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March Newsletter

It’s Show Time!  The show committe has been hard at work planning for the April Wood Arts Festival.  They are trying a few new things with the setup and are excited about the classes that are being offered.  We are looking for club members to volunteer to help the show run smoothly.  

I also urge you to consider getting a table for the show.  I had a table as a brand new carver with just a few of my carvings (they all fit in a show box).  I was nervous going in, but it was so much fun.  Everyone was so supportive of me as a newbie.  Having a table gave me a place to hang out and carve during the show.  If you are still hesitant, find a member that you could share a table with.  But in the end, table or not, please come and help out and visit.  The show is a great time to socialize and get to know each other.  There will also be exhibitors from outside the club.  

If you haven't been to our Facebook page please visit and like our page so any events or posts will show up in your news feed.  Don't feel shy about posting carving related pictures, thoughts, and questions.  The more activity on our page the better visibility we have in the community.  
I'm always on the lookout for interesting information for our newsletter.  Please let me know if there is something you would like to see included.  If you have something you have written to contribute I am even more excited!

Don't forget to check out our club website (  If you are on Facebook, like our page and post projects, questions, inspirations, or let us know how you are doing.  I would love to see any projects you may be working on.  It's always fun to follow along and watch works in progress too.

Upcoming Events
April 6
    10-11 - Monthly Club Meeting
April 13-14 - Wood Arts Festival
May 4
     9-4 - Diamond Willow Whittle In
    10-11 - Monthly Club Meeting

Community Service Carving at Local Retirement Homes
All times are 12:30-3 pm

1st Monday Fairmont 
2nd Monday Touchmark 
3rd Monday Fairmont
4th Monday Eventide 

In months with 5 Mondays, the 5th Monday is at Eventide on 8th, downstairs.
Thursdays we have open carving at Valley Hardwoods on Highway 10 starting at 12:30.
Dick Skauge has agreed to teach a class after the show on Monday and Tuesday (April 15-16) .  The class is his Rusty Nail Shore Bird.  The class will be held at the Ramada this year. 
May Whittle In
Instead of offering a class during our May meeting we will be having a "Whittle In."  We have rented the meeting space at In the Chips from 9:00-4:00.  As this is not a class, there are no fees for attending. 

Our theme for the event is diamond willow walking sticks.  The diamond willow branches will be available to purchase at the April show from John Kranz.  We have members that have carved several of these walking sticks and have graciously offered to give hints and help.  This is not a step by step class. 

You are welcome to carve any project.  It is not limited to just the walking sticks.  This is a time for socializing and carving.  
Treat Schedule
April - Duane Bischoff
May - Marvin Smith
Carving Class through Moorhead Community Education
Wayne Hankel will be teaching a beginning woodcarving class on Monday's April 15-May 6, 7-9 pm.  The cost is $79 ($74 for Moorhead residents) which includes a knife, glove, thumb protector and carving projects cut-outs.  Registration can be made by contacting Moorhead Community Education.
Carving Lessons
Bob Lawrence offers carving lessons in his shop.  For the beginning carving class complete 4 items (butternut cowboy boot, butternut letter opener, basswood Santa and a butternut eagle bust).  On Wednesdays, the shop is open from 1-3 pm and 7-9 pm.  Come when you can and bring whatever project you are working on and get advice and help as needed.  To sign up and for pricing contact Bob at 701-280-1038.
Volunteers Needed For the Show
A successful show is a result of the volunteers that make it happen.  We are still looking to fill a few spots.  Contact Joe Robideau to sign up.  We will also have the sign up sheet at the meeting.
Clean up Cedar room for pyrography class
Carver Contest Signup Table
People's Choice Ballots Table
Movie camera and pictures
Carving demonstrators 
Clean Cedar room for pyrography class
Admissions from 3-4
People's Choice Ballot Table
Carving Demonstrators
Clean classrooms


Show and Tell
Ed Woyan
Ruth Severson
Jerome Miller
Vern Nolting
Joe Robideau
Larry Longtine
Denise Morris
Chris Pinotti
Wayne Hankel 
Marvin Smith
Dave Ihry
Duane Bischoff
Barry Kutzer 
John Randash's fish
Jackie Lang
March 2 Minutes

There were 22  members present.
The minutes were presented.  There were no corrections
Treasurer’s Report – Ruth Severson
Wayne Hankel moved to accept the treasurer’s report, Rhonda Smith seconded, the motion passed.
We’ve been invited to demonstrate at the German Folk Festival at the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County at the Hjemkost.  They have asked for carvers to come in, display and demo carving 10-4 (set up at 8) on Saturday, September 14.  Barry Kutzer has registration forms if you are interested in.  No table fees.

Eventide on 8th in Moorhead would like us to come in and do a monthly interactive program with their residents.  Vern Nolting volunteered to find out more information on their expectations.
Committee Reports
Program – Alan Pearson
We do not have a class scheduled for May. It was suggested to do a “whittle in”.  A diamond willow walking stick was also suggested.  They will be available to purchase at the show from one of our vendors.  There would not be a formal class or any extra fees.  Duane Bischoff agreed to help out if people had questions.
Classes for next year:
Fish class tentatively in the fall – John Randash
Project Suggestions but need teachers – somersault bison, gnome, troll, spoons, bark carving,
Show – Rhonda Smith
Mailings went out early February.  The Canadians received emails the next day due to problems with their mail system.  So far there are 30 tables reserved by 19 people, 1 spot left in Santa class, 3 on waitlist for Rick Jensen’s class, 3 open spots for Amanda Legal’s class, 4 registered for Dick Skauge’s class, and 4 people paid their dues
We will be changing our floor layout this year, so if you are interested in having a table let us know ASAP so we can make a plan.
Roger Beane has agreed to do a meet and greet with our featured carver.  Great way to show off the caliber of our instructors.
Wayne Hankel has 16 kids signed up for the youth beginner class, so he will have 2 classes.
Bismarck added the brochure to their website and emailed it from their members. 
Volunteers – Joe Robideau, passed out sheets for people to volunteer.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact him.
Old Business
Moorhead Library – no one present delivered carvings to the library.  You would have your carvings back in time for the show.  Everything will be in a glass case under lock and key.  The only restriction is they can’t be over 12” high. 
Ornament patterns are available to create ornaments for the tree.  Please consider carving some ornaments for the tree.  Thank you Wayne Hankel for the patterns.
New Business
Committees – Alan Pearson
Picnic Planning Committee – Alan moved to form the committee, Chris Pinotti seconded.  Jackie Lang and John Randash  volunteered for the committee.  The motion passed.
Special Events Committee – a group to organize our attendance at different events in the area – tabled for next meeting
Remember to bring items for the silent auction at the show.  Donated tools could go on the silent auction.
Program – John Randash – fish carving

Please share this email with others who share your interest in carving.
Club Officers:
President:  Joe Robideau
Vice President:  Barry Kutzer
Treasurer: Ruth Severson
Secretary: Patty Molm
Program Chair: Alan Pearson
Show Chair: Rhonda Smith
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