Find your local time for the free webinar on Glaucoma Surgery

From the comfort of your own home and accessible from any device, we welcome you to broaden your knowledge of Glaucoma Surgery on Saturday, October 10.
  • 7 AM – San Francisco - Los Angeles - San Diego
  • 10 AM – NYC - Baltimore - Miami
  • 11 AM – Buenos Aires - Sao Paulo
  • 3 PM – London
  • 4 PM – Geneva - Amsterdam - Paris
  • 7.30 PM – Delhi
  • 10 PM – Beijing - Shanghai - Hong Kong
  • 11 PM – Tokyo - Seoul
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Standard Surgeries
  • Are Glaucoma drainage devices the new gold-standard? - David Greenfield
  • There is nothing like trabeculectomy for glaucoma surgery - Esther Hoffmann 
  • CPC: is it here to stay? - Vital Costa
  • GDD or Trabeculectomy or CPC? - Tanuj Dada
Newer Surgeries
  • How does the outflow pathway work? Lessons for the MIGS surgeon - Alex Huang
  • Canal-based devices: surgical technique, evidence-based results, and take-home message
    • Microstenting - Randy Craven
    • Micro-incisional: Trabectome and Kahook Dual Blade - Nobuyuki Shoji
    • Micro-incisional: GATT and OMNI System - Paul Singh
  • Sub-conjunctival MIGS: surgical technique, evidence-based results, and take-home message - Chelvin Sng
  • The suprachoroidal space as a potential site for glaucoma surgery - Julian Garcia Feijoo
  • Which procedure should I select? 
    • Ike Ahmed
    • Arsham Sheybani
For more information on the webinar and to see the full program, click below.
Full program
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