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March Newsletter

I’ve been stuck getting this newsletter finished because I couldn’t think of anything to write in this spot.  Not that this opening paragraph is all that important.  After finishing a carving project, I can get stuck too.  If I don’t have a class lined up, I’m hesitant to start a project on my own.  My hesitation comes from a certain need for perfection.  I want my bear head to actually look like a grizzly and not Winnie the Pooh after a rough night on the town.  My husband (a talented wood worker - but not a carver), claims he can’t carve because he isn’t like me.  He can’t look at a piece of wood and see what to do with it.  Well, obviously neither can I!  Everyone wants to have beautiful carvings to show off, but in reality there is a learning curve.  I need to embrace that - and listen when Dick Skauge says to pick up the wood and carve a face every day (or something like that - remember I said I need to start listening!). That’s why I love seeing everyone’s show and tells at the meetings.  It is inspiring to see finished projects, and to follow along with a work in progress as it goes from a block of wood to a finished piece.  We have carvers ranging from the newest of the newbies to the carvers that have spent a lifetime honing their craft.  Everyone is helpful and compliments you on where you are in your carving journey.  

Don't forget to check out our club website (  If you are on Facebook, like our page and post projects, questions, inspirations, or let us know how you are doing.  I would love to see any projects you may be working on.  It's always fun to follow along and watch works in progress too.

Upcoming Events
April 7 
     10-11 - Monthly Club Meeting

April 14-15 - Wood Arts Festival
May 5
     9-4 - Santa Ornament with Dick Skauge
     10-11 - Monthly Club Meeting

Community Service Carving at Local Retirement Homes

1st Monday Fairmont at 12:30
2nd Monday Bethany on 42nd at 2:00
3rd Monday Fairmont at 12:30
4th Monday Eventide on 32nd at 12:30

In months with 5 Mondays, the 5th Monday is at Eventide on 8th, downstairs.

Thursdays at Eventide on 8th in Moorhead 1-4
There will not be a class taught in conjunction with the April monthly meeting.  Instead we hope you sign up for one of the classes taking place during and after the Wood Arts Festival.  The May class will be the Santa ornaments originally scheduled this fall.    
Treat Schedule
April    Joel Simons
May     Marvin Smith
Show and Tell
Barry Kutzer
Marvin Smith
Duane Bischoff
Vern Nolting
Bob Lawrence
John Randash
Patty Molm
Wayne Hankel
Chris Pinotti
Maynard Hemmah
Joe Robideau
Jerome Miller
Larry Longtine
Ruth Severson
Wes Bartron
Meeting Minutes
March 3  Minutes
Mark Riley called the meeting to order.  There were 24 members present.
February Minutes
Correction:  Harley Refsal's – class is actual 2 weeks after the show, the date in the minutes is correct, but incorrectly said it was the week after.
Ruth Severson moved to accept the amended minutes, Bill Souter seconded, the motion passed.

Old Business:
Wahpeton Carving Weekend - Bob Lawrence
The forms went out, but there is a delay with shipping, so it should be out in 10 days.  It is the last full weekend in June (June 22-24)
Projects are:
Dick Skauge - Belamy style eagle
Bob Lawrence – relief clay design and wood carving
Alan Pearson– Rosemaling
Rhonda Smith –  Introduction to color pencils
Marty Dolphens –realistic faces in bark
Ken Armsbury - Whimsy bark houses
Rick Jensen - Snowman ornament
Rick Brereton – Covered bridge relief
Rich Wagner - Chip carving
Don Fischer – Santa Gone Fishing
Brenda Lodermeier - Wood burning
Dave Sharp – Bobcat (power carved)
Perry Johs – 13” Butternut crappie
Karen Henderson - Carving usable spoons
Open quilting and crafting

Show report – Rhonda Smith 
Response as of March 2,  13 tables have been reserved. Both of  Debbe’s classes are full.  2 people paid club dues, and the mini-classes still are open.
Demonstrations – Alan Pearson
We are looking for people to do a 20-25 minute presentation.  If you are interested in doing that, talk to Alan.  The wood turners have their own demonstration area. 
Wayne Hankel has 16 kids signed up for the youth carving

Adult beginner classes – Dick Skauge could use some volunteers to help out.  Maynard Hemmah and Marvin Smith volunteered to help.
Still looking for someone to run the silent auction.
Scouts – David Ihry could use help cutting the blanks for the Boy Scouts neck slide.  Contact him if you could help.
David Ihry shirt sales – if you haven’t got back to Dave if you want a shirt please do that soon.

The dates for next year have been set for April 12-14, 2019.  Bob Lawrence will be finding a featured carver for us.  If you have suggestions of instructors or projects, contact him.

There was discussion on having a class on fan birds.  Wes is the one that does the classes.  Bob Lawrence said he would be willing to come down, but for a shorter class than normal.  Class size would be a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 20.  Blanks are $8.  There are a variety of birds that he does.  Minimum class size is 8 max 20.  

New Business:
Discussion on if we should continue having monthly classes.  Rarely have classes been canceled, so there is interest in the class.  Discussion on having more involved projects that would be started one month and finished the following month.  

During our May meeting we will elect officers for the next year.  The president position is open. 
Vern Nolting moved to adjourn, Barry Kutzer seconded, the motion passed.

Respectfully submitted by Patty Molm.
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Club Officers:
President:  Mark Riley
Vice President:  Joe Robideau
Treasurer: Joel Simons
Secretary: Patty Molm
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