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Crossing the threshold
In his latest article for the Sherborne Times, Andy explores the idea of the threshold, and what it means to someone just starting out in their architectural career.

15 Ways that travel inspires creativity

Fun illustrated article from Jean Julien on the benefits of travel for recharging and refreshing our creative batteries. 
Raise Supper Club
Recently, Chloe happened to mention that she loved cooking for people and that she’d like to do more.

This was obviously an opportunity that couldn’t be missed, and so, the Raise Supper Club was born.

With our world of work becoming increasingly digitised, keeping on top of analog skills, such as sketching, can be a challenge.

This new augmented reality app utilises the technology most people have in their pockets to help us get better at sketching - give it a go.

The Need to be Alone
"Our solitary moments are, in reality, an homage to the richness of social existence."

Brilliantly animated short video about the human need to be alone. 

Well worth a watch.

(and scarily the protagonist looks rather like archetypal solitary architect!)
Be the leader you wish you had
"...great creative leadership is about letting go of that nagging mental image you have of what you are supposed to do. It’s about believing in others, and focusing on fanning the flames of creative, weird, exothermic people, rather than on fixing problems."

We've been thinking about leadership a lot recently, and loved this article from the folks at IDEO.
All Sky View
Star gazing is great for gaining perspective. There is something simultaneously terrifying and comforting about realising how small you are in relation to 'everything', but light pollution and British weather make it something we don't often get the chance to do.

Well now you can feel insignificant, at any time, from the comfort of your desk, with the new All Sky View from the European Space Agency.
Handcrafted Cabin
All architects fantasise about building themselves a cabin, but it's hard not to get excited when the cabin is on a beautiful site and filled with carefully considered furniture, designed by the owners. 

It's not excessive, it's not flashy - it is understated luxury, and if you find yourself in Australia, you can stay there because it's an Airbnb too!
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