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is a community of like-minded bookkeeping professionals who are working together to solve problems, come up with innovative ideas to find new sources of revenue, looking for solutions to improve time management, ultimately creating an environment of overall health and wellness.  Building on our strengths and looking for new ways to overcome liabilities.  Enjoying peer recognition and professional alignment with each other, our network of knowledge and experience provides customized support to enable bookkeepers to take actions to achieve their most important business and personal goals in each individual's own unique environment.  

Our strategy sessions encourage you to collaborate with other independent bookkeepers and industry professionals to help you achieve your full potential. 

We’re here to support bookkeepers with all things related to bookkeeping.  No matter what software you use, where you work, or how long you have been in this industry. 

We will help you discover exciting new ways to transform your business and give you the tools and connections to help you navigate the constant changes and provide a positive direction into the future…

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Connection News

 Persevere or Pivot In Your Bookkeeping Business

By Chenine Humphrey, CPB DFA

I recently read an entrepreneurial business book called The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. In that book Eric talks about the future of your business and whether to Persevere and keep doing what you’re doing, or to Pivot and do something different.

I would like to take that thought and apply it to our bookkeeping industry. Traditionally bookkeepers have tended to Persevere because they are unwilling to change what they have been doing because they either don’t know where to go or who to approach to facilitate changes, or they fear the consequences of doing everything themselves to make that change happen.  
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Thoughts from our Members...

Bookkeeper’s Blog

by Jacquie Johnston, RPB, BA

“If you don’t value your time, neither will others.
Stop giving away your time and talents and start charging for them.” 

This quote is from Kim Garst, Social Media and Brand Strategist - named one of Forbes ‘Top 10 Women Social Media Power Influencers’.  Kim is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Boom!

This is exactly what I have been doing for the past 17 years that I have been charging for my services.  Did I knowingly do this to my business and myself, no, of course not.  My main purpose was to service my clients to help them succeed.  I truly believed that this was the only way I was going to get clients and keep them.  I did succeed, in one sense, my clients were extremely happy.  
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The Metamorphosis from Bookkeeper to
Professional Advisor Bookkeeper is Underway

By Dianne Mueller, FCPB
A marked change in appearance, character and/or function. 
This professional metamorphosis from processor of historical business information to strategic business advisor yields great opportunities and some challenges for us bookkeepers. We must evolve through this change in function and definition to move forward and be successful.  

Redefining the bookkeeper role in a business and the fundamental services provided by bookkeepers is underway and evolving. The initial key drivers that brought about this change in the traditional role were the small and medium size business owners seeking ways to improve inefficiencies to stay above the competition. They need information in real-time and fast data collection to help make business decisions quickly.  
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We recommend you do three things:

1. Honestly assess your current situation (what’s working and not working in your business?)

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3. Create a plan to grow your business by collaborating with other independent bookkeepers to share your workload, share ideas and knowledge and to have access to professional resources who can help you achieve your overall goals.  

If this sounds interesting to you, we offer a free 90-minute strategy session. During this session, we’ll help you assess your current situation and establish clear goals. We’ll then decide together if you should join The Bookkeeper Connection Network™. 

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