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Job Stability

Dear <<First Name>>,

When I was first floxed, it was frustrating for me to go on all of these support groups to see other floxies say repeatedly, "I am so lucky that I have the ability to work from home."

I wasn't one of those people. When I first got floxed, I lost my job over the course of a week and then about a month later, I lost my boyfriend and my house. It was really hard and although I was happy for those who had supportive families and supportive jobs, I was unhappy and terrified for myself.

Despite this complete instability and destruction of a life I had built for myself, I was much more concerned with my health. I still couldn't feel my hands or my face. My entire body ached with every movement. Maybe I'll never be able to work a job again, so who cares, right?

A friend from college gave me a remote video content producer job that he was leaving for a better one just as I started to get better. With 20 hours a week, I, too, could work from home. My consistent student loan payments and dwindling bank account were relieved. Finally.

Since then, I picked up a few "normal jobs" and later, more remote work. Teaching English online has been my day job for 2 years. With a schedule I made myself, fewer hours, and the ability to work in my pajamas, I could work on my PTSD from getting sick and losing my job. I could work this job while floxed. If I got sick again, no problem.

Of course, many times, things are too good to be true and I started looking for a new day job. I'm excited to say that I just accepted an offer at a visual effects production company, so I will officially, for the first time since getting floxed, work full-time in my industry yet again.

That doesn't mean that Floxed isn't happening. Everyone on our team has full-time day jobs while working on this. However, it does mean that I have to finally come to terms with my PTSD surrounding work. It does mean that I am one step closer to grabbing my life back and getting back to where I was, even if it took me 4 years to do it.

Have a great weekend!


Floxie, Director, and Producer of 'Floxed'
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