World Glaucoma Week 2020

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March 8-14, 2020

Glaucoma is still the leading cause of global irreversible blindness in the world. Currently, regular eye exams are the best form of prevention against significant glaucoma damage. For this reason, the World Glaucoma Association (WGA) and its World Glaucoma Patient Committee (WGPC), launch their ‘Green = Go get your eyes tested for Glaucoma: Save Your Sight! awareness campaign during World Glaucoma Week (WGW), March 8-14.

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A snapshot of various activities from World Glaucoma Week 2019

Organizing your own glaucoma event

Did you know that since World Glaucoma Week launched, a total of 8000 activities have been submitted to the WGW World Map?

Help us by spreading the word and make people aware that World Glaucoma Week is taking place again. Without your support, we are unable to reach all corners of our communities. Let us know what you are planning in this week, by submitting your glaucoma activities on our WGW World Map. Additionally, artwork has been created to assist you in promoting your WGW-2020 event.

Be a part of it – this is how

  1. Visit
  2. Click World Map to find out what others are doing worldwide
  3. Register and submit your activity
  4. Download the artwork to promote your activity
  5. Use #glaucomaweek on your social media channels to spread the word
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Get inspired by the “Light up in GREEN” movement in Japan

Save your sight!

Glaucoma causes progressive damage to the vision, without warning until later in the disease process. And while treatment is effective in arresting the disease, it cannot reverse damage already present. The earlier the diagnosis, the less damage done and the more vision there is to save. A series of activities during World Glaucoma Week globally alerts people to have regular eye (and optic nerve) checks to detect glaucoma earlier, thus contributing to sight preservation.

Green = go

Why the color green for this campaign? It is thought that the word glaucoma originates from the ancient Greek word ‘glaukos’ meaning clouded or blue-green haze. In modern day Germany, glaucoma is referred to as ‘Grüne Star’ and in Japan it literally means ‘green-colored intraocular morbidity’. Green is also associated with progress - think about giving a project the ‘green light’ and crossing the street with a green traffic light. We want to achieve the same with eye exams: GO!
Join the IAPB lecture
During World Glaucoma Week, the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) will be partnering with glaucoma experts and international organisations to raise awareness of the third leading cause of blindness. The IAPB ‘Focus On: Glaucoma’ campaign will mark the week with a series of activities including a high-profile lecture in London on Friday 13th March between 6.00pm-8.00pm at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
The lecture will host senior glaucoma specialists who will each deliver a short presentation focusing on key themes surrounding glaucoma, followed by an interactive panel discussion.
The evening will close with a drinks reception, where you will have the opportunity to network and connect with other likeminded health professionals.

If you are interested in attending this event, please click here to register your details.
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