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May Newsletter

Summer Break
The Red River Woodcarvers Club is in summer break until September.  We will not be having regularly scheduled meetings.  However, the carving at the area retirement homes is still ongoing.  If other opportunities to get together come up, we will be announcing that through email.  The website will also be refreshed over the summer months.  Enjoy the summer weather and happy carving!

Unfortunately due to a technology glitch, I did lose some of the show and tell pictures from the last meeting.  My apologies for those whose pictures did not make it into the newsletter.  Please consider bringing your carvings to our September meeting, so I can retake those photos.  

Don't forget to check out our club website (  If you are on Facebook, like our page and post projects, questions, inspirations, or let us know how you are doing.  I would love to see any projects you may be working on.  It's always fun to follow along and watch works in progress too.

Upcoming Events
May 30
     11:00 to 1 ish   Carving at Sheyenne Crossing (lunch is provided)
September 8
     9-4 - Flat Plan Carving Class with Maynard Hemmah
     10:00 - Club meeting

Community Service Carving at Local Retirement Homes

1st Monday Fairmont at 12:30
2nd Monday Bethany on 42nd at 2:00
3rd Monday Fairmont at 12:30
4th Monday Eventide on 32nd at 12:30

In months with 5 Mondays, the 5th Monday is at Eventide on 8th, downstairs.

Thursdays at Eventide on 8th in Moorhead 1-4
Summer Picnic and  Activities
Currently, we do not have plans or a place to hold the picnic.  If you are able to hold it, or have an idea for where we can have it, please let a club officer know so we can spread the word.  

If you would like to host a carving session at your shop over the summer let Patty Molm ( know.  
Need Cottonwood bark?
Kim Wynn has cottonwood bark to sell.  She is located in North Fargo and can be reached at  701-566-3646. 
Club Officers for 2018-2019
President          Joe Robideau
Vice President  Barry Kutzer
Treasurer          Ruth Severson
Secretary          Patty Molm
2018-2019 Tentative Schedule
September 8 - Flat Plane Carving with Maynard Hemmah
October 6 - Fan Bird with Wes Spadgenske
November 4 - Class with Dick Skauge
December 1 - Painting your Carving with Rhonda Smith
January 12 - Class with Bob Lawrence
February 2 - Dahla and Fiord horses with Larry Longtine
March 12 - Paint your horses with Alan Pearson
April 6 - Meeting only
April 13-14 - Wood Arts Festival
May 4 - Fish with John Randash

Classes usually run from 9-4 with a break at 10:00 for the meeting.  There is also a break for lunch.  The Fan Bird class on October 8 will start at 11:00 (after the meeting) and go into the afternoon.  

Show and Tell
Rhonda Smith with her carving from Harley Refsal's Class.  
David Ihry with his Snow Leopard from Debbe Edward's class.
Dick Skauge's Snow Leopard from Debbe Edward's class.  
Maynard Hemmah with his flat plane carvings.
Larry Longtine with his flat plane carvings from the Harley Refsal class.
Alan Pearson with his rocking Santas.
Chris Pinotti with his intarsia project.
Duane Bischoff with bust in progress, a Native American bust, knife handles and a sunfish that is ready to paint.  
Meeting Minutes
May  Minutes
The treasurer’s report as listed in the April minutes had a discrepancy.  The report was missing a deposit of $1985.  Dave Ihry moved to approve the minutes with the amended deposit.  Bill Souter seconded.  The motion carried.
The bylaws say that we should be auditing our financial accounts.   The board is to pick 2-3 people to do that. The last time the bylaws were revised was 1994.  Alan Pearson moved to create a committee to revise the bylaws.  Rhonda Smith seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

Joel Simons presented the Treasurer's report.  Bill Souter moved to accept the treasurer’s report, Vern Nolting seconded.  The motion carried.

Old Business:
Alan Pearson presented the following proposed meeting dates and potential classes
September 8      Maynard Hemmah flat plane carving
Oct. 6    Fan bird by Wes Spadgenske
Nov 3    Dick Skauge class
Dec 1    Rhonda Smith painting the November carving
Jan 12   Bob Lawrence class
Feb 2     Larry Longtine dahla and fiord horses
Mar 2    Alan Pearson paint horses
April 6 meeting but no class
Show April 13-14
May 4   John Randash fish
Club picnic
Club carousel horse – we need volunteers to work on it.  You can work on it on meeting days or check it out to work at home.
Christmas ornament box isn’t overflowing yet.  Remember to bring ornaments in.  We will decide where to donate them later in the fall.
For the fan bird carving we will be in the alternate location at In the Chips.  Thank you Ruth and Larry for accommodating us during the studio crawl.  This class will start around 11 and go through the afternoon.
David Ihry – no scouts came to the wood arts festival, they were supposed to send out multiple times, but it only went out once.  Next year Dave will designate certain troops/packs to participate.  If you are affiliated with any troops-talk to Dave and we will get it on individual troops calendars immediately. Dave is going to be certified to teach scouts.
Bob Lawrence – He is looking for instructors for the show for next year.  We haven’t had a relief carver in a while.  Bob will see if he can get John Engler.
Show report
If you would like a copy of the report, please contact Joel Simons.
Vern moved for a $100 honorarium to chairman Joel Simons.  Dick Skauge seconded.  The motion carried with one nay vote.
Dick Skauge – the featured carver was off to the side.  We should consider moving her to the front by the door so she is visible as people came in.  There were several empty tables.  We should get rid of empty tables for no shows are ask people to spread out more.  The social went well.
David Ihry – For additional funding, can we get sponsors for the show/instructor.  One of the factors for the grant is how the community supports the activity going on.  Sponsorship would show that.
Wahpeton Carving Weekend
At NDSCS 14-15 classes
Can stay in dorms or provide own housing/food
Information is available from Bob Lawrence
Last full weekend in June 22-24

New Business:
Marvin – invited to Cheyenne crossings the last Wednesday of this month (May 30) to show and carve from 11 to 1ish.  It includes lunch.  It is in the East building.
Officer Nominations:
President – Rhonda Smith nominated Joe Robideau.  Dick Skauge seconded.  Joe accepted the nomination.  Wayne Hankel moved nominations closed.  Joel Simons seconded. 

Vice President – Larry Longtine nominated Barry Kutzer.  Joel Simons seconded Wayne Hankel moved nominations closed.  Mark Riley seconded. 

Secretary – Alan Pearson nominated Patty Molm.  Rhonda Smith seconded.  Wayne Hankel moved nominations closed.   Maynard Hemmah seconded.

Treasurer – Maynard Hemmah nominated Ruth Severson.  Vern Nolting seconded.  Wayne Hankel moved nominations closed.  Bill Souter seconded. 
All positions were voted in unanimously. 
By law committee
Alan Pearson, Wayne Hankel, and  Joe Robideau were selected to revise the bylaws and do financial audit.  Dick Skauge moved to form the committee.  Rhonda Smith seconded.  The motion passed.
Vern Nolting moved to adjourn.  Maynard Hemmah seconded it.  The motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Patty Molm.
Please share this email with others who share your interest in carving.
Club Officers:
President:  Mark Riley
Vice President:  Joe Robideau
Treasurer: Joel Simons
Secretary: Patty Molm
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