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Today is National Adverse Drug Event Awareness day. This holiday was put into place by the American Society of Pharmacovigilance, a non-profit started by pharmacists dedicated to creating safer ways for people to use pharmaceutical drugs. They are leading a social media campaign called Fourth Cause to educate others about adverse drug reactions, the fourth leading cause of death in the United States.

We are sharing the hashtag #fourthcause and raising awareness with them on social media in order to help raise awareness as this national holiday is going before Congress today to get it nationally recognized.

Join us in raising awareness by sharing your story.

I have already shared my story on Twitter. If you share your floxed story and tag us at @floxeddoc on Instagram or tag me @mpolaci on Twitter, we will share your stories all day and even through all of next week if we get enough tags.

Use the hashtags #fourthcause, #adeawareness, and #adechampion to spread the word!

Find more information here about #FourthCause. Thank you for helping.



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