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Looking back at the Global Webinar on Glaucoma Surgery

With over 9,000 live views from 137 different countries, the first WGA Global Webinar on Glaucoma Surgery was a success! The recording will be available on-demand as of November 10, via your WGA#One account

We continue connecting the global glaucoma community with free knowledge. The next WGA Global Webinar takes place on Saturday, December 19, 2020, and will cover the topic Glaucoma Diagnostics.

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Spotlight on iStent Inject - How To Deal With Over-Implantation

Bryan CH Ang, Leonard Yip
Department of Ophthalmology, National Healthcare Group Eye Institute, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore, Singapore

Second Prize Film Festival WGC-2019
This video highlights a unique complication of MIGS while using trabecular stents. The iStent inject may be implanted too deep into the trabecular meshwork and cease to perform its primary function of shunting aqueous. This video describes a novel method of managing such over-implantation of the iStent inject with gonioscopic assisted microsurgical maneuvers. A circumferential incision is made around the implant circumference and the trabecular meshwork tissue is pulled away from the flange, tumbling out the implant. It is then reloaded and re-implanted correctly in an alternate location.

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WGC-2019 Videos: Education Committee Selections

Throughout the year we will be releasing content from the World Glaucoma Congress in Melbourne (WGC-2019) on the Educational Portal. Click here to access the portal and get free access to all the WGC-2013, WGC-2015 and WGC-2017 recordings. WGC-2019 participants have free access to all the Melbourne recorded sessions as well!
The Education Committee carefully selects presentations from the WGC-2019 for your benefit. This month Christopher Leung introduces the sessions: Data: If a little bit is good, a lot of it is better and The brave new world in managing glaucoma. 

Data: If a little bit is good, a lot of it is better

In this symposium, leading experts demonstrated how big data can provide new insights into the epidemiology, disease mechanisms, and treatment of glaucoma.

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The brave new world in managing glaucoma

This symposium focused on new biomarkers, AI models, imaging devices, and treatment approaches for managing glaucoma. 

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Tip: when watching the videos, don't forget to access the slides of the lecture at the Resources Tab and open them in a different window. This will allow you to appreciate both the slides and the lecturer at the same time.

From the WGC-2019 Photo Exhibition

Rachel Chong - Intraocular lens haptic protruding through iridectomy

This (Retcam) goniophotograph was taken from a patient who presented with poor vision and raised intraocular pressure following cataract extraction and trabeculectomy some years ago. Gonioscopy revealed an intraocular lens haptic that was protruding through the iridectomy, causing iris chafing. There is also evidence of heavy pigment deposition in the trabecular meshwork, and a faintly visible sclerostomy in the background.

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