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February Newsletter

Wow, we knew that the Dala horse would make a great project, but we had no idea it would become as popular as it did.  We managed to fill 2 classes and welcomed new potential carvers to the art form.  Facebook advertising was an important factor in the advertising of the classes.  We had two Facebook ads that ran prior to each of the classes.  The first ad reached 5,566 people and 138 people went to our website from the ad.  The second ad reached 3,921 people with 60 people accessing our website. 

If you haven't been to our website, please visit and like our page so any events or posts will show up in your news feed.  Don't feel shy about posting carving related pictures, thoughts, and questions.  The more activity on our page the better visibility we have in the community.  
I'm always on the lookout for interesting information for our newsletter.  Please let me know if there is something you would like to see included.  If you have something you have written to contribute I am even more excited!

Don't forget to check out our club website (  If you are on Facebook, like our page and post projects, questions, inspirations, or let us know how you are doing.  I would love to see any projects you may be working on.  It's always fun to follow along and watch works in progress too.

Upcoming Events
March 2
     9-4 - Painting your horses with Alan Pearson
    10-11 - Monthly Club Meeting
April 13-14 - Wood Arts Festival
May 4
     9-4 - Class to be announced
    10-11 - Monthly Club Meeting

Community Service Carving at Local Retirement Homes
All times are 12:30-3 pm

1st Monday Fairmont 
2nd Monday Touchmark 
3rd Monday Fairmont
4th Monday Eventide 

In months with 5 Mondays, the 5th Monday is at Eventide on 8th, downstairs.
Thursdays we have open carving at Valley Hardwoods on Highway 10 starting at 12:30.
Dick Skauge has agreed to teach a class after the show on Monday and Tuesday (April 15-16) .  The class is his Rusty Nail Shore Bird.  The class will be held at the Ramada this year. 
Carving Display at Moorhead Public Library
The Moorhead Public Library has offered display space for our members' carvings.  The carvings will be displayed behind glass in a secure case.  The only restriction is that they be under 12 inches tall.  
The display dates are from  March 1 to April 1 but pieces may be dropped off any time prior to March 1.  Jenny Rogers is the contact person at the library and will keep carvings in her office until the display date.  It would be a good idea to leave a business card or some other identification so the people who view the exhibit know the artist for each piece. If you have other interesting information about your piece, leave that also...but keep it short!
Thanks to Chris Pinotti for spearheading this event. 
Treat Schedule
March - Jackie Lang
April - Duane Bischoff
May - Marvin Smith
Carving Class through Moorhead Community Education
Wayne Hankel will be teaching a beginning woodcarving class on Monday's April 15-May 6, 7-9 pm.  The cost is $79 ($74 for Moorhead residents) which includes a knife, glove, thumb protector and carving projects cut-outs.  Registration can be made by contacting Moorhead Community Education.
Carving Lessons
Bob Lawrence offers carving lessons in his shop.  For the beginning carving class complete 4 items (butternut cowboy boot, butternut letter opener, basswood Santa and a butternut eagle bust).  On Wednesdays, the shop is open from 1-3 pm and 7-9 pm.  Come when you can and bring whatever project you are working on and get advice and help as needed.  To sign up and for pricing contact Bob at 701-280-1038.
Show and Tell
Mark Riley
Wayne Hankel 
Marvin Smith
Dave Ihry
Duane Bischoff
Barry Kutzer 
John Randash's fish
Maynard Hemmah brought in one of the baseball players he has carved.  
February 2 Minutes

The minutes were presented to the club, no changes or discussion.  Minutes were approved as presented.

Ruth Severson gave the financial report.  She paid the dues to the Art Partnership and the Post Office box renewal.
The Metro Chapter of Minnesota Wood Carvers Association is having a show on March 9, 2019.  The brochure is on the bulletin board at In the Chips.
Committee Reports
Program - Alan Pearson

Alan discusses the upcoming classes and that we are adding an additional Dala horse carving and painting class due to the overwhelming response we received.  There were 7 new carvers present at the class on the 2nd.  Several of the new students stood up to tell us it was due to our Facebook ad.  One of the new carvers is from Breckenridge and she has a radio show that she was going to talk about the class and woodcarving on in the near future. 
April Show - Rhonda Smith

The class lineup will now include Dick Skauge teaching a class after the show on Monday and Tuesday at the Ramada Hotel.  The room had been previously reserved in anticipation of a class being held there, so we are able to use the room for Dick’s Rusty Nail Shore Bird class.
The brochure was shown to people to know what to expect in their mailboxes.  The brochure is going into the mail on Tuesday.  
Old Business

The Constitution and By-Laws were approved.  Motion by Mark Riley and second by Alan Pearson.
Wayne said that they now have to be filed with the North Dakota Secretary of State.  He added that Patty has that information. 
New Business

Dick Skauge brought up that he wants to see Open Carving on the days that we don’t have a class scheduled (or class is canceled) on our meeting days.  He made a motion to pay In the Chips through May for a full day rental for our meeting dates so that we can stay and utilize the building for Open Carving.  Mark Riley seconded the motion. 
Dick also added that he would like to add to his motion that In the Chips get paid from September to May in full for the full day rental. 
Currently we are paying them monthly.  The balance owed to In the Chips was approved to be paid in full up to May.  September to May payment will be later addressed.

Chris Pinotti mentioned that the Moorhead Library is looking for wood carved display items for their showcases.  We can also display upcoming event posters and information in the showcases.  The contact information was given to Alan Pearson.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:50, motion by Denise and seconded by Wayne.

Dave Ihry did a nice presentation on our library and how to check out books.  He also added that if you are wanting to see specific books in the library to let him know.
The library is free to members of the club.

Respectfully submitted by Rhonda Smith.

Please share this email with others who share your interest in carving.
Club Officers:
President:  Joe Robideau
Vice President:  Barry Kutzer
Treasurer: Ruth Severson
Secretary: Patty Molm
Program Chair: Alan Pearson
Show Chair: Rhonda Smith
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