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At the business end of architecture, things get built. 

A project under construction can be exciting but it can also be stressful in equal measure. Most things go to plan but, as everyone knows, things can come up that were unforeseen. In the last few weeks, some site-related issues that we’ve had to deal with include:
  • a neighbour dispute over the position of a new wall in relation to the ownership boundary.
  • a member of the public alleging that a roof had been built higher than shown on the planning drawings.
  • a client that wanted to take out more walls from a listed building than had been agreed.
  • a last-minute change by a utility company to the routing of a gas main on a site.
  • an action plan to overcome a discovery that previous parts of a building had been built without foundations.
Dealing with these kinds of issues requires all sorts of knowledge including legal, regulatory and technical. Not to mention that those involved need to develop some softer skills including diplomacy, negotiation and moral support. 

Architects spend a long time at university and consequently, they learn a lot of things, but dealing with these kinds of issues isn’t on the curriculum. It takes time, good mentoring and on-the-job experience to acquire the confidence necessary to overcome them. Our latest blog (below) looks at the things you learn when visiting live projects on site. 
Under Construction
What's the most important thing you've learned from visiting building sites?

For our latest blog we asked this question of the team in an ongoing effort to share the acquired knowledge that otherwise only comes from experience.

Cork House
75% of the cork harvested for wine stoppers is wasted. But this waste product can be used as a building material - as evidenced in The Cork House.  
Odeon relics
Between 1928 and 1939, Oscar Deutsch wowed the British public with one of the most extraordinary estates of Streamline Moderne cinemas ever built - the Odeons.

The few remaining (Chester included) have been documented in this new photo book by Philip Butler.
The new standard for climate accountability
A new certification for companies looking to take meaningful action to measure, reduce and offset their environmental footprint.

Doing it not because they have to, but because it's the right thing to do. 
Photos of the year
Never tire of looking at these, a selection of some of the best photos of the year.

(although pretty sure that snail is about to get eaten)
Drowning in plastic
Plastic is bad. We get it. But every now and then something comes along that does such a good job of highlighting the scale of the problem that it stops you in your tracks.

Like this webpage.

Terrifying. And then you remember, this is just bottles...
Branding done right
"The campaign was so good that i'm now remembering marketing that maybe wasn't even there."

A look at the brilliant branding of Icelandair.
Eighth wonder
When reflecting on the impact of current technology on society, you could do worse than watch this 1977 BBC interview with a viewer, giving her thoughts on television. 

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