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The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed unprecedented changes in our personal and professional lives. We hope all of you, your families, and your staff are staying healthy and safe. We are dedicated to providing support to you through updates on resources available to protect our patients and practices, and through educational materials for the management of glaucoma and prevention of vision loss. 

High COVID risk for ophthalmology

From March 2nd to April 12th 2020, New York City (NYC) experienced exponential growth of the COVID-19 cases. One study (read it via this link or click on the image below) assessed the number of symptomatic confirmed COVID-19 cases among residents of different specialties around the NYC area. Little is known regarding how physicians have been affected.

Guidance for Cleaning Humphrey Perimeters

WGA members have been inquiring about the proper way to disinfect their visual field machines given the added concerns about COVID-19 transmission. CarlZeiss has kindly provided detailed instructions on how to disinfect their Humphrey Perimeters (see links below). 

As information from our other industry partners comes in regarding disinfection in the setting of the COVID-19 epidemic, we will provide these links to our members.
Quick Start Guide
HFA COVID Cleaning Guidance

WGC-2019 videos: Education Committee Selections

Throughout the year we will be releasing content from the World Glaucoma Congress in Melbourne (WGC-2019) on the Educational Portal. Click here to access the portal and get free access to all the WGC-2013, WGC-2015 and WGC-2017 recordings. WGC-2019 participants have free access to all the Melbourne recorded sessions as well!
The Education Committee carefully selects presentations from the WGC-2019 for your benefit. This month Parul Ichhpujani introduces the sessions: Blood flow measurements in glaucoma: Ready for Prime Time? and Tackling challenging glaucoma: A case-based approach

Blood flow measurements in glaucoma: Ready for Prime Time?

Presentation 1: Invasive angiography: New and Old By Dr Osamah Saeedi

Presentation 2: Application of OCT-A in glaucoma – Facts and Artifacts By Dr Christopher Leung

Presentation 3: Systemic Assessment of Vascular Regulation By Dr Konstantin Gugleta

Lecture Keypoints

Dr Osamah Saeedi spoke about the need for building upon the already known angiographic findings about retinal vasculature (“standing on the shoulders of giants”).

What Conventional Angiography contributed: In patients with glaucoma, Fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA) has ...

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Tackling challenging glaucoma: A case-based approach?

Presentation 1: Big eyes by Dr Norman Aquino

Presentation 2: Post corneal surgery by Dr Thasarat Vajaranant

Presentation 3: Post vitrectomy by Dr Augusto Paranhos Jr.

Presentation 4: Small eyes by Dr Jimmy Lai

Presentation 5: Expulsive choroidal hemorrhage by Dr Arvind Neelkantan

Lecture Keypoints

Dr Norman Aquino spoke about the association between myopia and glaucoma. The odds for development of glaucoma increase with increase in severity of myopia. He discussed about clinical dilemma one faces especially in young myopic patients with normal IOP, average CCT and peripapillary atrophy, whether ...

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