In this newsletter – and as a grass-roots organization – we are pleased to share the many announcements of strong Alberta tech company hiring and investment, as well as government programs and overall tech sector growth. In order to further help catalyze the growth of Alberta’s economic recovery and diversification, we are pleased to bring to your attention, some great Alberta-wide company and job seeker opportunities including:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: TECH Small-to-Medium (SME) COMPANY (EMPLOYER) and STUDENT REGISTRATION DEADLINES: Week of June 4.  In partnership with the Government of Alberta – the Technology Alberta FIRST Jobs (Cohort 2) pilot program provides:
  • A fully-funded paid part-time (remote) Alberta post-secondary student work experience (10 hours/week x 20 weeks: $4,000/term). Areas: Business, Technology, Arts, Education
  • Matches up to 50 Alberta Technology companies with 50 Young Professionals/Post-Secondary Students Participants. 
  • Program takes place from Early - July to End – Nov
    • Information for Registration:
      • For more information on Alberta Company Registration see HERE.
        • Information Sessions Available on  June 3.
    • For more information for Alberta Youth Registration see HERE
ALBERTA JOBS NOW program: This federal-provincial investment of $370 million is the largest job training program in Alberta’s history. Businesses and non-profits can apply for funding to reduce the cost of hiring and training through this new Government of Alberta program. First intake open now through to August 31. More info available HERE

Please see this newsletter for many interesting events and valuable opportunities. As always, we are interested in your input. Please send along your ideas on how to make things better for Alberta Tech Entrepreneurs – we would be pleased to listen, collaborate and connect. In closing, as always, thank you to all of our volunteers and members!

Thanks everyone - looking forward to seeing you soon,

Gail J. Powley, P.Eng
President, Technology Alberta

Technology Alberta is pleased to provide visibility to the many Alberta SMB (Small-to-Medium-sized Businesses) technology companies that collectively are hiring for 3000 new positions this year. In each monthly newsletter Edmonton, Calgary, and additional urban and rural centres’ Tech Companies are highlighted - for a total of over 300 Alberta companies over the year.

Bitcoin Well
Category: FinTech
Through our website and with the use of over 95 of our Bitcoin ATM's across Canada, consumers can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, pay their bills and buy gift cards for a growing network of retailers using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Open Jobs:
Creative Leader - Edmonton, AB 

Category: Real Estate

Bōde is a radical shift in the way real estate is bought and sold. It finally empowers everyone to buy and sell their own home— making the process simple, transparent, and more economical.

Open Jobs:
Prō Services Account Manager – Calgary, AB

Carbon Upcycling Technologies Inc
Category: Clean Tech

Carbon utilization company developing a portfolio of nano-particles with a range of product applications

Open Jobs:
Business Coordinator – Calgary, AB

CliQue Advisor
Category: FinTech

CliQue Advisor is a financial technology that empowers accounting and wealth management firms improve the financial well being of their clients by leveraging the data they create.

Open Jobs:
Business Developer / Commercialization Associate – Calgary, AB

Category: AI

Correct-AI is offering platform solutions for clients who need sophisticated, precise, and automated optical navigation techniques to ensure the safe mobility of their vehicles in real-time. Our company utilizes its extensive knowledge of computer vision, robotics, and artificial intelligence technologies to create Vision Guidance Systems that enhance the performance of our customers' equipment without compromising safety.

Open Jobs:
Sales Manager – Edmonton, AB

Cybertech Automation
Category: Industrial Automation

Cybertech Automation is a full-service systems integration company operating in Canada and the United States. Since 1994, Cybertech has offered expertise in systems integration, automation, instrumentation and electrical design/engineering.

Open Jobs:
Foxboro Control System Integrator – Edmonton, AB

Category: Software

We focus on building software that is effective and enjoyable to use. From .NET Core web apps, React Native mobile apps, cloud-based Azure services, O365/M365, Power Platform, and more. To ensure we're providing the top expertise to our customers we are partnered with and certified by Microsoft, Nintex, and Denodo. We're very proud of the positive impact our team has made on 300+ customer organizations across 1,000+ projects. This work has been recognized by others over the years including a Microsoft Impact Award for our innovation in Enterprise Cloud Productivity, selection by the Globle & Mail as one of Canada's Best Workplaces, and the recipient of a Gold Quill Award of Excellence from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

Open Jobs:
Principle Technology Strategist – Edmonton, AB 

Executive OTC Group (EOG)
Category: FinTech

 Our mission at EOG is for everyone to have easy trade access to cryptocurrency. Supported by our market research, there is a growing demand for personalized and customized cryptocurrency transactions. EOG peer to peer platform is automated and integrated top to bottom, from listing your cryptocurrency offer, to embedded negotiations, to locking in your contract. Sell your 0.15 BTC or Buy 21 BTC, we have no minimums and no upper limits. We are researching using smart contracts to complete contract settlement through blockchain.

Open Jobs:
Canadian Realtor, a Real Estate Professional for cryptocurrency blockchain project – Calgary, AB

Fidelity Factory
Category: Computer Software

Fidelity Factory connects people with processes using tools like Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and SharePoint.  We believe that great value can come from simple solutions.  By mixing skills in business process and technology, we are successful in helping our clients find the path of least resistance to their business goals.

Open Jobs:
Technical Trainer – Calgary, AB 

Future Fields
Category: AgiTech

We are Future Fields, a group of Canadian innovators working to expand the reach of cellular agriculture into accessible consumer products. We are developing a cost-effective and scalable serum-free growth media for producing cellular agriculture products.

Open Jobs:
Senior Research Scientist, Geneticist – Edmonton, AB

Category: Safety

We take care of your Health & Safety needs, letting you focus on business.
 We are a team of professionals with experience in law, human resources, safety and multiple industries trade experience. We all have a common goal, to help companies make sense of their safety needs!

Open Jobs:
Sales Consultant – Edmonton, AB 

Category: Health, Wellness & Fitness

Headversity is a workplace mental wellness app that empowers people to measure, track, and train their own resilience. The headversity program offers companies the very best of today’s mental wellness education and data technology to help improve workplace culture.

Open Jobs:
Content Specialist - Calgary, AB 

Kymera Systems
Category: Industrial Automation

Kymera Systems Inc is an organization specializing in delivering proven, scalable IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions, as well as the design, installation, and maintenance of automation systems. We provide innovative, stable and secure solutions to a wide range of customers in fields such as Oil & Gas, Water/Wastewater, Power Generation, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing and Industrial processes with the help of our team of qualified experts in electrical, automation, and information systems.

Open Jobs:

System Integrator – Leduc, AB  

LessThan3 Inc
Category: Education

LessThan3 is a custom software development company specializing in web-based business applications.

Open Jobs:
Jr. Full Stack Developer- Calgary, AB

Levven Electronics Ltd
Category: Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

Levven is an Alberta manufacturer with a vision of making intelligent buildings available to everyone. Focused on delivering technology and products to advantage the business of new construction, our promise is mobile device access and control of the building infrastructure that lowers building costs, speeding construction and conserving building materials.

Open Jobs:
Senior Construction Sales Representative – Edmonton, AB 

MagicMed Industries Inc
Category: Biotechnology

MagicMed Industries Inc. is a biotechnology company founded in 2020. The company is focused on creating a library of novel derivative molecules based on classic psychedelics such as psilocybin, N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), mescaline, ibogaine, MDMA and LSD. MagicMed’s molecular derivatives library, the Psybrary™, is intended to be an essential building block from which industry partners can develop new patented products.

Open Jobs:
Machine Learning R&D Engineer (Psychedelics) - Calgary, AB

Category: Software – Business Productivity

MatchWork is a B2B SaaS platform providing valuable insights to employers who are focused on the success of their people & teams.

Open Jobs:
Sales Development Representative (SDR) – Calgary, AB

Mobile Data Technologies
Category: Energy Tech

Mobile Data Technologies is a high growth technology company focused on bringing the most advanced and robust data acquisition and control products to the Oil and Gas Industry.

Open Jobs:
Manufacturing Planner/Buyer – Edmonton, AB

National Digital Asset Exchange (NDAX)
Category: BlockChain

Built on institutional-grade infrastructure, NDAX provides a world-class experience to both individuals and institutions to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. With a strong Canadian banking relationship and an enhanced governance framework for its cryptocurrency storage, clients enjoy trading that is fast, simple and secure. The company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Open Jobs:
System Administrator– Calgary, AB

Nureva Inc
Category: Computer Software

With Nureva audio, you can be heard in every part of a room, no matter how far apart you are. There’s no need for shared mics or complex technical setups. It’s all thanks to Microphone Mist™ technology, the brains behind every Nureva audio conferencing system. The technology leaps past beamforming systems, filling a space with thousands of virtual microphones so everyone can spread out and still be heard. And with quick DIY installation options and continuous autocalibration, Nureva audio systems are easy to use and adaptable – making them an ideal match for today’s meeting rooms and classrooms.

Open Jobs:
New Product Introduction Specialist – Calgary, AB 

Category: Life Sciences - Diagnostics

Openxmed is an interactive digital health platform that helps doctors quickly make high-quality clinical decisions for complex patients.

Open Jobs:
Senior Developers – Red Deer, AB

Category: Aviation & Aerospace

Pegasus develops unmanned aircraft and sensor systems to deliver autonomous data collection at scale.  Long endurance Remotely Piloted Aircraft integrated with high capability sensors deliver actionable information to first responders in real time to improve safety, communication and situational awareness.

Open Jobs:
Software Engineer - Autonomy – Sturgeon County, AB 

Qube Technologies
Category: Clean Tech

Qube Technologies (Qube) is an Alberta start-up developing low cost environmental surveillance technology to support the upstream oil and gas industry to cost effectively detect, quantify and reduce methane emissions. Qube’s technology will help the industry meet the significant reduction targets of 45 % by 2025 put forward under Canadian regulations.

Open Jobs:
Full Stack Developer – Edmonton, AB
Category: Software - Planning

We provide startup experience, infrastructure, and talent to build new and novel projects. We focus on project research and development, offering both team building and freelance services.

Open Jobs:
Contract Copywriter – Calgary, AB 

SDK Tek Services Ltd
Category: AI/Machine Learning

By deliberately fostering a culture of continuous growth, we have formed a small but remarkable team armed with the tools and knowledge to transform your data into actionable insights that drive innovation and help your business scale efficiently and strategically.  We offer Data Powered Decision Making.

Open Jobs:
Big Data Consultant - Calgary, AB 

TIQ Software
Category: Education Software

TIQ Software is an all-in-one learning experience with flexible options to match your company size and budget. Our learning experts are ready to help you deliver a personalized portal, customized courses, and instant insights on any device.

Open Jobs:
Intermediate Software Developer – Edmonton, AB 

Turnip Home
Category: Consumer Products

Turnip is a Canadian industry leader in smart home automation and personal emergency response services (PERS). Turnip is dedicated to providing customers all over North America with innovative solutions for all of their smart home and emergency response needs while providing a personalized customer experience along the way.

Open Jobs:
Digital Sales Executive – Edmonton, AB

Vantix Systems
Category: Software - Business Productivity

For over a decade, Vantix has been providing its clientele with technology and services to help boost productivity, streamline business processes and increase revenue. Serving diverse markets across the globe from corporate to government, Vantix delivers.

Open Jobs:
DotNet-Dev – Edmonton, AB

Category: IoT

Visionstate Corp. is a growth-oriented company that invests in the research and development of promising new technology in the realm of the Internet of Everything, big data and analytics, and sustainability. Through Visionstate IoT., it helps businesses improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and elevate customer satisfaction with its state of the art devices that track and monitor guest activities and requests. The footprint of its WANDA™ smart device now extends to hospitals, airports, shopping centres and other public facilities across North America.

Open Jobs:
Junior Software Developer – Edmonton, AB


Technology Alberta is excited to announce the new ABTEC-JEDDI (Alberta Technology Jobs furthering Economic Development, Diversification, and Innovation), which are open positions in Government, Academia, and Large Industry that can help transform Alberta’s economy.
Baker Hughes
Category: Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

We are the leading energy technology company. We design, manufacture and service transformative technologies to help take energy forward.

Open Jobs:
Data Analyst – Calgary, AB

Category: Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

CN is a leader in the North American transportation services industry focused on supply chain innovation and collaboration. We offer integrated shipping solutions, including rail, intermodal, trucking, freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution.

Open Jobs:
Specialist Data Developer – Edmonton, AB

Canadian Pacific Railway
Category: Railroad Transport

From our multi-year strategic and business plans to our daily operations and sales and marketing playbooks, everything we do is driven by, and tested against, our purpose, our values and the foundations of precision scheduled railroading.

Open Jobs:
Specialist Business Intelligence Developer – Calgary, AB

Canadian Tire
Category: Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers

We are one of Canada’s most admired and trusted companies. With world-class owned brands and exciting market-leading merchandising strategies, we are continually innovating with purpose: to excite and serve Canadian customers from coast-to-coast.

Open Jobs:
Data & Business Insights Analyst – Calgary, AB

Canadian Western Bank
Category: Banking

Whether you need expert advice and specialized financial services for your business banking, personal banking or wealth management – CWB has everything you need. We get to know you – forming relationships, asking the right questions, understanding your industry – so that we can provide you with the right financial solutions. We are relentless in proactively finding ways to help you succeed. You might even say that we’re obsessed with your success.

Open Jobs:
Senior Data Governance Analyst – Edmonton, AB

ClearStream Energy Services Inc
Category: Oil & Energy

ClearStream Energy Services Inc., through its Flint, ClearWater and UWO brands, is a leading provider for Maintenance & Turnarounds, Wear Technologies, Fabrication, Modularization & Machining, Facility Construction, Pipeline Installation, Heavy Equipment Operators, High Voltage Construction, and Environmental Services. With offices strategically located across Canada and over 4,000 employees, we supply solutions to the Energy and Industrial markets including: Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, Power, Agriculture, Forestry, Infrastructure and Water Treatment.

Open Jobs:
IT Business Analyst – Sherwood Park, AB

Category: Pipeline Transportation

Enbridge’s vision is to be the leading energy delivery company in North America. We deliver the energy people need and want—to heat their homes, to keep their lights on, to keep them mobile and connected.

Open Jobs:
Data Engineer – Calgary, AB

Category: Electronics Wholesale

Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. We are committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. We have approximately 197,000 employees and we operate in over 170 countries and regions, serving more than three billion people around the world.

Open Jobs:
Machine Learning Engineer (Coop) – Edmonton, AB

Category: Software

Microsoft is one of the world's leading technology companies with products that include the Windows operating system, Office productivity applications, and Azure cloud services. LinkedIn, its business-oriented social network, is used by millions to make connections. Outside the office, Microsoft's Xbox gaming system is second only to Sony's PlayStation. Microsoft's customers range from consumers and small businesses to the world's biggest companies and government agencies. Geographically, Microsoft's revenue is evenly split between the US and the other countries. Microsoft founded in 1975

Open Jobs:
Modern Work Architect (Microsoft 360) – Calgary, AB

Category: Computer Software

A lot of companies say they’re “mission-driven.” Our unique corporate structure guarantees that every decision we make upholds our mission: to ensure the internet remains open and accessible. Beholden to neither shareholders nor investors, Mozilla Corporation is wholly owned by the not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation.

Open Jobs:
Inference Data Scientist – Edmonton, AB

PCL Construction
Category: Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

PCL is a group of independent construction companies that carries out work across Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and in Australia. These diverse operations in the civil infrastructure, heavy industrial, and buildings markets are supported by a strategic presence in 31 major centers.

Open Jobs:
Technical Solution Analyst – Edmonton, AB

Category: Information Technology & Services

Founded in 1997, Pythian is a global IT services company that helps organizations transform by leveraging data, analytics, and the cloud. From cloud automation to machine learning, Pythian designs, implements and supports customized solutions for the toughest data challenges and has delivered thousands of professional and managed services.

Open Jobs:
Cloud Solutions Architect – Red Deer, AB

Category: Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction

Shell is an integrated energy company that aims to meet the world’s growing demand for energy in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

Open Jobs:
Digital Transformation Lead, B2B – Lethbridge, AB

Category: Grocery Stores

One of only two grocery retailers serving all of Canada, Sobeys has approximately 1,500 stores under the Sobeys, Safeway, and Foodland banners, among others. It operates five grocery retail formats from full service to convenience service. The company also has greater than 350 retail fuel stations in addition to drug stores (under the Lawtons Drugs brands) and other retail outlets. Operating across all 10 Canadian provinces, Sobeys is owned by Empire Company, itself controlled by the Sobey family.

Open Jobs:
Analyst, HR Analytics –Calgary, AB

Category: Architecture and Engineering

Stantec provides professional consulting services to both public and private-sector clients for all phases of a project's lifecycle. Offerings include planning, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, engineering, surveying, environmental remediation, and project economics management.

Open Jobs:
Senior Back-End Developer – Fort McMurray, AB

Wood Mackenzie
Category: Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction

Wood Mackenzie started life in 1923 as a small, relatively unknown, Edinburgh-based stockbroker. By the 1970s, we had become one of the top three stockbrokers in the UK, renowned for the quality of its equity research

Open Jobs:
Software Engineer – Calgary, AB


20th Annual Conference: Co-creating Economic Recovery: New Models for Innovation Support

The 20th annual Research Money conference will engage international and domestic experts in critical and constructive dialogue about how countries like Canada support innovation and how the present COVID-19 crisis has galvanized better approaches and outcomes. Are current funding models adequate to address global challenges like this pandemic and climate change? What new kinds of partnerships are emerging between governments, industry, finance and academia?

Date: June 1 - 4, 2021 (2 workshops)
Time: Various over 4 days
Format: Virtual
More info and tickets: HERE

8 Pillars of Frontline Management Program – $5000

Our Front-Line Management training program is developed to give high-potential employees a clear roadmap to develop the skills, knowledge, and experiences to be effective managers, especially in today’s changing world.

Program Perks 

  • Utilizes Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions to identify top traits for emerging leaders
  • Eight online modules over eight weeks, one-on-one online coaching sessions every two weeks and weekly discussions held live at the end of each module with a facilitator
  • Total of twenty-eight hours of online learning, eight hours of online group training with a facilitator
  • One hour one-on-one coaching session
  • 8 Pillars of Frontline Management Certification
Date: Tue, June 1, 2021
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Online Event
More info and tickets: HERE
CRIN Digital Oil and Gas Technology Competition Launch

Labour Demand Workshop for Cleantech with Oil & Gas (for Ops and Tech Leaders)


You are invited to participate in research workshops for Shaping Alberta’s Workforce Transition: Cleantech with Oil & Gas.

Virtual workshops begin Tuesday, June 1, as part of a research project funded by the Government of Alberta and in partnership with CRIN, to help develop a workforce strategy that incorporates the ever-growing demand for cleantech innovation talent, alongside traditional talent, in the province’s oil and gas industry. A workforce of skilled, innovative and diverse talent is required to drive the transition to a more sustainable and competitive industry.
These interactive workshops are an opportunity for diverse stakeholders of labour supply and demand sectors to share knowledge and participate in facilitated discussion and data-collection polls about the current state of the industry and its workforce needs moving forward. This includes discussing in-demand occupations, hiring challenges, and availability and readiness of talent.
Workshops are scheduled for HR professionals, operations and technical leaders, and educators, trainers, etc., during the month of June. Watch also for an upcoming survey for job seekers and others on the ‘supply’ side of the labour equation.

Date: Tue, June 1, 2021
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Location: Online Event

Learn more and register for workshops!

Technology Alberta

FIRST Jobs Program – Company Information Session

FIRST Jobs Program - Company Information Session

In partnership with the Government of Alberta, the Technology Alberta FIRST Job program is open to Alberta companies, and post-secondary students and recent graduates, who are interested in working in Alberta’s strong and growing tech sector, which has created 1000's of new jobs in 2021.

Registration is now open until June 4 for this completely funded paid remote part-time work experience and industry engagement program, Technology Alberta is matching up to 50 Alberta SME technology companies with 50 Alberta students/new grad participants.
Join us to hear more about this opportunity!


Date: Thu, June 3, 2021
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM MDT
Location: Online Event

Click HERE to register.

National WIL Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Forum: Join us for helping to be part of making a difference
This full day forum and career fair will bring together CEOs, C suite executives, public sector leaders, international speakers and thought leaders to have conversations on the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion and how we can change the mindset and culture of an organization. Are we changing the culture in our organizations to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive? What is your company doing to cultivate Indigenous, Black, and Immigrant women in leadership in your company? 

Date:  Wednesday, June 2
Time:  8:00am to 5:00pm MDT

Location: Online Event
More info and tickets: HERE
Alberta IoT Presents: Monthly Member Meeting – June
About the Speaker:

Wilson is the Chief Commercial Officer at Verge. Wilson brings an extensive background in law and multi-generational experience in agriculture to the Verge team. As a transactional lawyer, Wilson assisted a wide range of businesses across a host of matters from seed capital raises to strategic acquisitions, including some of the largest and most complex M&A and corporate finance transactions in Canadian history.

This event is supported by Alberta IoT's generous annual sponsors – Alberta InnovatesAruba NetworksMNPRogers CommunicationsAvayaCanadian Blockchain ConsortiumIngram MicroLenovoMicrosoftPCLSocium LawTitan Logix Corp and Tridon Communications.

Date:  Friday, June 4
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM MDT
More info and tickets:

Webinar | Alberta's Innovation Ecosystem: Bringing Advanced Technology Products to Market

There are many resources in the innovation ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Alberta. With an abundance of support in areas ranging from technical and engineering services to funding and mentorship, this is an excellent time to start a company and bring a new advanced technology product to market. Many potential entrepreneurs may not have considered this path, but this time of market disruption is showing us that there are emerging opportunities for starting a new technology company.

Learning Objectives

  • Awareness of local resources available to advanced technology start-ups
  • Familiarity with the process of commercializing a technical innovation
  • Self-assessment of the emotional dimensions involved in starting a business and forming a team of founders
Date: Tue, June 15, 2021
Time: 12:00 AM – 1:00 PM 
Location: Online Event
More info and tickets: HERE
Virtual Mixer: Professional Social

During this global pandemic, the building and maintaining of professional relationships has suffered greatly. We have lost the opportunity to socialize and collaborate in person with our peers. In an effort to mitigate this, we have organized our first APEGA Calgary Branch Virtual Social Mixer. The purpose of this mixer is to allow professionals to build their social relationships in a similar fashion as they would naturally in a pre-pandemic world. This social event will consist of a series of small break-out sessions where individuals will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and speak about their work experience.

Please join us at the lunch hour on June 16th for this informal session with other professionals.

Brought to you by the Calgary Branch. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Date: Wed, June 16, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM MDT
Location: Online Event
Click here to register.


A New Beginning: Harnessing the Power of the Human Cloud

Remote working will no longer be viewed as an operational alternative to office spaces. It will be the driving force behind a paradigm shift in the very nature of working – one that allows organizations to fully tap into the talent cloud, effectively harness the potential of new-age technologies, and offer equitable opportunities across geography and gender, all while lowering the environmental footprint.

Date: Wed, June 9, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Online Event
Click here to register.
Local Eco-Conscious (Bio-Materials) Entrepreneurs


The June Rainforest Connector focuses on the entrepreneurial ideas, building blocks and opportunities that exist for Albertans right now in the new biomaterials economy. Featuring a panel of experts and local entrepreneurs discussing their efforts and insights for a cleaner, lower carbon, more eco-conscious future that creates jobs right here in Alberta. In this session, we will explore how these new ideas, provincial facilities and new material alternatives could turn Alberta into a biomaterials powerhouse.

Featured Panelists and Edmonton Entrepreneurs
  • Dr. TriDung Ngo, Senior Research Scientist at Innotech Alberta
  • Dan Madlung is the owner of BioComposites Group Inc. (BCG), he is a full-time entrepreneur. He owns several businesses focused on utilizing and adding value to fibre. Wood fibres were the initial focus but this has expanded to agricultural and synthetic fibres. BCG has commercialized its non-woven products and is a leader in the development of the hemp value chain.
  • William Bardosh, President and CEO of Terraverdae
  • Terry Radford, President of Just BioFiber Structural Solutions Corp.
Date: Tue, June 15, 2021
Time: 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM MDT

Location: Online Event
Click here to register.
Women In Engineering Summit 2021

The many challenges of 2020 and now have forever changed the way we see our careers in engineering by adding a new global perspective. The Women in Engineering Summit 2021 is committed to continuing to provide a message of hope and actionable strategies to support the “30 by 30 initiative” of Engineers Canada.

Featuring incredible speakers of all genders, the Women in Engineering Summit 2021 will provide participants and leaders with strategies on:

  • Inspiring change in our workplace and our careers;
  • Having the courage to act when seeking equity and inclusion;
  • Welcoming all genders in the engineering and geoscience fields.

Our two expert panels discussing EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) and the 30 by 30 initiative will close this inspiring one-day Summit.

Date:  Fri, June 18, 2021
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Click here to register.
Inventures 2021 is 72 hours of nonstop creative collisions. From awe-inspiring keynotes and expert panels, to thrilling startup pitches and informal networking. Make connections, strike deals and launch creative ideas into overdrive!

Register now for the live Inventures experience in Calgary, September 22-24, 2021 – just $299! Included is year-round access to live stream and local Inventures Unbound events and archived content.

Date: September 22 – 24, 2021
Location: Online Event

More info and tickets: HERE


The Alberta Jobs Now program will provide up to $370 million to help private and non-profit businesses support much-needed jobs for unemployed and underemployed Albertans across the province and help Alberta's economy recover.

Employers will be able to apply for a grant that covers 25 per cent of an employee's salary for a 52-week period up to a maximum of $25,000 per employee. The grant can be used to cover salary or training costs. Employers who hire persons with disabilities will receive a grant 1.5 times higher than the amount they receive for other new employees. 

Full Story: here


Rich Sutton, a University of Alberta computing science professor, a fellow and Canada CIFAR AI Chair at the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), and one of the founders of modern computational reinforcement learning, has been elected as a fellow of the venerable Royal Society, the world’s oldest national scientific institution.

Sutton, who joined the U of A's Faculty of Science and Amii in 2003, was called to the United Kingdom's 360-year-old national academy of sciences thanks to pioneering an approach to artificial and natural intelligence that emphasizes learning and planning similar to how humans learn through trial and error, and a field in which he continues to lead the world.

Full Story: here


We are a Government funded program that assists unemployed Albertans in the Edmonton & Area that are interested in careers in the technology & innovation industry.

How can we help a job seeker?

  •  job search assistance, resume review, interview prep, LinkedIn help
  • relevant short courses
  • employment connections, networking & work experience opportunities

How can we help you an employer?

  • TECHCareers can assist your potential new hire in Alberta access short courses
  • We can offer a Workplace Training placement opportunity (1 month wage subsidy)
  • We can be a referral to any of your applicants that you short list but do not hire

This program offers continuous intakes throughout the next two years.

Full Story: here

Application intake for the spring 2021 payment from Alberta’s small business grant has been extended to June 30.

In April, Alberta’s government reopened the Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant program for a new payment to businesses affected by the April 2021 public health orders. Extending the application intake enables organizations subsequently affected by the May 2021 health orders to apply for this additional COVID relief funding. The program budget remains at $350 million.
Full Story: here


This week marks the start of a four-month program that connects student entrepreneurs with the resources they need to launch and grow their business. The selected student companies will spend the summer taking their business to the next level with the help of mentorship and coaching from a dedicated advisor, as well as a network of peers. By the end of the program, participants will leave with a clear understanding of the ways their business has evolved, the growth they’ve made, and a roadmap of next steps. 

The program will run virtually, meaning this cohort includes seven student companies from post-secondaries across Canada including Mount Royal University, University of Calgary, University of Victoria, University of Alberta and Ryerson University. 


Full Story: here

NSERC and Mitacs are pleased to build on the success of their existing partnership with a new joint initiative that will support the R&D efforts of Canadian university researchers and their partners, while supporting highly qualified personnel including students and/or postdoctoral fellows.
Through NSERC's Alliance grants and Mitacs's Accelerate, this new opportunity is available to Canadian researchers through a single application submission and review process. Applicants are invited to include in their Alliance application a request for additional support through Mitacs Accelerate internships as a component of the training of highly qualified personnel.
Full Story: here

RUNWITHIT Synthetics recognized as “most Edmonton startup”

RUNWITHIT Synthetics was declared the “Most Edmonton Startup of the Year” at the first-ever YEG Startup Community Awards.
RWI Synthetics constructs city models with artificial intelligence to visualize complex infrastructure projects like energy transition, economics, mobility and resilience. The adjudication committee noted the company's work to build a “synthetic model of what Edmonton could be in the year 2035.”
"Really, we're a little-known, oddball company that has some crazy ideas about how we can get together and use artificial intelligence to solve the world’s problems — the biggest ones and the scariest ones,” CEO Myrna Bittner told the virtual gathering after Mayor Don Iveson presented her with the award on May 20.
Samdesk and Areto Labs were runners-up in the category recognizing startups demonstrating diversity, innovation, and risk-taking.
The award show, hosted by Taproot's own Emily Rendell-Watson, served as “an entrepreneur-led, volunteer-run, and community-centric initiative to recognize the brilliant work that’s being done in our city.” Almost 200 guests were in virtual attendance to see 12 individuals and companies rewarded for their efforts.

Full Story: here

Lethbridge College sugar beet research project receives Alberta Innovates funding

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. – A new Lethbridge College research project exploring how automation and wireless technology can boost sugar beet storage is getting a funding shot from Alberta Innovates.

The Alberta Innovates Smart Agriculture and Food Digitization and Automation Challenge has awarded Dr. Chandra Singh with $236,083.
Dr. Sing is the applied research chair in Agricultural Engineering and Technology at Lethbridge College’s Centre for Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CARIE).
He said that, “sugar beet farming and processing is a significant contributor to the southern Alberta economy, contributing $32.2 million in farm receipts annually.”
"Growers and processors face unique challenges with this crop; this project is an opportunity to develop solutions to reduce losses and improve productivity.”
His project is one of eight sharing more $10.7 million over three years through the award out of nearly 50 submissions received. The three-year, $404,733 total project is a collaboration between Lethbridge College, Lantic and the Alberta Sugar Beet Growers (ASBG), with Calgary's OPisystems providing technical support.

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AI & the Canadarm3: TRAIL Collision Avoidance Dataset Webinar Recap

On May 13, Amii joined MDA alongside the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). The online event was a webinar and panel discussion about TRAIL, MDA’s Training AI Laboratory, and their new dataset, which will enable the development of collision avoidance strategies for Canadarm3.

The webinar provided an introduction to the Lunar Gateway program, and an overview of Gateway robotics and AI, and more information about MDA’s new dataset for AI practitioners. Participants also heard from representatives from NRC, who highlighted the importance of AI in Canada, and from the Amii team, who discussed the building of Canada’s AI ecosystem. The event also featured a panel discussion with a technical focus on the development and use of the dataset.


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Supporting small businesses through the ShopHERE powered by Google program has helped Calgary business owners make the shift to market and do business online. The program’s goal is to get 50,000 deserving companies Canada-wide online so they can reach a wider audience for their products and bring in new revenue. They hire university students to build websites for registered small businesses, including home-based companies, artists, service providers like hair salons and auto shops, and more. In 2021, The City received funding from Western Economic Diversification Canada to move forward with Phase 2 of the program.


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Energy Safety Canada Approves MEWP VR Training From Serious Labs

Serious Labs, the global leader in virtual reality (VR) heavy equipment training simulators and blended learning solutions, announced today that Energy Safety Canada (ESC) has approved the use of its Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) VR training simulators, meeting a need for technologically modern and safe training methods.

ESC, the safety association for Canada’s oil and gas industry, works with hundreds of Authorized Training Providers (ATPs) across the country to deliver safety training and services.

Serious Labs’ VR simulators were successfully audited twice: once to inform the creation of MEWP operator coursework specific for ESC, and a second time to determine if the simulator course met its requirements as an option for practical evaluation. As a result, workers can now complete the practical component in a VR environment through one of Energy Safety Canada’s ATPs. The certificate of completion is valid for three years and shows that workers have been assessed to ESC standards.

Energy Safety Canada has approved Serious Labs‘ Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) virtual reality training simulators. “New training tools and modalities, such as VR simulators and our operator telematics measurement system, are becoming the preferred learning method of the new workforce,” said CEO Jim Colvin. “These are the types of training tools which will help to future-proof operator skills in Canada’s oil and gas industry.”

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The round was raised from two new investors to Clio, T. Rowe Price Investment Management and OMERS Growth Equity. The all-equity round was led by funds and accounts advised by T. Rowe Price Associates, a US-based asset manager for individuals, advisors, institutions, and retirement plan sponsors. The new funding, which brings Clio's total funding to $503 million CAD to date, consisted mainly of primary capital with a small, undisclosed portion of secondary.
According to the Burnaby, British Columbia-based company, the financing establishes Clio as the first legal practice management company globally to reach unicorn status.
Clio is the second Canadian tech startup in as many weeks to achieve unicorn status. Prior to 2019, Canada had struggled to produce unicorns, but that narrative has changed over the last couple of years with Quebec City's Coveo, Montreal’s NuveiApplyBoardClearco, and fellow Vancouver-based startup Galvanize all surpassing $1 billion valuations.
Clio was founded in 2008 by CEO Jack Newton and board member Rian Gauvreau, who developed the idea for a legaltech SaaS company after witnessing the struggles independent lawyers and small firms face running their businesses. The Burnaby-based company’s goal is to revolutionize “expensive, outdated on-premise solutions” with cloud technology that makes it easier for lawyers to manage firms, cases, and clients. Its products include practice management software and client intake and relationship management software.
Newton said in an interview the company raised the Series E round after seeing explosive growth in the digitization of the legal industry in 2020.
“The legal industry is regarded as a relatively slow industry to adopt technology, and then all of a sudden with COVID-19, [legal firms] were thrust into a situation where they needed to adopt technology, and moving to the cloud was a matter of survival,” said Newton. “[Clio] ended up facilitating what felt like this mass evacuation to the cloud for law firms…we saw, virtually, in every aspect of our business, from our core SaaS business to our payments business, really exploding growth.”

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