committee and much more. 

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WGC-2017 videos: Education Committee Selections

Throughout the year we are releasing WGC-2017 content on the Educational Portal. Click here to access the portal and get free access to all WGC-2013 & WGC-2015 recordings. WGC-2017 participants have free access to all recorded sessions of WGC-2017!
The Education Committee carefully selects presentations from the World Glaucoma Congress 2017 in Helsinki for your benefit. This edition Olusola Olawoye gives the introductions for the sessions OCT in glaucoma: present and future, the Patient oriented symposium and Perfecting the art of glaucoma phenotyping.

OCT in glaucoma: present and future

Kouros Nouros Mahdavi gave an excellent talk on structure-function relationship. He said it provided complementary information and helped in the confirmation of disease or progression and also helped in prediction of disease. He compared OCT and SAP and gave several reasons why structure and function may disagree. He mentioned that glaucoma severity influences structure and function relationship and that inter individual variability was more than intra eye variability.  He said that customization could improve structure function relationship. All structural parameters have ... Keep reading

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Patient oriented symposium

This was a very interesting session on patient oriented outcomes in glaucoma management. Pradeep Ramulu in the first talk highlighted the psychological, physical and emotional problems faced by glaucoma patients. Glaucoma patients may have problems with reading, mobility, self-care tasks and social interaction. He highlighted that glaucoma patients may have reduced reading speed, experience more falls, stop driving, have slower reaching for objects, slower object searches and poor facial recognition in late disease. He concluded his talk by reiterating that glaucoma affected many aspects of daily ... Keep reading

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Perfecting the art of glaucoma phenotyping

Michael Coote gave the first talk on the disc. He described the GONE (Glaucoma Optic Neuropathy Evaluation) project, an internet-based system which is a readily accessible and standardized tool, for clinicians globally, that permits self-assessment and benchmarking of skills in optic disc examination.

He mentioned that optic nerve head (ONH) assessment was hard to teach and learn in the clinic and there were very few randomized controlled trials in education. He gave a fantastic presentation on the agreement consistency of optic disc evaluation between experts’ trainees and optometrists. He presented some factors that may result in overestimation and underestimation. There may be overestimation of cupping when the disc is large and the converse is the true for small disc. In tilted disc, the tendency is to overestimate the cupping and this is worse with a vertical tilted ... Keep reading

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Free online JOG access 

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Journal of Glaucoma (JOG) has become the official journal of the World Glaucoma Association (WGA)!

This collaboration joins together the world’s premier journal for glaucoma research and the largest international society for glaucoma, representing over 11,000 members and 90 glaucoma societies from around the world. 
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Contribute to an extraordinary occasion for the exchange of thoughts and experiences in glaucoma at WGC-2019. Submit your abstract now!
Abstract submission deadline: October 1, 2018 11:59 pm, GMT+2. 

Basic Course in English & Spanish

Have you accessed the online Basic Course in Glaucoma yet? An evidence based, easy-to-understand platform from the WGA to increase your glaucoma knowledge. As one of the participants indicated 'The tips given have enabled me to become a better clinician by applying those tips in my practice.' And as a bonus: it's free!

All modules are now available in Spanish, next to English, and written by world renowned experts in the field, reviewed by members of the WGA Education Committee. The course is intended for ophthalmologists and other eye-care providers.

See you in Chicago

Would you like to know more about the World Glaucoma Congress, membership of the WGA or the WGA Education Platform? Pass by booth number 3020 during AAO in Chicago from October 27-30, we look forward to meeting you!

Meeting Calendar

Looking for a glaucoma related meeting to keep your knowledge up to date? Check the Member Glaucoma Societies Calendar online!
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