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Happy Holidays

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa left some woodcarving treats for you under the tree.  Or maybe you played Santa and gave wood carved gifts that will be treasured for many years to come.  

As this newsletter is getting closer to January, I am also thinking ahead to what I might have for New Year's Resolutions that could be carving related.  I can't carve every day, but I will try to get into the shop at least once a week.  My other resolution is to have something to share at every meeting for Show and Tell. I would love for everyone to join in on that one.  No matter what your experience level is, we are an appreciative group that would love to see what you are working on and how you are progressing in the craft. You might be the inspiration someone else needs.   

Don't forget to check out our club website (  If you are on Facebook, like our page and post projects, questions, inspirations, or let us know how you are doing.  I would love to see any projects you may be working on.  It's always fun to follow along and watch works in progress too.

Upcoming Events
January 13
     9-4:30 - Ale bowl with Alan Pearson
     10-11 - Monthly Club Meeting

February 3
     9-4:30 - Grizzly bear head with Bob Lawrence
     10-11 - Monthly Club Meeting

March 3
     9-4:30 - Maynard Hemmah will be teaching 
     10-11 - Monthly Club Meeting   

Community Service Carving at Local Retirement Homes

1st Monday Fairmont at 12:30
2nd Monday Bethany on 42nd at 2:00
3rd Monday Fairmont at 12:30
4th Monday Eventide on 32nd at 12:30

In months with 5 Mondays, the 5th Monday is at Eventide on 8th, downstairs.

Thursdays at Eventide on 8th in Moorhead 1-4 
January Class
Alan Pearson will be teaching a class on carving a basswood ale bowl.  It is open to all experience levels, using basic carving tools.      

Click here to get the printable registration form.
Please remember to preregister by mail or contacting In the Chips at 218-233-6000 or email to make sure there is room in the class and to allow the instructor and In the Chips to prepare. 
Show and Tell
Barry Kutzer with his fishing Santa.
Barry Kutzer with his fishing Santa. 
Dick Skauge with his Santa ornaments.
Dick Skauge with his Santa ornaments.
Wayne Hankel’s Christmas ornaments.
Wayne Hankel’s Christmas ornaments. 
Joe Robideau with his bust and wood burning project.
Joe Robideau with his bust and wood burning project. 
Bill Carlson with his owl and panda bear.
Bill Carlson with his owl and panda bear. 
Bob Lawrence with a self portrait and a whimsy house.
Bob Lawrence with a self portrait and a whimsy house. 
Ruth Severson with her happy little Christmas tree ornaments.
Ruth Severson with her happy little Christmas tree ornaments. 
Duane Bischoff with a couple of works in progress.
Duane Bischoff with a couple of works in progress. 
Alan Pearson with a wood turned bowl that he rosemaled.
Alan Pearson with a wood turned bowl that he rosemaled. 
Another project by Alan Pearson. This one is a comfort bird made from caragana wood.
Another project by Alan Pearson. This one is a comfort bird made from caragana wood. 
Joel Simons holding his snowflake ornament that he and Alan collaborated on.
Joel Simons holding his snowflake ornament that he and Alan collaborated on. 
Larry Longtine with his bison.
Larry Longtine with his bison.
Patty Molm’s Santa from Maynard’s carving class and Rhonda’s painting class.
Patty Molm’s Santa from Maynard’s carving class and Rhonda’s painting class. 
Meeting Minutes
December 2 Minutes
Joe Robideau called the meeting to order.  There were 23 members present. 

Treasurer’s report 
Judy Doll made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.  Alan Pearson seconded it.  The motion carried.
If you haven’t paid your yearly dues, please do so.

Old Business:

Show Report - Joel Simons
We are on track for where we should be.  Save the date cards will go out the first of January.  The flyer will be printed in February/March. Advertising has been placed for Woodcarvers Illustrated, Carver’s News, and Chip Chats.  Advertise to Canadians, we will get information out to their clubs.

It is at the same hotel but it has a new name, Ramada

Dick Skauge suggested changing the Saturday evening to open to more people.  It is  hard to figure how many people will be there to order appropriate amounts. Larry Longtine suggested to have Saturday night in the flyer so people know what it is going to be.  We will add this discussion to old business for next meeting.  

We will be doing a noon start for the show as in the past.  

We will need volunteers.  Vern would appreciate if you did something last year, he would love for you to step up and do it again.

We need a volunteer to run the silent auction.  Gary Paulson had done that in the past.

Dave Ihry – demonstrations – it gets so crowded – can we have someone run a camera and project on a big screen (not just the little one that is right by it).

This is Joel’s last year as chair.  If you are interested in doing it next year, step forward soon so you can learn from Joel as he goes through this show.  

Bob Lawrence – instructor Debbe Edwards – class costs $150 and the cost of the rough out.  The committee is discussing if the club will be contributing towards the cost of the carving.  If she fills her classes she will pay her airfare.

You don’t have to be a seasoned carver to learn from her, and seasoned carvers you can always learn something new. 

Ornaments – Dick Skauge
There is a box in the library and out in the meeting to start contributing your ornaments in.  It is a way of getting our name out in front of the arts organization.  We can get geared up for next year.  The ornaments aren’t currently designated to any organization at this point.  

Class registrations - Ruth Severson.  
We are making improvement with registering for classes.  The December class had  9 registered with 3 walk ins.  Please remember to contact In the Chips if you are planning on taking the class.  

Retirement carving – schedule is posted online and in the newsletter.
The gathering at Villa Maria was fantastic.  Almost every resident stopped by to see the carving and ask questions.  We are looking at Cheyenne crossing special visit in the new year. 

Tabled discussion on memorial fund – we will have a decision by the May meeting.

Vesterheim is still working on the class to be held at In the Chips.  The catalog is coming out pretty soon. The dates are April 27-29th for Harley Refsal's flat plane class.  Norma Refsal will be doing a Sami inspried bracelet April 27-28th.  No experience is required.  This is an In the Chips project – not a club project.  It is a great honor to have them come to In the Chips.

Forms will be available at In the Chips, but Vesterheim will be the ones handling the registration.  Their website/museum is very interesting you should check it out.

New business
David Ihry 
We haven’t had much traffic on the VHS tapes on carving. Joel suggested the club finance the cost of transferring the VHS tapes to DVD.  He would then attempt to transfer them and talk to Jim to see if he has experience with that.
Joel Simons moved that we adopt the above plan.  Chuck Rzucidlo seconded it.  The motion passed.

Bob Lawrence – Wahpeton Woodcarving Weekend
All of the instructors are now booked.  
Dave Sharp from Tennessee power carving bobcat
Brenda Lodermeier wood burner
Rhonda Smith teaching a colored pencil work (Oil color pencils)
Butternut fish 13” crappie
Hopefully the information will be coming out mid to end of January. If you would like to get the information talk to Bob about getting on the list.
Larry Longtine – It is a wonderful weekend – social weekend, learn a lot, see a lot of people, good food, and free cookies!

Barry Kutzer was approached by someone wanting a box for a dog’s ashes.  If there is anyone that is interested and would like to get paid for making a small box, see Barry and he will pass on the information. 

Upcoming Classes - Alan Pearson 
January – ale bowl
February – bear bust
March – Maynard Hemmah 
April -  no class
May – possibly Dick Skauge – suggestion to do a study stick on eyes, noses, mouths or maybe a small face

Wayne Hankel moved to adjourn, Barry Kutzer seconded.  The motion passed.  

Alan Pearson donated some Caragana wood for the door prize which was won by Joe Robideau. 

January David Ihry
February Joel Simons
March Judy Doll

Respectfully submitted by Patty Molm.
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Club Officers:
President:  Mark Riley
Vice President:  Joe Robideau
Treasurer: Joel Simons
Secretary: Patty Molm
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