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Obtaining planning consent for projects is obviously an important part of the architect's role. It's possible to come up with a brilliant concept but if you can't get permission to build it, it's not much of a concept. However, even when you know that you're working with sound principles, the system has the ability to throw up all kinds of obstacles...

During October we had to deal with quite a few, including the usual issues of protected species, protected trees and listed buildings. But we also had to deal with some sensitive archaeology in Chester city centre; a local authority mistake on a planning decision notice that created unnecessary work; and a conservation officer's objection which resulted in a trip to the National Design panel for Wales to garner support.

Yes, overcoming obstacles is a big part of what we do.
10 Obstacles 
Pedalling faster is not always the most effective way of arriving sooner. Sometimes, it's better to concentrate on the things that slow you down.

In his latest post for Practical Architecture, Andy identifies 10 potential obstacles for early-career architects, and suggests how they might be overcome. 

Wood and Waves
Our friends over at With Love Project have just finished a beautiful film about James Otter and his passion for making wooden surfboards.

Fascinating story and a beautiful film, well worth a watch. 
Fishing the feed
Fishing the Feed looks at the harmful effect that fish farming has on wild fish stocks.

One of the best ways to get people to pay attention to news they might not want to hear is to present it beautifully, and this article does just that.
Model Conservation
Frank Lloyd Wright's 'St Mark's Tower' would have been New York's first glass skyscraper, had it been built. But even the model of it was incredibly influential.

This video looks at the painstaking conservation work that has gone in to restoring the model for display at MoMA.
Housing Revolution
Goldsmith Street, a council housing scheme in Norwich, picked up this years Sterling Prize. Rightfully, it received a great deal of attention as a result, but there are other councils quietly building excellent housing despite Government cuts.
Countryside Retreat
Simple, calm and warm. A look inside renowned architect John Pawson's minimal retreat in the Cotswolds.

(Please note, not all architects have so little 'stuff')
Why Materials Matter
Material choice is incredibly important. Not just in our projects. Anything anyone makes or buys is made of something. What we decide that should be, will have huge implications for the future of our planet.

This new book looks at how materials from the past and present could hold the keys to our future. 

Architect + Educator
If you haven't given 'Clever' podcast a listen yet, you should. Flick back through the archives and you're bound to recognise a few of the guests.

The latest edition features architect and educator Elena Manferdini who believes in experimenting with colour as a democratizing force for architecture. 

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