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Omitted for clarity
In his latest article for the Sherborne Times, Andy explores the way in which our working methods change how we approach the problem at hand. Sometimes the key is not what you choose to include, but what you choose to leave out. 
People, People, People
Last month, Andy was invited to give a talk on the built environment. Naturally, he chose to talk about People instead. Because when talking about the built environment, the conversation has to begin with people.
Hidden House
Surrounded by the grand stuccoed houses of London's Borough of Kensington, this unassuming house by Sophie Hicks is nestled in to a tiny site within the conservation area.

The concrete interior may not be to everyones taste, but this design overcomes the significant challenges of the sensitive site to produce something special.
Creative Blindness
Dave Trott is a guru of the ad world; he's a master of creativity himself and pretty good at recognising when it happens in the wild.

This compendium of brilliant examples of creativity in action will be useful for anyone wanting to up their game, whatever your game happens to be.
Good News!
The news is not the place to go for uplifting positive content at the moment. At times it can feel a lot like we are going backwards.

So here's some good news.

23 things that are getting better.

Changing the way we think about charity
We tend to have an instinctive negative reaction towards the idea of somebody making money from charitable work, but have no problem with people making money doing work that doesn't help anyone. 

Dan Pallotta explores the reasons behind that, and why we need to change.
Architecture Guide
Next time you're in London, if you've got a bit of spare time for a wander around, it might be worth downloading the London Architecture Guide from The Architecture Foundation.

It gives you information on some of the cities most significant buildings, many of which you might never have seen before. 
The real cost of Concrete
After water, concrete is the most widely used substance on the planet. Through a series of articles, this week The Guardian has been looking at how it has changed our lives and what its use means for our health and the future of the planet.
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