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May 2020

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Portfolio Spotlight: Hemex Health Collaborates with Seattle-based PAI Live Sciences to Develop a Rapid COVID-19 Test

Patti White, CEO of biotech startup Hemex Health, demonstrates one of the company’s products to a group of Nigerian health professionals. Photo provided by Hemex Health.

Hemex Health, a Portland-based biotech startup and Elevate Capital portfolio company, is partnering with Seattle-based PAI Life Sciences to add a rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test to Hemex’s Gazelle Diagnostic platform. “The six-minute test can diagnose patients accurately, quickly, and inexpensively, anywhere in the world,” said Patti White, Hemex Health Co-Founder and CEO.

PAI Life Sciences is currently developing an assay to accurately detect COVID-19 that Hemex can use in their platform. The COVID-19 test is projected to be deployed in the next four to six months. 

Hemex develops and commercializes affordable, life-sustaining medical diagnostic technologies for under-served people everywhere. Their novel, diagnostic platform is currently designed to reach populations at risk for malaria and sickle cell disease. 

“With the current medical supply shortages, from personal protective equipment (PPE) to limited testing, it is clear that even some of the most developed countries lack the infrastructure needed to handle such medical crises,” said White.

“The Gazelle platform combines artificial intelligence, cloud-based data reporting, and miniaturized proven diagnostic technologies that will revolutionize diagnostics the way smartphones changed communications.” 

Hemex Health was recently featured in the Times of Entrepreneurship and Portland Business Journal. For more information about the rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test, read the latest news release from Hemex Health.

Portfolio Spotlight: Hue Noir Launches Hand Sanitizer Gel with Aloe Vera to Product Line

Hue Noir recently launched a hand sanitizer gel with aloe vera as a new addition to its product line. HN Essentials Hand Sanitizer Gel is available in 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz sizes, and it provides safe and effective sanitation of hands when soap and water are not available.  

The sanitizer kills 99.9% of common illness-causing germs while aloe vera and glycerin provide essential skin moisture replacement. It contains 62% FDA approved Ethyl Alcohol for effective hand sanitation. The gel dries quickly with no sticky residue and no need to rinse. Aloe vera and glycerin help to replenish the skin's moisture. 

“As of April 1, we’ve produced more than 25,000 units,” said Paula Hayes, Founder and CEO of Hue Noir. “The product is available online and sold directly to consumers. We are also producing larger commercial size bottles to service several industries including health departments, first responders, hotels, and construction companies. And, a hospital-grade version at 80% ethyl alcohol will be available shortly.”

When asked about the pivot and new product line, Paula said, “Many years ago a business coach emphasized the need to remain flexible and adaptable to change. I have always kept those lessons in mind, but they were put to the test over the last month! I am proud that we were able to pivot in record time to support our community and our business at such a critical time.”

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In the News: When New Tech Grows in the Silicon Forest

Shavita and Sudhir Bhatti, co-founders of GrowthPlug, an Elevate Capital tech startup portfolio company, share their story with Oregon Business Magazine about why they moved their company headquarters from San Francisco to Beaverton, Oregon.
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COVID-19 Local Business Resources

Visit the TiE Oregon COVID-19 Response site for virtual events, funding options, and additional resources. 

Real-Time COVID-19 Public Health and State Resources

State by State Regulations for Essential and Non-Essential Businesses: This Vision Council list includes links to each state government COVID-19 resource website.

World Health Organization (WHO): See live press conferences, news releases, and the latest information about the outbreak.

National Institute of Health: Get the latest public health information and what research is underway for COVID-19.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Resources, guidance, and preventive safety actions for clinics and healthcare facilities during COVID-19.

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center: This interactive dashboard uses data from the CDC, WHO, and other organizations.

Worldometer: This coronavirus reference website is run by an international team of developers and researchers.

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