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Our monthly newsletter updates will help you stay on top of all our WGA activities and information. In this edition news about the changes at the WGA Leadership, new WGC-2017 videos, World Glaucoma Week and much more. 

Leadership changes

2018 starts with welcoming a new WGA President: Keith Martin, Professor and Head of Ophthalmology, University of Cambridge, UK. The new President Elect is Fabian Lerner, Professor of Ophthalmology, University Favaloro School of Medical Sciences in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At the Executive Office we welcome Shan Lin, Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology at the University of California, San Francisco, US as Executive Vice President and Kaweh Mansouri, Consultant at the Glaucoma Center, Montchoisi Clinic, Lausanne, Switzerland as Associate Executive Vice President. 

New members of the WGA Board of Governors per 2018 are  Arthur Sit (Rochester, Minnesota United States), Ingeborg Stalmans (Leuven, Belgium), Fotis Topouzis (Thessaloniki, Greece) and Lingam Vijaya (Chennai, India).

For a complete overview of the current Board of Governors and Executive Committee, please click the following links:

WGC-2017 videos: Education Committee Selections

Throughout the year we will be releasing WGC-2017 content on the Educational Portal. Click here to access the portal and get free access to all WGC-2013 & WGC-2015 recordings. WGC-2017 participants have free access to all recorded sessions of WGC-2017!
The Education Committee carefully selects presentations from the World Glaucoma Congress 2017 in Helsinki for your benefit. This month Dr Parul Ichhpujani introduces the following sessions: Myopia and Glaucoma, Laser treatment of Glaucoma and MIGS: The Evidence. 

Myopia and Glaucoma

Dr. Jonas delivered an enlightening lecture on high myopia and glaucoma. He reported that the axial elongation associated increase in glaucomatous optic neuropathy (GON) prevalence was associated with parapapillary delta zone as surrogate for an elongated peripapillary scleral flange and with larger optic disc size. He showed the potential usefulness of differentiating between parapapillary gamma zone and delta zone, clinically as well as on OCT. He cited his collaborative studies, Central India Eye and Medical study and the Beijing Eye study.

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Laser treatment of Glaucoma

Dr. Mark Latina gave an update on how to best use Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) in clinical practice. He talked about choosing SLT early in the course of therapy, as 360 degrees of SLT gives approximately 30% IOP reduction (similar to prostaglandins) with 100% compliance, 85-90% success rate and negligible adverse effects. The efficacy of SLT drops to half if used later as a second line of therapy. He highlighted the value of SLT to the MIGS canal procedures. He introduced the new rotating SLT lens, the Latina indexing goniolens.  He also reported a new technique adopted by Dr Michael Belkin, using transscleral SLT without a goniolens, resulting in about 20% IOP reduction.

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MIGS: The Evidence

Dr Leon Au advocated the ab-interno MIGS (Schlemmn canal and suprachoroidal surgeries) for their conjunctival sparing and low risk profile for mild cases of glaucoma, with a target IOP in mid to late teens. He suggested ab externo MIGS (XEN, InnFocus) for moderate to severe glaucoma with target IOP in early teens. He emphasised the need to understand the concept well, practice at wet labs and evaluate and then re evaluate the correct patient and appropriate MIGS procedure.

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Online Basic Course in Glaucoma

The World Glaucoma Association aspires to be the most important source of education for ophthalmologists and other healthcare providers related to glaucoma. Our most recent edition to the knowledge platform is the online Basic Course in Glaucoma. All modules were written by world renowned experts in the field, and reviewed by members of the WGA Education Committee. They are intended for ophthalmologists and other eye-care providers.

World Glaucoma Week 2018:
Plan & Prepare

March 11-18, 2018 marks the annual World Glaucoma Week. This collaborative project between the World Glaucoma Association and the World Glaucoma Patient Association contributes to the elimination of glaucoma blindness by alerting people to have regular eye checks, including optic nerve checks. The theme this year is Green = Go get your eyes tested for Glaucoma: Save Your Sight!

Various tools have been created to assist you in organizing your WGW-2018 event. Download them now to promote the World Glaucoma Week in your community and be sure to register your activity as well.

Let's meet in Australia!

Melbourne, at the head of Port Phillip Bay, is Australia's second largest city and the capital of the south-eastern state of Victoria. It is also the destination of the next World Glaucoma Congress. Mark your calendar for March 27-30, 2019 and don't forget to add June 1, 2018 as well. As of this date, the hotel reservations, abstracts and registration site will be live.

Upcoming events

Come meet the World Glaucoma Association at APAO 2018. From February 8-11, you can find us at booth 3K-23 in Hong Kong. Visit the APAO website for more information. 

Looking for a glaucoma meeting near you? Check our Member Glaucoma Societies Calendar online. If your meeting is not currently listed, please contact us at to arrange this.

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