Meet us at WOC2020 Virtual®

During these extraordinary times, we invite you to join us at the World Ophthalmology Congress 2020 Virtual® from June 26-29. An engaging, interactive, and fully immersive experience, presenting the latest developments across all ophthalmic subspecialties through a diversity of learning formats.

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WGA symposium: Simplifying Glaucoma Management

Join us on Friday, June 26 from 5.45 pm-6.45 pm CEST for the WGA symposium Simplifying Glaucoma Management. Chaired by Gustavo De Moraes (United States) and Remo Susanna (Brazil), the following will be covered:
  • New approaches to exfoliation syndrome
    Robert Ritch (United States)
  • IOP fluctuation, peak or mean, what matters most in glaucoma progression
    Remo Susanna (Brazil)
  • Assessing visual disability and macular damage
    Dana Blumberg (Colombia)
  • Deep learning on the detection of glaucoma
    Linda Zangwill (United States)
  • The management of the glaucoma suspect
  • Glaucoma a complex disease: clues to optimize follow-up
    Maria Fernanda Delgado Morales (Colombia)
Access the full glaucoma program at WOC2020 Virtual® by clicking the image below.

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Experience a near-physical exhibition hall by visiting online booths in an easy-to-navigate format. Start a live chat, video call or private discussion to engage with leading industry partners and exchange information with the click of a button.

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WGA Members qualify for 18% discounted fees

Registration fees for WOC2020 Virtual® will include access to both live and pre-recorded sessions from world leaders and experts, including industry symposiums and poster presentations, available on-demand for up to 3 months after the congress, until 30 September 2020.

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