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Introducing 2 New cMT Gateway Products

The perfect way to bridge the gap between you and the IIoT
IIoT functionality is becoming increasingly important in our data-driven world. Our new Bridge Gateway products, the cMT-G03 and cMT-G04, allow you to add IIoT functionality to an application without the need to replace your existing hardware and software systems.

If you struggle with aging or discontinued equipment, a limited budget, or an application that cannot be modified, our Bridge Gateways offer an ideal solution: In one low-cost device, you get transparent Serial Pass-through (cMT-G03) or Ethernet Switching (cMT-G04), along with all the latest IIoT features.


Equipped with two serial ports (COM) and one Ethernet port (LAN), the cMT-G03 can function as a serial bridge.
Simply connect your HMI or SCADA device to COM1:IN, and your existing controller or PLC to COM2:OUT in order to bridge the two devices. This serial bridge is completely transparent and ensures that existing operations are not affected. No additional serial ports are required on your existing devices.


Equipped with two switch ports (SW) and one network port (LAN), the cMT-G04 can function as an Ethernet switch.
Simply connect your HMI or SCADA device and your existing controller or PLC to the cMT-G04’s SW Ethernet ports in order to bridge the two devices. This Ethernet bridge, with built-in switch, is completely transparent and ensures that existing operations are not affected. In this way you avoid having to purchase an additional industrial Ethernet switch. 

Smart Gateway Features

Leave Existing Operations Unchanged
Avoid having to rewire or replace existing equipment. Just connect your devices to a Bridge Gateway to add IIoT functionality.

Built-in Support for MQTT and OPC UA
Use your Gateway as a MQTT broker, publish and subscribe to topics, connect to Amazon AWS IoT, or Sparkplug B devices, along with many other cloud platforms. The OPC UA Server implementation in our Bridge Gateways is officially certified for compliance by the OPC Foundation, ensuring seamless device integration for any OPC UA application or network.

SQL Database Synchronization
Supports synchronizing data logs and event logs to MySQL and MS SQL database servers. This makes it easy for IT and other supervisory personnel to access data and monitor operations.

EasyAccess 2.0 and Push Notification
Supports the powerful remote access service, EasyAccess 2.0. With its push notification feature, users can receive immediate system status and alarm notifications on their mobile devices.

Support for over 350 different PLCs and Controllers
Because we support over 350 different protocols in our software, we make it easy to upgrade your system and take advantage of IIoT functionality. Our Bridge Gateways include support for Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Koyo, and hundreds of additional protocols.
Learn More about the cMT-G03 & cMT-G04
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