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Training Focused on COVID-friendly Clubs

Our chapter usually has its Good News Club fall kickoff training in late September at Grace Bible Presbyterian Church but this year we held it August 29th so that we could introduce options and give clubs time to plan. 
The morning began with committee member Betsy O'kresik interviewing Thelma Ankomah about the backyard Bible party she had at her home in August. Thelma explained how her family invited kids from the neighborhood, how well the party went and how they were blessed along with the kids.
Next Good News Club Coordinator Carolyn Horton presented options for holding club that are out of the ordinary for our chapter but not out of the ordinary for CEF. For years clubs were primarily held in homes and yards and those options are still available along with apartment complex clubhouses, churches and community centers. Zoom lessons are available October 5th for those who want to hold online clubs. Carolyn also presented all the CEF party curriculum and the Good News Club curriculum series for the upcoming school year. 

Left: Betsy O'Kresik interviews Thelma Ankomah about her backyard Bible party.
Right: Carolyn Horton presents the Bible parties and upcoming year's curriculum series. 
Committee member Sandy Silvashy gave ideas for socially-distanced games, a challenge for all clubs, while Betsy reviewed the CEF COVID-19 safety guidelines we practice. In general, CEF Ohio follows the guidelines set forth from the governor.
The last portion of training was conducted by Joe Boyatt, an experienced teacher who volunteered in the Rockdale Academy team last year and in Finneytown in the past. He pointed out the importance of what we are doing and good preparation as well as encouraging the group to become good storytellers. "We are telling the greatest story ever told."
Left: Sandy Silvashy suggests socially-distanced games that comply with CEF guidelines.
Right: Joe Boyatt inspires teachers to prepare and present effective lessons.
Did You Know?

CEF has free COVID-19 resources for kids.
New Foundational Curriculum Series for Starting the School Year
This new topical series, "God's Love: Hope for the Outcast," shows children the love of Christ in His dealings with outcasts and those who feel they don't belong. This is a timely lesson for many children today.
Lesson 1 is You Are Valuable to God. It points out that we are unique and made in God's image plus explains sin and how it leads to broken fellowship with God. Forgiveness of sin through Jesus is a key point.
Lesson 2, God Shows Mercy to Nineveh, shows God's compassion and mercy to Jonah, outcasts of Nineveh and us. God can help us show mercy to those who are mean to us.
In Lesson 3, Jesus Shows Love to a Samaritan Woman, children will see how she was an outcast but Jesus showed her love and compassion and we should love others and ask the Holy Spirit to help us.
Lesson 4, Jesus Offers Hope to a Samaritan Leper, tells the story of the double outcast Samaritan leper who was the only one who thanked Jesus for healing him. A major application of this lesson is that we should thank God for what he has done for us.
In Lesson 5, Jesus Dies for the Outcasts, children hear how Jesus died and rose again both as an outcast and for outcasts, us.
Lesson 6 is the review lesson and also contains a Gospel Spotlight portion.
“Always True Treasure Hunt” Backyard Bible Party
The Ankomah family in Lebanon, Ohio help a party in August and were so blessed that they wanted to have another one. On September 27 three members of the Lebanon Good News Club team did the party which has a treasure hunt theme. Jesus is the treasure and the Bible is like a treasure map that gives clues (prophesies) that lead to Him. This lesson recounts the thoughts Jesus’ disciples before, during and after His resurrection which were not complete nor correct. The disciples’ walk to Emmaus with Jesus revealed the Old Testament clues and then when he met with the disciples in Jerusalem. The truth of the Bible and Jesus is alive and can save you from your sin are major themes. The Memory verse is 1 Corinthians 15:3b-4.
Left: Miss Betsy teaches the Memory Verse. 
Right: Roger WIsmer, aka Senor Guapo teaches the treasure hunt lesson with great participation from the kids.
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