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Dr Ghalili on The Doctors

Dear <<First Name>>,

I know, it's a Saturday, but the days are all flowing together anyway, right?

We're all still stuck in quarantine passing the time. I'm actually spending some time hopping on another documentary project, called COVID POV (@covidpov on all social media) as a producer. I'm also growing some squash seeds, playing with my bird, Jasmine, and I'm planning on figuring out how to create a paludarium in an old TV.

A paludarium is like a terrarium, but it has water features. I've never done this before, so if anyone has any advice, feel free to let me know! Also let me know how you are passing the time.

In addition, I'm reading Stephen Fried's Bitter Pills, a story about how his wife was floxed by Floxin and all of the research he did to learn more about it. So far, the book is AMAZING and I highly recommend it. The most interesting thing I've read so far is all of the research that was done on Floxin and Ofloxacin regarding a link between head trauma and the potential to develop CNS issues from the drugs. Even though I took Cipro, it seems as though the fluoroquinolones are all very, very similar. My worst symptom was CNS-related and I had suffered both a concussion from ski racing and a random seizure in my teen years.

As you may have heard if you follow our Facebook, Dr Mark Ghalili was recently featured on The Doctors. He told me about this months ago, so I'm very excited to see it finally on TV! Here's a clip, in case you missed it (we didn't find out until the day after it aired).

It's been hard for me to write Floxed Fridays every week (as you may have noticed) considering the days keep getting blended together stuck in quarantine and not much is going on in my life. So I am very excited to announce that one of our subjects, Rachel Brummert, is going to write next week's Floxed Friday about what it's like having COVID and being Floxed. If anyone would like to contribute any of their stories, we can definitely incorporate them into the Floxed Friday newsletter! We're a community and I'm more than happy to bring people together in this newsletter while we're all stuck at home.

We're also hoping to come up with a healing protocol based on anecdotal experience and scientific research for COVID-19 for our floxie community (and of course, anyone else). So far, deep breathing exercises, Vitamin C, and hot tea seem to work really well.  A friend of mine with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and COVID also smelled essential oils to get her sense of smell back!

Lastly, which comes as no surprise to floxies considering its relation to fluoroquinolones, hydroxychloroquine was shown to have no benefit to patients and led to higher death rates to fight COVID-19. Thank you to everyone spreading the word on how this drug could be harmful while others were claiming its potential benefits.

Have a great weekend!


Floxie, Director, and Producer of 'Floxed'
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