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Raise Summer Feast
Probably would have been twice as easy to hold our Summer feast somewhere other than in the middle of a field... but then it wouldn't have been half as good.

Sometimes you just have to throw caution (and at one point the gazebo) 
to the wind and go for it.

Murmurations & Me

“There is no better form of motivation, than helping to inspire other people to do great things”.

Last month, Murmurations 03 happened. Andy reflects on how it all came about in the first place.
Ruins Studio
Lily Jencks Studio and Nathanael Dorent Architecture manage to create a strong yet sensitive response to a beautiful location within the ruins of a 200 year old farmhouse.

Bet you wont expect it to look like it does on the inside!
The Inside Passage
Two generations of the same family undertaking the same amazing journey 40 years apart - canoeing along Alaska's Inside Passage in homemade canoes. Reflecting  on what it means to grow as a person, the passage of time and how you come to terms with it. A beautiful and surprisingly moving film.

Yes, it is a bit long, but it is really worth watching... promise!

"Instead of starting with the technology and attempting to make it easy to understand and use, let us take human capabilities, and use the technology to expand our abilities."

Don Norman explores the reasons why we have let our lives become dominated by bad technology. 

Two young architects (and a dog) are converting a lifeboat to take them on a 3500km adventure from Newhaven to Tromsø.

Follow along on Instagram for regular updates, they've just finished the painting.
Solving the plastic problem from the
top down

"It's time to stop blaming consumers for our plastic crisis and demand a better system" 

Changes at an individual level aren't going to solve the issue, we need to re-think the whole system. 

People + Walls
We architects have a nasty habit of photographing our buildings without the most important part - the people. This instagram account is an antidote to that.

Architecture as a beautiful backdrop to everyday life. 
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