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January Newsletter

We had another great meeting with wonderful participation during the Show and Tell portion of the day.  It seemed like Santas were a bit of a theme, but Larry bucked the trend with his Halloween themed carving.  David was generous to allow us volunteering him to take over the photography during the meeting.  Hopefully we can get pictures with people’s eyes actual open (sorry about that).  

We are getting closer to the Wood Arts Festival.  Our guest instructor, Debbie Edwards, will be doing two classes that look amazing.  I encourage you to take part at the show.  I nervously had a table last year, and everyone was wonderfully supportive and helpful.  We will also be needing volunteers to keep the show running smoothly.  

Don't forget to check out our club website (  If you are on Facebook, like our page and post projects, questions, inspirations, or let us know how you are doing.  I would love to see any projects you may be working on.  It's always fun to follow along and watch works in progress too.

Upcoming Events
January 31
     11-1 - Carving at Cheyenne Crossings

February 3
     9-4:30 - Grizzly bear head with Bob Lawrence
     10-11 - Monthly Club Meeting

March 3
     9-4:30 - Maynard Hemmah Class
     10-11 - Monthly Club Meeting

April 7
     No Class due to Wood Arts Festival classes
     10-11 - Monthly Club Meeting

April 14-15 Wood Arts Festival

May 5
     9-4:30 - Dick Skauge class
     10-11 - Monthly Meeting

Community Service Carving at Local Retirement Homes

1st Monday Fairmont at 12:30
2nd Monday Bethany on 42nd at 2:00
3rd Monday Fairmont at 12:30
4th Monday Eventide on 32nd at 12:30

In months with 5 Mondays, the 5th Monday is at Eventide on 8th, downstairs.

Thursdays at Eventide on 8th in Moorhead 1-4
Minn-Dak Woodturners Winter Extravaganza
The Minn-Dak Woodturners will be having their Winter Extravaganza at In the Chips on Saturday, January 27 from 9 am - 3 pm.  Several of our members are also members of the this organization.  They also do demonstrations of their craft at the Wood Arts Festival.  The public is invited to come, so please consider dropping by in support of area wood crafters.  More information about the day and the club can be found on their website 
Carving at Sheyenne Crossings
We have been invited to display our work and carve at Cheyenne Crossings on Wednesday, January 31st, from 11:00-1:00.  Lunch will be provided. This could become a regular monthly event.  
Eventide at Sheyenne Crossings
225 13th Ave W, West Fargo
February Class
Bob Lawrence will be teaching a grizzly bear head for our February class. If you've had Bob as a teacher before, you know that you will have an enjoyable time as you learn.  His class is open for all ability levels.  Registration information and the printable registration form can be found on our website 

Please remember to preregister by mail or contacting In the Chips at 218-233-6000 or email to make sure there is room in the class and to allow the instructor and In the Chips to prepare. 
Show and Tell
Rhonda Smith with her Santa
Rhonda Smith with her Santa.
Vern Nolting with his Christmas relief carvings.
Vern Nolting with his Christmas relief carvings. 
Dick Skauge with his Santa’s.
Dick Skauge with his Santa’s. 
Wes Barton with his Indian bust.
Wes Barton with his Indian bust.
David Ihry with his Santas, gnomes, and happy little tree.
David Ihry with his Santa’s, gnomes, and happy little tree.
Jerome Miller with his cowgirl.
Jerome Miller with his cowgirl. 
Larry Longtine with his spooky pumpkin.
Larry Longtine with his spooky pumpkin. 
Duane Bischoff with his trapper, knives, and fish decoys.
Duane Bischoff with his trapper, knives, and fish decoys.
Joe Robideau with his caragana comfort bird.
Meeting Minutes
January 13  Minutes
President Mark Riley called the meeting to order.  19 members were present.  
Joel Simons presented the Treasurer's Report. Rhonda Smith moved to approve the treasurer’s report, Bob Lawrence seconded.  The motion passed. 

Minutes were available via email and at the beginning of the meeting.  Barry Krutzer moved to approve the minutes; Rhonda Smith seconded.  The motion passed. 

Old Business:
Wahpeton – Bob Lawrence. The brochure out by end of the month. 

Show report- Joel Simons  
Save the date cards went out this week, watch your mail. 
Rhonda moved to use the grant money to subsidize the class by $50 for all attendees.  Dave Ihry seconded, the motion passed. 

Ornaments – remember to bring in ornaments.  There are some patterns in there if you would like ideas, feel free to add patterns or cutouts for people to carve.   

Dick Skauge moved to open up social night to the carving public.  Joel Simmons seconded, the motion passed. 

New Business:
Marvin -Sheyenne Crossings has invited us to carve and display on Jan 31 (Wednesday), 11:00-1:00 lunch will be provided.  It could turn into every last Wednesday of the month.   

Patty Molm requested help taking pictures of meetings and Show and Tells.  Dave Ihry was volunteered. 

Dick Skauge needs someone to learn how to use the camera Patty Molm and Alan Pearson volunteered.

Joel Simons moved to adjourn, Vern seconded, the motion passed. 

Respectfully submitted by Patty Molm.
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Club Officers:
President:  Mark Riley
Vice President:  Joe Robideau
Treasurer: Joel Simons
Secretary: Patty Molm
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